By Trurotaketwo

Author's note: I would like to make a very big apology to those who read this story when it was first published all those years ago. I'm sorry I didn't update it in over 4 years. At the time I was zig-zagging between jobs, amongst a lot of other things on my plate. Lately, things have calmed down so I can focus again. Dual Destinies also rekindled my love for the Ace Attorney series and made me want to write more fanfiction for it. But I didn't want to start another Ace Attorney fanfic without finishing this one first. But it's all finished now, so I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Perspective of Apollo Justice

Date: May 07

Location: The burger joint

Time: 21:20 PM

Earlier today I had won my latest case. Seems I'm getting a good reputation since I started working with the Wright Anything Agency. So to celebrate, Trucy and I decided to head down to the burger joint for a big order to go. Phoenix, her adopted father and the man to whom I am currently employed, was practising his piano skills (that's when the idea struck me to get out of the house fast as humanly possible). Trucy was pretty well known to the staff, considering that her father and his assistant were once regulars here. Then again, Trucy does like to make a spectacle of herself. I'd be pretty surprised if we went to one of our usual hangouts and someone didn't look as if he were thinking "Oh look, there's that eccentric magician girl!"

Anyway, we stood at the back of the line, behind someone in a white coat, with long brown hair and a spiky top-knot pony tail. I heard the rapid crunching of a snack of some kind from the girl in front. That's when it hit me.

'Hello Ema.'

She turned. I was right. Detective Ema Skye. Looking me right in the eye, and sucking on what was left of a snackoo. I can only hope no one interprets that sentence as innuendo.

She took the stick of chocolaty fried dough cake out of her mouth, like a cigarette.

'Oh its you. Prosecutor Payne's real mad because of you.' I guess Ema would know first had about something like that, since she's the detective who was in charge of the investigation.

'He was yelling such famous lines as "I'm surrounded by idiots!" and "I'll have your badge for this, Skye!" Thanks a lot!'

I guess the weather girl was wrong about tomorrow's weather report of sunny Skyes.

'Now just a minute!' Trucy piped up with her rather high pitched but professionally trained resonating voice 'If he's in a bad mood, it's probably because you let him down with your own sloppy detective work!'

Ema looked as if she's just been slapped in the face by an extra slimy fish. Her face flushed of colour, and her greyish blue eyes bulged out as her mouth made a funny series of shapes, in a loss for words.

Then she pouted like an angry child and turned away from us.


'I think you hurt her feelings, Trucy.' Well this is Ema we're talking about. Her feelings are easy to hurt anyway.

'Awww! I didn't mean too!'

Trucy wrapped her arms around Ema as if she were a big teddy bear. Come to think of it, if Ema keeps wolfing down those snackoos, she'll soon have the right figure for a tall plush novelty. It's nothing short of a miracle that she manages to stay so trim.

Trucy's arms coiled around her, Ema turned back to us with a less stormy look on her face.

'No, you're right. I guess my heart's just not in it.'

A phone went off. Trucy fished it out of her pocket.

'Wright anything agency, where you've always come to the Wright place! CEO Trucy Wright here! How can I help you?'

Trucy motioned that she needed to take the call outside. I smiled and nodded, as you do. Might as well talk to the detective for a while.

'You really should take more pride in your work.' I offered.

'That's like asking the grass to be blue. If I passed my finals and made the forensics team that would be something to be proud of.' Her metaphor was original, I'll give her that.

I looked out the window at Trucy. She was still taking her call.

'So you just settled for Detective huh?' I said turning back to Ema. It's better to maintain eye contact, I know, but I just wanted to make sure, Trucy was alright. Under her magician's cape she wore a black sleeveless show dress. Some pervert might try to pick her up, mistaking her to be on a bachelorette party. I turned back to Ema and continued listening.

'I was hoping that if I couldn't be a forensic scientist, at least as a homicide detective, I'd run into Mr Wright again.'

'But then you found out about those allegations of him using forged evidence.' I pitched in.

'Forged my eye!' she said that with a bit more "Oomph!" 'I know in my heart that Mr Wright would never cheat to win a trail! He could shoot down anything the prosecutors threw at him, with a bobby pin and a piece of string!'

If I understand correctly, Ema was actually with Mr Wright when he gathered the evidence for that time when she was his client.

I looked over to Trucy again.

Oh my god…

'Put her down!' I ran right out the door. Some guy dressed in black just ran up and grabbed her from behind! Trucy flailed like a rag doll, as he ran with her into an alleyway.

'Let the girl go!' I heard Ema yell. She took out her gun and pointed into the alleyway. Thank goodness she was there. Whoever said there's never a cop around when you need one?

'Don't worry, Apollo, this alleyway goes nowhere. It's a dead end.'

Two car lights came on, and an engine growled like a cave monster. A silver car came out. Ema and I leaped out of its path, before it turned, ready to hit the road.

What I did then, I felt was the only option.

I ran onto the road in front of the car. I used to get picked on a lot at school. I was always told that most bullies are cowards, who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. Whoever this creep was, he wouldn't have the guts to run someone over.

Or so I thought.

As I flew through the air I cursed those cartoon writers for living in a fantasy world. The face of the driver though… I'll never forget it.

I hit the ground hard. I heard someone call my name. Then I saw Ema knelling over me. She looked frightened.

'Apollo, are you alright?!'

At first, I could make out the shapes of what I saw.

'Come on, talk to me!'

Then, just the colours.


Then shadows.


Then total blackness.