For the Future

Chapter Three: Not so Wonderful

"Wonderful weather we are having," the mechanical voice of the warp robot chimed.

"Um. Yeah," Ash raised an eyebrow as she brought up her holographic screen. "I'd like to go to the infected area, please."

"Of course. This will only take a moment. Wonderful weather we are having," it repeated.

"You already said that," said the time traveler.

"Wonderful weather we are having."


"Wonderful weather we are having."

"Not to be rude, but can you stop saying that?"

"Wonderful weather we are having."

-twitch- "Seriously, stop it."

"Wonderful weather we are having."

"Just send me to the infected area already!" Ash shouted, stomping a foot down hard in emphasis. As soon as the words left her mouth, she was successfully warped from one area to the other.

Ash breathed deeply as she took in a moment to view her surroundings. Infected areas, hills, and oh look, more infected areas. Just beautiful.

"Welcome. Wonderful weather we are having."

The time traveler whirled around and snapped at the mechanical device. "No it's not! We NEVER have wonderful weather!" Ash jumped off the small platform, shaking her head. "Stupid robots."

If Dexter is such a genius why couldn't he program them with better phrases?

A/N: My computer lags HORRIBLY when I play Fusion Fall, and one day it froze just as I was warping into an infected area, with that line playing over and over again.