Dear diary,

Xemnas finally fixed my door so I can sleep in my own room again =).
He sent Demyx and me out on a mission, but Dem refused and took me out for an afternoon in Twilight Town.
That was really nice, Riku and Sora were there as well and we had a lot of fun.
They kept feeding me chocolate until I felt sick, trying to make me feel better.
It worked, but it made me feel sick after a while.
It was fun, but I knew Axel wants to see Riku and Sora pretty badly… so I felt kinda sad that he wasn't there with us.
We bought him a lot of chocolate and some play stuff for the kitten.

When we got back Axel was asleep with the kitten asleep on his belly. How adorable ^_^

I'm off, making some dinner for Axe and me.
And trying to figure out what a kitten eats…


Dear Illusion,

Zexion's back! =) I kinda bumped into him in the hallway on my way out to the garden to play my sitar. He asked me where I was going and so I told him. He asked me if it was okay for him to join me and I said yes (of course I did!).
We sat down near the fountain and I started playing. In the beginning I was kinda nervous but he gave me an encouraging smile which made the nerves disappear (and the butterflies in my belly come alive).
After I played for over an hour or so I noticed him looking at me all the time with a small smile on his face. That felt kinda weird, he had this strange look in his eyes… but it wasn't something bad.
In the end he even asked me if he could try and play some!
He's a horrible player, now THAT'S for sure. But he enjoyed the playing and even though the sound is horrible it looked cute.
The tip of his tongue was out his mouth of concentration, so cute!
We ended up talking about all kinds of stuff, including missions and our diaries.
He confessed to me that he writes poems in his diary, that's SO cute! =) I just write down my thoughts and what's going on down here, he writes poems about almost anything.
I asked him if I could read one sometime and he said yes! *happy*

Dem out to tell Axy and Roxy.


With some help of Roxas I tried to walk today.
It hurt.
Like bloody hell.
It wasn't exactly that much fun, but I tried to stay strong and take a few steps, but soon I just plopped down on a chair, with some sort of weird grin (according to Rox).
I think I'll try again later.

Oh, and the fact that the kitten-thing was clinging to my pants/feet wasn't exactly helping, as it made Rox giggle all the time and it hurt me even more.
Damn you, you little animal!
I like the thing, but it can be annoying as well… but everyone's annoying once in a while right?

Demyx has left for a mission for a couple of days, and guess with who? With Zexion. I hope they'll get closer, I'm kinda getting sick of Demyx's nagging about Zexion this, Zexion that etc.

I'm off to sleep for a while,

Axel out.

Maybe I'll just burn you in front of Mansex, that would be fun…

Dear Illusion,

I'm off for a mission for a couple of days. Together with my one love, Zexion!
Maybe I'll find the courage to tell him how I feel…
I at least hope it will be fun, but I think he's fun to hang around with so that shouldn't be a problem.
But what if he thinks I'm just an annoying little brat who talks way too much? Maybe he'll make me an illusion that looks just like him when I'm talking to him and just go off to somewhere else… that wouldn't be fun…

Anyway, I have to hurry, and I don't think I'll have much time to write things down in here, so I'll leave you in the castle.

Demyx out.

Dear diary,

Well Axe tried to walk for the first time again (in stead of stumbling to the toilet with me nearly carrying him there). It wasn't too much fun, he was leaning on me heavily and was in a lot of pain (and that jerk thinks I don't even notice that… idiot). And the kitten decided to be annoying as hell, so that wasn't something to be happy about because the thing was hurting the poor Flurry.

Other than that, I've been walking around in the garden, until Mar chased me with a broom back to the castle (I tried so hard not to laugh, it looked hilarious, Saix stopped walking in front of a window and I actually saw him making some sort of grin like thing that is supposed to be his smile).

Talking about Saix, I really don't see what the HELL Larxene likes in that guy.
And if he likes her back, I don't see what he likes in her either.
They're both just horrible to be around, although it's fun to see how annoyed Saix gets when Larxene is trying to convince him to go to the roof and look at the stars or something silly like that… that's really hilarious. Even more because he gets pissed already when he sees her, you can see his fangs get bigger with the second.
I even think he went to Xemnas to ask if he couldn't just kill the demon-like thing that calls herself a girl. I suppose Xemnas refused, we'd lose a member if he would do that… and I don't know where he'd get a new one from that quickly.

I just feel sorry for Axe, I haven't seen him give a real smile to me for a few days… and I love his real smile… the fake one sounds something like 'haha, this is not funny at all and I'm in too much pain'.

Demyx is off for a mission with Zexion, he was nearly glowing of happiness when he told me. I think they look cute together (although I've never really seen them being together) and I hope for Dem that Zex will be able to make him happy.
He deserves to be happy.

We all deserve to be happy…

Rox out.