It was such a snap judgment. Carlisle had only made four irrational, selfish choices in his long life. Their names were Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett. His self-created family. Each had been on death's door when he changed them into an eternal predator. He soothed himself with the thought that the world would be a less beautiful place without them. They were so magnificent in life that they deserved to be immortalized in waking death.

But Sasha was perfectly healthy, if only he had sensed a little cancer. Carlisle actually shook his head in disgust.

Edward had such a lofty opinion of Carlisle. He needed to do the right thing, as was always expected by his son.

He ran the "reading" through his head again. Some of what Sasha had said was bordering on dangerous. Carlisle had no idea how much Sasha edited a spirit. As he hit the speed dial attributed to Edward's cell phone, he made two decisions. One, Edward needed to find the girl and listen to her thoughts. Did she suspect anything untoward about Carlisle's nature?

Two, he believed Sasha was the real deal, which means his deepest wound, the lack of approval from his father, would start to heal.

Carlisle was lucky. He rarely had to relay on faith and belief anymore, he had Edward.

"Yes?" Edward answered as soon as the phones were connected.

"Son, could you possibly stop by my office before your set tonight?" Carlisle felt a twinge of guilt as he requested Edward's presence and use of his gift.

"Of course, I will be there as soon as possible." The phone disconnected.

As soon as the sun set, Carlisle made sure he was waiting for Edward in his office.

Carlisle knew when Edward was close, because any female he passed in the busy hospital corridors had an accelerated heartbeat.

Edward knocked gently and came in, hearing Carlisle's welcoming thoughts.

Carlisle waited for the door to close before he greeted his son with a handshake and half hug. He adored the boy. Man, he amended. Edward was 70 years old, far from a child, though his apparent age was anywhere between 17 and 21, depending on the clothes and back story that was told to those who were doing the judging.

Edward smiled genuinely at his adoptive father. Edward had known nothing but love and acceptance from his human and his vampire fathers.

Carlisle said nothing, and began flipping through the afternoon's scene in his head. He refused to edit. Every thought, every nuisance was displayed with his vampire-perfect recall.

Edward looked thoughtful, appalled and surprised at all the appropriate moments.

"Carlisle, I agree the girl's thoughts must be read, obviously. Just from her words, I think we are safe, but I will check to be sure." Cautious, careful Edward.

"Wouldn't it have been prudent to just give her a referral and move on?" Edward's observation was correct, of course.

I wanted to see if she could speak with my father's spirit, Carlisle thought to Edward. Carlisle felt sheepish at this admission.

Edward was reassuring, "I will find out what she suspects and if her talent is genuine." Both men would never judge at hints of the supernatural, considering their own mystical nature.

Carlisle handed his business card with Sasha's number scribbled on the back.

Edward took the card and pocketed it, even though the name and number were already branded in his memory.

In a moment, Edward was gone. Carlisle noticed that Edward had not mentioned the weakness Carlisle shown in listening to Sasha's reading. Edward also forgot to reprimand hismfor his match making thoughts.

Carlisle smiled as he grabbed the next file from his desk, a prop for the mid-aged male patient was about to see. Unlike a waitress that worked without writing things down, doctors without pens and papers did not inspire confidence.