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100 Questions

1. Your name?

Lavi: Lavi

Kanda: Kanda Yuu

2. Age?

Lavi: The glorious and fruitful age of 18! But is smaller than Yuu by 2 months!

Kanda: 18

3. Gender?

Lavi: Guy!

Kanda: Male.

4. Describe you're personality.

Lavi: I'm an ultra good person!

Kanda: …How would I know?! (Who doesn't know their own personality?)

5. Describe you're partner's personality

Lavi: Cold and a little bit stubborn (Only a little?) Kind of emotionless, Makes everyone around him afraid, but is sometimes really cute and makes my heart flutter.

Kanda: Idiot plus retard.

Lavi: What?! How could you say that?!

Kanda: It's the truth.

6. When did you first meet each other? Describe the setting.

Kanda: I'm not sure, somewhere in the order.

Lavi: It was in the order. When I first saw Yuu, I felt super happy; Yuu back then was just so adorable! He didn't even know how to speak English... mnn!

Kanda: ….next…..question… (Hand still covering Lavi's mouth and sending death glares.)

7. What was you're first impression of your partner?

Lavi: …phew... (Just escaped Kanda's claw of death)… at the time I thought Yuu was a super pretty and attractive Asian girl, beautiful like an angel! After a while I found out he was a guy and it made me upset for a while (tear.)

Kanda: A perverted orange haired rabbit! And he keeps on annoying me to no end and even wanted to hold my hand! (Angry)

8. What do you like about the other person?

Lavi: All of YUU!

Kanda: I'm not even sure I like him…

9. What do you dislike about the other person?

Lavi: How could I dislike Yuu! I love him to no end!

Kanda: If I really disliked him that much, he'd be dead.

Lavi: Yuu… (Crying tears of joy…)

10. Do you trust your partner?

Lavi: Of course.

Kanda: Che.

11. What do you call your partner?

Lavi: Don't you hear me call him a lot? Right Yuu-chan?

Kanda: Shut up! (Attacks Lavi) I normally call him Lavi, but enjoys calling him the perverted orange haired rabbit.

Lavi: What?!

12. What do you want your partner to call you?

Lavi: Whatever makes Yuu happy!

Kanda: Che.

13. Describe you're partner as an animal.

Lavi: Kanda would be an elegant black cat.

Kanda: Perverted rabbit. (Is it just me or does Kanda have personal 'experiences' with the 'perverted rabbit?) (Gets killed)

14. What would you give the other person as a present?

Lavi: I'd give Yuu my eternal love and I'll make sure Yuu will be very, very happy!

Kanda: I'd rather die than receive that present! (Kicks Lavi) (Oh but Yuu-kun, you didn't answer the question!)

15. What would you want to receive as a present?
Lavi: Yuu!

Kanda: Rabbit killing kit.

16. What about the other person are you unsatisfied about?

Lavi: How could I be unsatisfied? But to be truthful every time we xxx Yuu should be more relaxed and not so fussy….

Kanda: GO DIE! (Draws Mugen and chops at Lavi)

Lavi: Hehe…. I was only joking… hehe….. please don't be angry, don't be angry…hehe.

17. What problems do you have?
Lavi: I don't have any problems unless you consider being 'in love' a problem.

Kanda: Hn.

18. What problems does your partner have?

Lavi: How can Yuu have any problems?

Kanda: His stupid personality.

19. What does your partner do (Including problems) that makes you unhappy?

Lavi: There isn't anything like that.

Kanda: Every thing he does makes me pissed.

20. What do you do (including problems) that make your partner unhappy?

Lavi: There isn't anything like that!

Kanda: LA-VI!

Lavi: Fine. I know I'm wrong (pouts)

21. How far has your relationship gone?

Lavi: What do you think?


22. Where did you go as a first date?

Lavi: Can't tell you, it's a secret.

Kanda: Ditto.

23. What was the mood like at the time?

Lavi: I already told you it's a secret!

Kanda: …

24. What did you feel about the person at the time?

Lavi: Don't even mention it, I almost kissed Yuu.

Kanda: I wanted to chop him up.

25. What's the most common place you go for dates?

Lavi: Yuu's room! Hehehehehehe.

Kanda: Shut up!

26. What would you prepare for your partner's birthday?

Lavi: A huge party!

Kanda: Wouldn't bother.

Lavi: Wuuuuuuuuuu (Tears.)

27. Who first asked the other out?

Lavi: Of course it was me! Yuu's too shy of course he wouldn't say it.

Kanda: Hn.

28. How much do you like the other person?

Lavi: I can't express how much I like Yuu with words!

Kanda: Can I say I don't like him?

29. So do you love your partner?

Lavi: Of course I do! Why else would I annoy him everyday?!

Kanda: (Head down + blush)

30. What does your partner say that makes you unable to refuse?

Lavi: I would agree to everything Yuu says.

Kanda: Then stay off my bed for a month!

Lavi: What?! Don't say that!

31. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you what would you do?

Lavi: That is impossible! I trust Yuu!

Kanda: He wouldn't dare to cheat on me.

32. Would you forgive the other person if they cheated on you?

Lavi: I already said that's impossible!
Kanda: He doesn't have the guts to cheat on me.

33. If your partner was late one hour for your date, what would you do?

Lavi: I would keep waiting, Yuu always keeps his promises.

Kanda: I would also keep waiting.

34. Which body part do you like the most on the other person?

Lavi: Everything about you but if I really had to pick something, it would be his eyes, they're the color of the midnight sky.

Kanda: Lavi's eyes, there's something special about them.

35. What emotions do your partner show that you find attractive?

Lavi: Any emotion.

Kanda: …. When he's serious in battle.

36. What does the other person do that makes your heart race?

Lavi: When Yuu's dominate.

Kanda: He's always whispering lovey dovey stuff in my ear and holding me tightly.

37. Would you lie to your partner? Are you prone to lying?

Lavi: I would never lie to Yuu. Although I did once when I was hurt so Yuu wouldn't worry about me.

Kanda: And then I didn't want to see him for nearly a month.

Lavi: But Yuu still came and took care of me, and I was so happy that I almost forgot I was still hurt.

38. What do you guys do that makes you the most happy?

Lavi: When I'm sharing a bed with Yuu! (Laughs)

Kanda: Mega-blush.

39. Do you guys ever fight?

Lavi: Of course!

Kanda: Yes.

40. What do you guys fight about?

Lavi: Just about everything, but to other people they're all pretty much worthless topics.

Kanda: Ditto.

41. So how do you make up after words?

Lavi: Well, I always apologize first, because I absolutely can't stand being away with Yuu for very long.

Yuu: Che.

42. Would you still like to be lovers in your next life?

Lavi: Definitely, I want to be with Yuu forever!

Kanda: ….. I guess….. if there was really such a thing as reincarnations

43. When do you feel that you are being loved?

Lavi: When Yuu if worried for me, happy for me, sad for me, angry at me, simply put it, whenever Yuu's caring for me.

Kanda: All the time …

44. When do you feel that your partner does not love you anymore?

Lavi: Weird, what's with these questions? Are they purposely trying to wreck our relationship?

Kanda: When Lavi goes off staring at pretty girls and just kind of ditches me.

45. How do you express your feelings?

Lavi: Through actions and words… mostly words though.

Kanda: …actions.

46. Use a flower to describe your partner.

Lavi: A rose, or lilies.

Kanda: Sunflower

47. Are you hiding anything from the other person?

Lavi: Nope.

Kanda: There shouldn't be anything, other than the thing about 'that person'.

48. What sort of circumstances do you guys have?

Kanda: What do you mean?

Lavi: What don't know what you're asking but I know that I like people older than me and Yuu is 2 months older than me. (You're not answering the question!)
Kanda: Go die!

49. Is your relationship public or private?

Kanda: Everyone should know about it.

Lavi: It's been public ever since I asked Yuu out; I sort of made a fuss around the order.

50. Do you think your love for each other will last forever?

Lavi: I definitely will, even if Yuu didn't love me anymore I will still stay by his side forever.

Kanda: It probably will, I know Lavi would probably always stick by me.

51. So who's seme and who's uke?

Lavi: SEME!

Kanda: Ugh… (Can't think of something to say.)

52. How did you guys decide who was seme?

Lavi: We didn't really decide, it just happened naturally.

Kanda: ….

53. Do you like your position right now?

Lavi: Of course!

Kanda: ….stop asking…

54. Where did you first have xxx?

Lavi: In a forest near the order, but after that it's always been in Yuu's room, he's afraid of being seen.

Kanda: Stop asking! (Flips table)

55. What were your emotions at the time?

Lavi: Excited and high.

Kanda: I wanted to kill him.

56. What did your partner look like at the time?

Lavi: Yuu cried, and I was a little heartbroken but it was still really beautiful.

Kanda: A perverted, sick-minded rabbit.

57. What was the first thing you said to you partner the morning after?

Lavi: "Good morning Yuu!" and then I embraced him tightly!
Kanda: I didn't want to say one single thing at the time, it was a nightmare.

58. How many times do you guys have xxx a week?

Lavi: Hey! That's a secret!

Kanda: Then what about all the questions before this? (Glares at Lavi)

59. In an ideal situation, how many times would you like to have xxx per week?

Lavi: As much as possible!

Kanda: I don't ever want to do it!

60. What do you think of xxx?

Lavi: Fulfilling and enjoyable.

Kanda: Hell.

61. Where are you most sensitive?

Lavi: That's a secret!

Kanda: Same here.

62. Where is your partner most sensitive?

Lavi: I don't think there's a spot on Yuu that's not sensitive.

Kanda: Shut up!

63. How would you describe your partner during xxx using 1 sentence?

Lavi: Beautiful and touching, fragile as if a newborn animal.

Kanda: A perverted rabbit on drugs.

64. In general, do you like xxx?

Lavi: Yes, it proves that Yuu loves me.

Kanda: Not really…. Doing this sort of thing completely contradicts with my pride.

65. For the most part where do you guys have xxx?

Lavi: Mine or Yuu's room.

Kanda: Ditto.

66. Where would you like to have xxx?

Lavi: Komui's office, Allen's room…

Kanda: I don't want to do it anywhere else.

67. Do you normally shower before or after xxx?

Lavi: both.

Kanda: ….

68. Do you guys have any rules during xxx?

Lavi: Do you want the small unimportant ones or the big, last a lifetime, ones?

Kanda: Is there any use in these things?

69. Have you had xxx with anyone other than you're lover?

Lavi: Nope.

Kanda: I don't think that could happen…

70. Do you agree with the saying "If I can't have his/her heart, then at least I can have his/her body?

Lavi: Disagree, what use is Yuu's body if I can't have his heart?

Kanda: Disagree.

71. What would you do if your partner got forced into bed?

Lavi: That sort of thing won't happen to Yuu, unless Allen somehow tricks Yuu into bed, if that happens, I will definitely kill Allen.

Kanda: That percentage of that happening is 0%.

72. Are you ever embarrassed before or after xxx?

Lavi: I wouldn't be embarrassed.

Kanda: I probably am most of the time.

73. If I good friend said to you "I'm really lonely, so just for one night could you…" and then goes on to request xxx, how would you react?

Lavi: Immediately refuse.

Kanda: I would probably kill that person.

Lavi: WHA!

74. Do you think you are good at xxx?

Lavi: Of course, I am always studying for Yuu!

Kanda: …go die.

75. Do you think your partner tries to be good at xxx?

Lavi: I don't think Kanda does…

Kanda: Hell knows where he learns those techniques.

76. What do you want your partner to say during xxx?

Lavi: Name.

Kanda: Name.

77. What expressions does your partner make during xxx that you really like?

Lavi: Any expression Yuu has is attractive!


78. Do you ever want to have xxx with someone other than your partner?

Lavi: Nope, I only want Yuu.

Kanda: No.

79. Do you have any interest in BDSM?

Lavi: A little bit, but I'm afraid that I'll hurt Yuu.

Kanda: None.

80. What would you do if your partner no longer needed your body?

Lavi: I would probably first think about what I did wrong.

Kanda: That's a good thing.

81. What are your thoughts on rape?

Lavi/Kanda: Disgusting and immoral!

82. What is painful about xxx?

Lavi: There's nothing painful about xxx!

Kanda: I get feel like a woman.

83. Where would you feel most excited about having xxx?

Lavi: Love rival's bedroom.

Kanda: Uh….

84. Has the uke ever initiated sexual activity?

Lavi: Yes, there was this once when I was hurt and Yuu voluntarily kissed me.

Kanda: …..

85. What was the seme's reaction?

Lavi: I felt like I was in heaven!

Kanda: He had the expression of an idiot….

86. Has the seme ever forced anything upon the uke?

Lavi: That would never happen! I am a sensible teenager!

Kanda: I sure hope so!

87. What is the uke's reaction to such a thing?

Lavi: Forcefully pushed me off and caused me to almost bump my head on the wall!

Kanda: You deserved it!

88. What type of person would your dream xxx partner be?

Lavi: Yuu!

Kanda: Someone I don't hate I guess…..

89. Then does your current partner fit into that category?

Lavi: Yup!

Kanda: Well maybe…..I don't hate him…

90. Have you ever used any toys during xxx?

Lavi: Well I want to, but Yuu would probably kill me…( wants to use Mugen.)

Kanda: No.

91. How old were you during your first time?

Kanda: Who remembers stuff like that?

Lavi: Sec-ret!

92. Was your first time with your current lover?

Lavi/Kanda: Yes.

93. Were do you like to be kissed the most?

Lavi: Lips.

Kanda: Lips.

94. Where do you like to kiss your partner the most?

Lavi: Lips, it tastes sweet.

Yuu: Cheeks.

95. During xxx what makes your partner most excited?

Lavi: I want to skip this question….

Kanda: Me too….

96. What do you think about during xxx?

Lavi: How could I think about anything else?

Kanda: How to escape from his evil rabbit claws….

97. How many times do you guys have xxx per night?

Lavi: It depends…

Kanda: …..

98. During xxx do you take off your own clothe or does your partner help you?

Lavi: I help Yuu take off his and I take off my own by myself.

Kanda: Che.

99. What is xxx for you?

Lavi: A show of eternal love!
Kanda: Once again, hell.

100. What would you like to say to your partner as a closing remark?

Lavi: I will be by your side forever Yuu!

Kanda: If you dare die before me, I will personally kill you!


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