Diary… THING.

This is Axel again.

DAMN YOU! You ruined my mood.
The most stupid thing: Roxy and Dem actually seem to LIKE the whole diary thing…
I should get them to Vexen to see if they're healthy and stuff…

I'm off on a mission to destroy some Heartless.
Hope that you're gone when I return.

Axel OUT.

Ps. Maybe I'll drown you in the toilet…

Hi there, new found Diary,

I just went to Axel's room, but he wasn't there. He's kinda disappeared… I can't seem to find him anywhere. And Demyx is nowhere to be found either.

I think Axel might be gone on a mission, he was really, REALLY, pissed off about his diary. Killing some Heartless seems to get him a little calmer again when he's so angry. *chuckles* or me pressing my lips against his works as well. Nah, just kidding. But it DOES work.

Anyway, I have to get to the Superior's office to ask if he can get me a new door, I don't really like the whole door-not-being-in-place thing. Everybody just peeks in! Maybe I'll sleep in Demyx's room tonight…
Wait, Axel will get mad at me when I do that. Ah whatever, I'm not sleeping in a room that has no door.

I'm off seeking Demyx for a little longer.

Dear diary,

I really should get you a name, just keep calling you diary is stupid. Well, I'll let you know when I get you one.

The place near the river is so peaceful! I really enjoy being there. Today I made the water dance again, just by playing my sitar. It was fun to watch.
I heard someone scream my name, I think it was Roxas, but I'm not sure. I'll ask him later if he was shouting for me.
Roxas probably likes the diary thing as well. I'm pretty sure Axel doesn't. He doesn't like to talk about his feelings.
I wonder what Zexion thinks.

God I really don't like Saix, every time I see him he scares the hell out of me. He just opened my door without knocking, I really hate it when he does that.

But I'm off to the Superior's office, he probably wants me to go on a mission or something.

Maybe I'll go with Roxas, that would be fun!




I just got back from Vexen, Axel is doing bad.

He indeed WAS on a mission but it kinda went wrong. He has this HUGE wound on his back, starting on his left shoulder, going down to his right hip… it looks really scary… other than that, he has a hell of a lot small wounds…
Damn, Lexeaus scared the hell out of me telling me that I had to get to Vexen's room, pretty QUICKLY because there was something wrong with Axel.

I just got back here, he's asleep now. Vexen took care of the wounds, but told Axel that he wasn't alowed to move a lot and that his body needs a lot of sleep to recover.
That's just something for Axel. NOT. Damn.
Vexen also said that there has to be someone in his room when he's asleep, to check if everything is going okay. Well, as my room still has no door I said I'll do that.
Damn I'm worrying my ass off here… and I still have to tell Demyx about this… he'll probably freak out.

Anyway, Axel's asleep in his own bed now and I'm off to get Dem and check on Axel.

I'll write some more later.


Dear diary,

I still have no name for you, but I will soon enough. Maybe I'll call you Illusion. That sounds nice right?

Anyway, Roxas scared the hell out of me by running into my room and telling me that Axel got wounded badly when he was on his mission earlier today (probably after he found the diary). Together we went to Axel's room, where we found him asleep.
His face was very pale due to the blood he had lost, it looked kinda scary…

I'm so sorry for Roxas, when we were in Axel's room he burst into tears because he was so worried about the Flurry. Poor Roxy… I tried to comfort him, but that didn't really work out. Even when I let his tears dance he couldn't effort a smile…
I think he might be feeling more for the pyro than he thinks…
And I can't blame him, Axe is kinda cute and they look cute together.

Well I'm off checking on Roxy and Axel for a moment and then I'm off to bed, it's getting late.


Dear diary,

It's Roxas again.

Right now I'm sitting in a chair in Axel's room. Looking at the moon and hoping that Axe will recover soon… I'm really worried about him, the wound looked pretty nasty and he has to get a lot of rest, which is a hopeless case with Axel… would it help him if I wished on a star that he recovers soon? Probably not, but it's worth a try.

I'll write further later, there's someone knocking at the door.

Well, that was Xemnas, asking if Axel was alright. Well of course not. Damn. He's asleep though, that's good. I'll join him in sleeping soon I think, I'm getting sleepy and I'm tired…

Demyx checked on us like half an hour or so, that was really nice of him. I know he cares a lot about Axel as well and I could see the worries written on his face.

I'm off to bed now, Axel's bed.

Bai bai.