When Worlds Collide

By: Orionstorm04

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Fall of the House of M

The island nation of Genosha was now in ruins. Though it hadn't always stood as such, no more than a couple of hours ago the nation once stood as a beacon of unity and hope for the future. But all great things must come to an end, and tonight's events would surely bring an end to this once peaceful utopia.

The night had started off wonderfully, with foreign dignitaries arriving from all around the globe. A celebration was to be held to commemorate the achievements of Homo superior over Homo sapiens. Lord Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, ruler of Genosha and head of the House of Magus, was host to the festivities, announcing to the world a new, and more unified and stable society. Leaders came from far and wide at the behest of Lord Magnus, including the reluctant ruler Dr. Doom. The two always had a begrudging relationship, but even Vicktor knew better than to challenge the master of Magnetism.

Though most heads of states were more cordial with the charismatic leader of the mutant population, and considered him a friend, rather than a political and powerful enemy. King T'Challa, ruler of the African Commonwealth of Wakanda, had been a friend and ally to Erik since before the Great War leading to their current global unification. Though Erik was the undisputed, yet unspoken, ruler of all civilizations, he kept in place a global senate, indicating to the world his intent to maintain social and global order amongst the different cultures. This was a night that would mark the beginning of what he hoped would be a golden age for mankind.

Erik looked about the massive, yet still incredible intimate space, at the surrounding people, noticing the jovial atmosphere that permeated the room. He watched as his good friend T'Challa courted the young Kenyan princess Ororo. Erik had lost track of the amount of times that T'Challa had fawned over Ororo from afar. He couldn't quite blame him though, the young woman was beautiful. Her youthful face and healthy body was a direct contrast to the volumes platinum hair that rested magnificently on her head. In conjunction with her crystal clear, sage like sapphire eyes, it was enough to make any man submissive to her whims. Though to T'Challa's ever constant regret, it didn't seem as though the young princess was interested in any relationships at the moment.

Turning from the scene of Ororo once again turning down T'Challa's offer to accompany him to one of his many homes scattered around the world, Erik looked to his own family. The table set for the royal family was lavish, as to be expected for such an occasion. Rare delicacies from almost every region of the world were placed before the guests of honor. He watched as his only son, Pietro flirted shamelessly with one of the female servers. While Lorna, his adoptive daughter, talked animatedly with Namor, the ruling king of Atlantis. Then there was Wanda, who out of all of his children was the most like her mother.

A soft smile escaped his lips while watching her feed and talk with her small twin boys, William and Thomas. She was so loving and caring, and so like her mother it was sometimes heartbreaking. She must have sensed someone staring, for she looked up and her eyes caught that of her father's. Her smile mimicked his, until a look of concerned crossed her face. Waving his hand dismissively, he signified to her that everything was well.

Waiting until she returned to the task at hand, Erik turned to the doors leading to the garden. A pensive look cast upon his eyes as he walked towards them, acknowledging those few guests he passed. Once he was out the doors, he was greeted with the crisp cool spring air. It was times like these the really placed him at ease, being able to simply remove himself from the day to day minutia and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

There were so many things that he longed for that was now beyond his reach, such as the simpler times before he took on the burden of liberating his people from oppression. The times when he would hold his sweet Magda, his wife, for hours on end, making passionate love to her while the sun would set beyond the horizon. Those days had long since passed; his loss of Magda still plagued his soul and was one of the reasons that he became the mutant overlord known as Magneto. Though just as there is always an action, there is an equal reaction.

With Magda gone, he thought he had lost all of his compassion for the human race, but it seemed fate had other planes. While as a young man, he came across another very gifted mutant, a telepath by the name of Charles Xavier. While Erik's goal was fueled by hatred of those who had taken his beloved Magda from him, Charles was soothed by the hopeful promise that one day humans and mutants could someday coexist peacefully. Alas, only one of them could be right, and though Erik took comfort in the fact that if his people couldn't live peacefully, then at least they wouldn't be whipped out completely.

But with every great victory, a price must be paid, and for Erik, that price was too high. During the climax of the Great War, Charles Xavier was assassinated. In an attempt to do away with the leaders of the mutant revolt, the humans decided to severe the heart and soul of the mutant community. Though by removing the heart, they left Magneto, with his resolve to do away with the humans all together and who was only tempered by Xavier's ever present calm, free to rally others to his cause. Though the war was long, and there were casualties on both sides, after everything was said and done, and so much was lost, the ends justified the means.

Being trapped in his thought, Erik followed the path that he had walked down more times than he could remember. The cobblestone walkway lead to the south end of the gardens, where different varieties of rose where planted by Ororo, in honor of Xavier. A statue was dedicated to him, with a simple inscription: 'We rise and fall as one'. No truer words had been spoken, if it hadn't been for the whole of the mutant race coming together, Magneto's vision of a more prosperous life for his people would never have seen fruition.

"You are truly missed my old friend." He said solemnly to the image of his fallen friend.

A loud explosion rocked the master of magnetism from his melancholy mood, jolting his attention towards the palace. Screams could be heard ringing throughout the night air, as he raced towards the ballroom entrance. The sight that awaited him left him cold; a military helicarrier had crashed through the glass dome ceiling, littering the ball room floor with shards of sharp glass. Those in attendance to his celebration were running in panicked disarray, lost and confused as to what had caused the calamity around them.

The mutant overlord once known as Magneto, blood boiled with anger. Who dare attack his home on this most monumental night?! Well whomever they where, they were foolish to challenge him, and would be taught the error of their ways before the night's end. Rising from the floor, Erik summoned his magnetic powers which was his namesake, and used them to tear the carrier asunder. Upon doing so, he set in motion a chain of events which would destroy his home and world as he knew it.

Just as in the battle of Troy, the ship was used solely as a decoy to gain entrance into the heavily guarded palace. When Magneto used his magnetic powers to rip apart the hellicarrier, the newly awakened superheroes emerged, prepared to do anything necessary to restore things to how they once were.

The battle was massive, immediately after setting foot in the castle, the heroes began their attack. None of them were foolish enough to think they would be able to approach Magneto's stronghold and not expect a fight. The royal guards assigned to protect Erik and his family was immediately dispatched, running headlong into the chaos. While normal guards would have been nothing to the likes of Wolverine and Cyclops, these weren't your everyday garden variety guards.

As Wolverine advance into the once decorated hall, he was knocked off his feet by a concussive energy wave. Looking up, he came face to face with his contender, the mutant know as shockbox. On any given day, the native of Detroit would be an obstacle to overcome, but today, Wolverine was in no mood to play games. Launching himself, with claws extended, Logan made short work of his adversary.

On the other end of the hall, Scott Summers, known as Cyclops, was having his own encounter with a former ally. Colossus stood squarely before his former team leader, though showing no recognition that he knew who he was.

"Peter, it's me, Scott!" Cyclops tried desperately to reach his friend.

"I know not how you know my name villain, but I shall make sure that Piotr's face shall be the last thing you will see."

Cyclops narrowly managed to avoid the destructive blow by Colossus. He had to think of something to at least slow Peter down but without hurting him, but nothing short of a missile could slow him. While Cyclops continued to evade the Colossus, the other members of his party fought their way through wave after wave of super powered guards.

This was getting them nowhere fast, the more people they managed to subdue; even more would take their place. But soon none of that would matter, for the lord and master of the house had arrived. On their best day, the X-Men had troubles keeping Magneto at bay, and only with a full team. Now all Cyclops had to work with was a feral Wolverine, a half armed Tony Starks, an exhausted Dr. Strange, an outnumbered Spiderman, and a distraught Shadowcat. Things were looking grim for them at the moment, with no way of turning the tides in their favor; the ragtag group of heroes began to loss hope.

One member of Cyclops's group had managed to escape the fray, and hide quietly behind a pillar, as she watched her friends defend themselves from Magneto's onslaught. Layla Miller was one of the few people who were aware that this reality was not real. It was through her efforts that the people fighting in this battle had regained their memories. If something didn't change fast though, all would be lost, and everything in existence would come crashing to a halt. They needed help, and fast, but there was no one available to assist them, until she spotted someone from the corner of her eye. Ushering people out to safety stood none other than Ororo Munroe herself. Rushing forward, she grabbed Ororo by her arm to turned her towards her.

"You have to help." She said.

"It's alright child, everything will be all right. Just follow the others, and let Lord Magus handle the intruders." Ororo tried pacifying her.

"No you don't understand!" Leyla said forcible, halting Ororo attempt to shove her out of the hall. "I don't need you to help me; I need you to help them!"

Ororo looked at the girl as though she had lost her mind. Why would she help those who attacked innocent people? She figured that she girl must be stressed and slipping into delirium and tried harder to persuade her to leave with the others.

"Did you hit your head? Were you hurt? There are physicians that can help you, but you must leave here at once."

"I don't have time for this…" she mumbled while placing her hands on either side of Ororo's head, Layla began to concentrate, utilizing her abilities of memory recall. Her eyes began to glow an eerie green, while she forced her will upon Ororo's mind.

Ororo watched as the girl held her in place, unable to move for some strange reason. Then, all at once, images began to enter her mind. Places she didn't recall seeing appeared before her, along with the faces of people she would swear she had seen before. She saw herself, dressed in a uniform and wearing a strange tiara. Her mind began to burn, as the memories were forced onto her and soon the onslaught brought her to her knees.

Layla watched as Ororo gripped her head in pain; it had not been this difficult in awakening the others. Maybe it had something to do with Storm's natural psi blocks that caused the reemergence of her memories to cause her such pain. Soon she began to think that maybe it was a mistake to try and wake her, as Ororo's moans of pain increased. Then, she stopped, there was no more moaning, and as Ororo stood on her feet, Layla noticed her eyes were completely white.

"W-Where am I?" Storm asked. Her mind was hazy, and she got the distinct impression that she wasn't in Westchester anymore.

"There's no time for that now. The other X-Men need your help!"

"What?" Ororo said. She couldn't regain her barings, everything seemed to be happening at once, almost as if the room was spinning.

"Listen Storm, if you don't help the others now, they'll die! And not just them but this entire universe will cease to exist."

For the first time, Storm noticed the fighting and yelling in the background. Looking beyond the young girls head, she watched as her friends fought against and enraged Magneto. What was happening? At the moment, she didn't have time to figure it out, she needed to get to the X-Men before it was too late.

"Stay here." Ororo said forcibly before, summoning the winds to her and taking flight.

"God, I hope this works." was Layla's whispered prayer.

Using his magnetic powers, Magneto used Wolverine as a battering ram, bringing down his comrades one by one. Emma Frost used every ounce of training that she had to dodge Wolverine, and the shards of metal that were sailing through the air, she had even had to revert to her diamond form to keep from being impaled. While Emma was trying to evade Magneto's attacks, Cyclopes was trying to execute his own.

Sending precise shots at the master of magnetism, he gained little advantage. In a palace made entirely of metal, it was near impossible for him to get a clear shot. Without warning the floor beneath his feet began to tremble and give way, rising into the air, bounding everyone in it's grip.

"I've had enough!" Magneto's voice boomed. "You invade my palace, attack me in my home and lay siege to my entire country. Now I shall end your pathetic lives."

Magneto began clenching his fist, causing the metal surround the fallen X-Men to do the same. As he watched the intruders wither with pain and gasp for air, he felt a shift in the winds and heard a peal of thunder.

"Magneto!" with a voice of rolling thunder, the goddess known as Storm approached. "I will not let you harm them." She spoke angrily.

"You to Ororo, you dare betray me, after all that we have accomplished together? He was stunned to see the young princess who he had helped liberate her precious Kenya from warlords who wished to advance their own selfish means.

"I cannot betray someone I was never loyal to. Now; I give you one last chance to release my friends, or suffer the consequences." She said ominously.

"So be it, if that is what you wish. It's a shame how the best of us must fall for the betterment of the whole."

Lifting his left hand, he sent a barrage of metal shards heading directly towards her. Storm watched as the pieces of metal aimed her in her direction, and when they were upon her, she expertly dodging every shard. Years of training in the danger room had honed her skills of maneuverability, a fact that she was sure the real Magneto was aware of. Something about this didn't add up, he seemed to be underestimating her abilities, and why she wasn't sure, but she would see to it that he remembered why they called her the mistress of the elements.

Twisting and turning her body in the air, she managed to get pass the field of metal. When she was close enough to Magneto, she came to a sudden halt. She threw her hands forward, causing a battering ram of air to hit him head on. The force of the attack caused his concentration to slip slightly, just enough so that she was able to sense the shift in the magnetic forces, and using her ability to affect the electromagnetic spectrum, she was able to agitate the bonds used to keep the metal holding her friends intact, freeing them from their constraints.

With the X-men, and other super powered allies freed, Ororo stared down Magneto, almost challenging him to attack. Though she wasn't sure what had caused the current chain of events to transpire, she knew that if Magneto was here, then he was somehow involved. It never ceased to amaze her how the X-Men constantly found themselves in these types of predicaments, it had almost becoming a running gag, with everyone betting on how long it would take for any member of the team to be transported to another dimension.

"You fools! After everything that I have done for you, for mutant kind as a whole, you would dare turn your back on your people?! Did you think that it would be easy to overthrow the Master of Magnetism?!"

"Magneto, you have to listen to us! This place… this universe, it isn't real. The Scarlet Witch's reality warping powers are tearing apart the fabric of spacetime, we don't have time for this!" said Cyclops. Time was drawing short and if they couldn't convince Magneto to undo what he set in motion, they would be forced to take him out.

"You truly are delusional. Wanda doesn't have the capabilities to alter reality."

"Look bub, ya' got one of two choices. Ya' can set things back to the way they were, or I can gut ya' and deal with the rest later. Either way, I'm happy." Wolverine snarled, exposing his claws.

"You speak boldly, to saw that precious metal covers you entire skeleton." As Magneto raised his hand, Wolverine's body went ridged, before rising several feet off the air.

As Ororo watched Logan be lifted into the air, her decision had been made for her. She couldn't stand idly by as Magneto brought about the end of all existence. The group charged as a whole, each using their unique powers to assault Magneto. The X-Men, who's had extensive encounters with Magneto, took point, backing the dictator into a corner. Their efforts seemed to be paying off, until a massive dome of magnetic energy shielded him from their attacks and sent everyone flying.

As Magneto hovered over his fallen enemies, he could not help but look at them in pity. He had brought them a utopia, yet they still fought against him. Was this the destiny for mankind as a whole? To fight and bicker amongst themselves until one eventually destroyed the other? Well not in his home it wouldn't, he would see to it that every remnat of this revolt would be snuffed out. What better way to protect them but from themselves.

"Ororo… the Scarlet Witch… Wanda, you have to stop Wanda."

Before Storm heard the mental message from Emma, she felt the small itch in the back of her mind she always experienced when a telepath attempted to contact her. If she could only get to the Scarlet Witch, then all of this could be reversed, but that was if she was willing to help her. Summoning a dense fog to distract Magneto, Storm left the battle to find the Scarlet Witch. From the corner of her eye, she was able to spot Wanda, huddle in a corner, holding her twin sons close to her. When she reached her, she could hear the young woman mumble comforting words to the terrified boys.

"Everything will be okay my darlings, don't be afraid."

"Wanda… you must stop your father. You must return reality to the way it was, or all is lost." Storm tried to speak softly to the distraught mutant.

"No… NO! I can't lose them, I won't!" she screamed violently, startling the young boys in her arms.

"You will not lose your father. No harm will come to him if you simply return things to normal, you have my word." She placed her hand on Wanda's shoulder.

"I don't care what happens to him! I won't lose my boys, not again." She was crying now, grasping more firmly to the twins.

At her declaration, Storm was admittedly confused. She had no idea what Wanda could mean by losing the children, surely she knew that they would do no harm them once things were set back to normal. Then it dawn on her, those two boys that she clung so feverishly to were nothing more than another fabrication of this reality. Now she understood why the once strong mutant would breakdown so completely, no mother would want to see the lost of her child, real or otherwise. Though while she sympathized with Wanda, she also could not let her bring ruin to all of reality simply so she could hold on to her fantasy childeren. She would have to force her to give up something she knew was even more important to her than her own life.

"They are not real… none of this is real. And if you don't realized that soon, your powers will flare further out of control, killing not only you, but your sons as well."

"Shut up…" Wanda wispherd, shielding her sons ears from Ororo's words.

"You have to let go…"

"I said shut up." Her anger began to appear amongst her pain.

"If I must, I will take them from you." Storm said more forcefully.

With those final words, Wanda exploded. The stress of trying to maintain this reality and cloud the minds of every living being on earth resulted in a breakdown of everything around her. As reality began to shift and warp itself around her, the battling combatant came to a halt.

"What's happening?" Magneto asked bewildered.

"We thought you could tell us Mags." Wolverine said.

A piercing scream sounded, causing everyone to look at a surprised Storm confronted by a deranged looking Scarlet Witch. A corona of energy swirled around Wanda, and wherever her foot made contact, the metal beneath would melt away. Turing burning eyes at the direction of her father, she sneered at the man who had brought ruin upon her and her family.

"This is your fault daddy! All my life, all you ever wanted was to enslave the human race, to bring mutants to the forfront of humanity, never once thinking about your family, your children."

"Wanda… what are you talking about." His heart began to race, as the pain that he saw written on his daughter's face broke his heart.

"You never cared about Pietro and I. You only cared about your own selfish goals. You weren't even there when I lost the twins…" with that admission that her sons weren't really there, their images began to fade away, like ghost. "Nooo!" racing to the spot where her sons once stood, Wanda fought desperately to cling to their fading bodies. Her sanity had finally snapped, with the lost of her children, she had no reason to go on.

"Is this what you want father, absolute power?! That's all you understand right? Well let me show you what real power is." Rising from the floor, she hovered through what used to be the ceiling of the once magnificent castle. When she reached outside, she looked upon a world in chaos, able to fall apart simply by her willing it. If her children could not live to see another sunrise then neither would the world.

As Wanda began to tear apart everything that she had created, the others watched helplessly from the ground. Emma reached out with her telepathy, trying to shut Wanda's mind down, but with her using her powers to such a degree it became virtually impossible. The psychic backlash was enough to render the telepath unconscious.

"Emma!" Cyclops rushed to her side, cradling her head in his lap.

"We have to stop her, if we don't then none of us will survive." Wolverine yelled over all the noise.

"Can't you do something Magneto?!" Cyclops asked.

"I'm trying, but my powers aren't working." Fear was in the Master of Magnetisms' voice. For the first time since he could recall, we was in no position to do anything.

"She must be stopped." With her words, Storm summoned the winds to take her aloft, heading directly towards the Scarlet Witch. Ororo was able to sense the imbalance around her, so much so that it was almost unbearable. Being attuned to the elements and nature itself, she was able to feel the plant scream in protest as it was ripped asunder. She had made a vow once to never take a human life, but if she felt there was no other way to bring an end to the Scarlet Witch's damage, then she would have no other choice.

"Wanda, stop this madness!"

"You don't know what its like Ororo. To love someone more than life itself, then to have that love taken away."

The sorrow Storm heard in those words made her heart ache. While she had never had children, she had always wished to have kids of her own someday. And while she never had to experience the pain of losing a child, she had lost those who where more to her than blood. The death of Jean Grey still weighed heavily on her soul, and while her dear friend, who was more like a sister to her would be missed, she would still not sacrifice every living being just to avenge her.

"You are right, I have no idea what pains you must be going through, but what your doing won't bring them back!"

Turing pain filled eyes to Ororo, Wanda looked at her with grief.

"Your right, it won't. You and the others have made sure of that. I'm tired of fighting Storm; I'm tired of living in a world where no one appreciates what they have. I won't live like that anymore…" drawing all her power to her, Wanda prepared to end it all. "If that is the world you wish to return to, then so be it, but it will not be this world… NO MORE MUTANTS!" With a blinding display of power, the sky went white, and Ororo only had a second to scream, before she disappeared in the blinding flash.

When reality finally reinserted itself, everything was as it once was, to a certain extent. While Wanda had sent the heroes back to the world that they knew, there were consequences to her action. When she made her command of no more mutants, she had managed to depower ninety percent of the mutant population. Those who had once had the power of gods, where mere mortals when the House of M fell. Many of them didn't know how to cope with the lost of their powers, those who hadn't gone insane, fell into a deep depression, and then suicide.

While the X-Men tried to deal with a world whose mutant population had shrank to its lowest percentage, they were dealing with issues on both fronts. During the House of M reality, they had fought together as a team, a core unit, and when things were set back to normal, they found themselves one member short. After Storm confronted Wanda, that was the last any of them saw of her. She had disappeared in the flash of light. It was assumed that she would find herself back at the mansion with the others, but fate would have otherwise.

For weeks, they searched for her, using Cerbro to try and locate her mutant signature. Even with the advanced mind of Charles Xavier wasn't enough to locate her, and after enough time, they begrudenly gave up the search. The younger students took Ororo's 'death' considerably hard. She had been like a mother figure to a majority of the younger girls, but none more than Kitty Pryde. She was inconsolable for over a month. When Gambit returned from his exile in Antarctica, he was enraged from the loss of his padnat.

"Ya'll gon' just give up… leave Stormy fo' dead?!" he yelled at Scott.

"We did everything we could Remy, but there is just no sign of her." While Scott didn't show it, he was just as effected as everyone else. He had already lost Jean, and losing Ororo was like losing a sister. He was happy that Jean wasn't here; he knew that this would be too much for her.

Through her psychic powers, Emma was able to sense Scott's pain. She had never really liked Ororo, ever since her time in the Hellfire Club and they had switched bodies. While she may not have agreed with the windrider, she had the upmost respect for her.

After two months of searching in vain, the funeral arrangements were made, and heroes from around the world attended the burial. It was a sad sight to see so many, some who rarely worked with others, come to honor the death of a goddess. And in stark contrast to the grave mood, the weather was nearly picture perfect; it was as if Ororo herself had painted the sky with different shades of reds and oranges. No one would forget the woman known as Storm, and those who knew her personally would never heal from this crushing blow.

In a dank and dark alley, in a city whose skyline was gloomily, with the clouds ripped opened, pouring sheets of rain unto the streets below. Laying amongst the trash and debris, was a unconscious woman. Her presence in the ally seemed to almost enhance its low decorum. Her clothing, which would catch any person's eye, was more of a body glove than clothing. Leather pants hugged shapely legs, while a matching top,which left the midriff revealed,with a ruby stoned resting at the neck accentuated her bust. Rounding the entire thing of, was a pure black cape, edged in silver draped over her toned body.

Platinum haired framed a beautiful mocha face. Who this woman was, no one would be able to say, but if the question was asked to a specific group of mourning heroes, her name would have passed from their lips as a prayer…

To be continued...

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