Edward chuckled quietly to himself. So human, always ruled by her raging hormones.

"Bella, haven't we risked your life enough for one night? Wasn't this enough for you?"

She turned in his arms to face him. Staring at his chin she mumbled, "it will never be enough." He tipped her chin up till she met his eyes and smiled at her. She smiled back tentatively. Looking at her tender mouth reminded him of something.

"Umm, Bella?" She stared at him waiting for him to continue. He swallowed. "Where did you learn to do that?" He ran his thumb across her lower lip so she would understand his question.

Bella ducked her head into his shoulder, thoroughly embarrassed. She was really looking forward to the day when her telltale flushes didn't give her away. She raised her head and looked in his eyes smiling.

"Alice." They said in unison and laughed.

"She, umm, thought that I might need to know how and gave me some advice. Don't be upset with her." The colour in her face deepened.

"Oh… I'm not mad at her, not at all." He laughed huskily.

She twirled her finger around his earlobe and looked like she was concentrating hard on something. "So…did you…like it?" Her brow puckered and he ran a finger over it to smooth it out before answering.

"Sweet, silly girl! Couldn't you tell? It was one of the single most erotic things I've ever experienced throughout my whole existence…All 107 years of them." He laughed lightly.

"Really?" She brightened up immediately. "Did it make your top 10?" she asked slyly.

"It made my top 2," he answered honestly. "Only surpassed by my memory of how you felt under my hands earlier tonight. You were so soft, warm and slippery. Watching you lose control was incredible." He shivered lightly and Bella got the answer to her first question when she felt him stirring against her thigh.

Edward resisted the temptation to stop her hand as it snaked between their bodies to stroke him lightly. He wasn't sure if he would ever get used to the way it felt when she touched him so intimately. Mind over matter, he chanted to himself as she gripped him tighter. The only way he would survive this again was if he distracted himself and the perfect distraction lay right by his side.

Bella, preoccupied by her explorations, didn't stop to wonder why Edward hadn't tried to stop her. She was pleased things were going so well and that he seemed more confident as well. She continued touching him, loving the silky feel of him. She gasped when Edward flipped her onto her back and held himself lightly over her. He started kissing her fervently while a deep growl built in his chest. Her lips felt bruised and tender by the force he used, but she didn't care, she pushed herself against him eagerly.

Edward gently disentangled her hand from between them and pulled both arms over her head, clasping her wrists in one large hand. He listened as her breathing kicked up a notch and her heart raced as he kissed the underside of her jaw and along her neck. He nipped at an earlobe with his lips, and she made a low unintelligible noise. He continued down the side of her throat, darting his tongue out and tasting her. With his other hand he caressed her body, he brought his hand down her side from the top of her arm down to her knee. His hand curled around it and he slowly lifted her leg till it was wrapped around his waist. Bella raised her hips up and trapped his erection between them and rubbed her clit against him. She was already moist with desire.

"Ohhh," she moaned.

Edward leaned his forehead between her breasts for a moment to get a hold of his control, which was slipping precariously. After a few moments, he felt strong enough to continue. He turned his head towards one breast and drew his tongue across her taut nipple; carefully, he sucked it into his mouth. He reached for her other breast and cupped it gently running circles around it with his fingers.

Moaning, Bella tugged on her wrists in his ironclad grip. Even though he held himself above her, she was still pinned under his body enough that movement was almost impossible. He continued with his exploration of her body alternating between fingers and tongue. She drew her other leg up along his and wrapped it around his waist, locking her hips to his. He was hard against her, and she continued to move up and down his shaft, the wetness increasing between her legs made it easier to slide against him.

Edward didn't think he could take much more. Being trapped between her moist sex reminded him forcefully of when she had him in her mouth. He let go of her hands and slid down her body. As he moved, he unlocked her legs from his waist and grasped her knees. He pushed them back and to the side, then rested his chest between her legs as he kissed down the smooth expanse of her stomach. Bella had her eyes closed and was moving her head slowly from side to side against the pillow. He shifted further down and spread her legs wide open. She trembled as his cool hands ran up and down her inner thighs. The smell of her was heavenly; she looked like a delicate flower with sweet nectar resting along its petals.

He called her name softly; "Bella." She opened her eyes and watched him. Keeping eye contact with her, he drew his tongue up her inner lips collecting all the sweetness gathered there. Air hissed from between her lips, the combination of his cold tongue and the heat of her body contrasted sharply and drove her mad. She couldn't help lifting her hips up against his tongue and gyrating slowly. Edward slipped his hands under her ass, and grasped the firm mounds, while kissing and licking her clit. Her delicious scent swirled around him, he was intoxicated, drunk with the lust he felt for her. He spread the folds in front of him with his fingers and slipped one in carefully as his tongue kept massaging her clit.

Bella grunted and tried to resist thrashing about. She didn't want to break his concentration, afraid he would stop what he was doing. As much as she felt she would die if he continued, she knew for a fact she'd die if he stopped. Her heart was pounding, and she gasped for breath as he slowly slipped another finger into her, stretching her, gently. Edward increased the intensity on her clit as both fingers slipped in and out of her, taking his time before gaining speed. His fingers curved up slightly, and this time she did start to thrash as he hit her sweet spot, over and over. He wrapped his free arm around her and grabbed her ass, lifting her up off the mattress to increase the intensity.

"Yes!" She yelled, "Oh god I'm coming…right now!"

Bella's breathing stopped completely as the force of her climax took over. It shook her completely; her whole body felt like it was catching fire. She grabbed his hair and pushed herself hard against his tongue as she came, fluid wetting his fingers and his eager mouth as he licked and sucked her dry. Her body was still rocking with after shocks when he lifted himself from between her legs.

Edward embraced her limp body and rolled with her till she was on top of him. He sat up and pushed his back against the headboard, arranging Bella's legs so she was straddling him. His rock hard erection was between them pushed up against her pelvis and stomach. He leaned down to kiss her, knocking her breathless once more. She tasted herself on his tongue and it excited her, she couldn't help moving her hips against him as he took hold of her ass.

"Bella, I want you…so much…you can't even imagine how much," he whispered into her neck. "I need to be inside you." She nodded wordlessly, and he lifted her up slowly till the tip of his cock was pressed against her slick entrance.

"Slowly, Bella." She shifted slightly, but stopped as Edward grasped her harder.

"Are you ready for this? Will it be okay?" she whispered.

He looked in her eyes and slowly leaned his forehead to hers. "Yes." He loosened his grip again and let her slide over the head of his erection. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and she took hold of his shoulders and slid him in a little deeper. Bella winced slightly at the sting and waited until the pain receded slightly; when it did, she continued lowering her hips in increments until he was completely sheathed inside her. She stayed still, waiting to become accustomed to the feel of him inside her. Her breath came out in pants as the pain gradually subsided. They had come so far, nothing was going to stop her now.

Edward groaned. The soft, wet, heat of her pulsing around him made his head swim dizzily. He didn't know how he was managing to keep any semblance of control and was trembling with the effort. He knew he should keep completely still for various reasons. One to make sure Bella experienced as little pain as possible, and second to make sure he didn't thrust up and crush her.

Bella took a few deep breaths; slowly she lifted her hips and slid down his shaft again. There was still some residual discomfort, but no real pain. She heard Edward's sharp intake of breath and wound her hands up into his hair. She brushed her lips against his while he was still deep inside her. His hands grasped her upper arms hard, and for a moment she thought he would pull her off, but he didn't. Instead he kissed her even deeper and pulled her body closer to his, crushing her breasts against him. He was ready, his actions said.

She started rocking her hips against his, her already sensitive clit brushing against his pelvis. She started to get wet again and could feel this ease the friction allowing her to slide up and down easily. Edward took her face tightly in one hand and wrapped his arm around her. He started to knead her ass cheeks gently. Bella moved up and down and started to feel heat build between their bodies. It felt so good that she increased the tempo.

"Bella," Edward threatened, he was again in jeopardy of unleashing his power, but she was so close she could feel it, and didn't heed the warning. She shook her head back and forth not able to comprehend the danger she was in.

"Bella!" he warned again. She felt him let go of her, turn to the side and then heard a loud ripping noise. This also she disregarded as she raced to finish. Her leg muscles began quivering as the heat spread down them. She moaned out Edward's name.

Before her orgasm was over she found herself on her back with Edward poised above her. He had a wild expression on his face. Throwing his head back, the tendons were standing out on his neck, but he was still inside her. His whole body was trembling as he held himself back from slamming into her hard and deep. He could still feel her contracting around his cock, and that was enough to send him over the edge as well. He felt warmth radiating through his stomach.

"Come with me," she cried.

"Yes, yes..." he answered. The intense pleasure he felt rippled through his entire body. His cock started to pulsate and the force of his orgasm was so intense he felt like he would go blind. He grabbed the other pillow on the bed and ripped it apart with his teeth, barely feeling the down feathers floating around him.

Bella was still in the throes of her own release, Edward's voice spurring her on to greater heights. She felt him shuddering as he climaxed. After an endless moment, he lowered his head until it pressed against her forehead and opened his eyes. She placed a soft kiss to his lips and whispered, "I love you."

"Forever," he replied. Gently he withdrew and lay down on his side beside her. She turned to face him and smiled euphorically.

"I'm alive," she said, and her smile grew wider.

"Barely!" he tried to sound severe, but then smiled her favourite crooked smile. All was forgiven it seemed.

He reached out and stroked her face gently, tracing along the curves and finished by running a thumb along her lower lip. She sighed and closed her eyes in contentment. He gathered her up in his arms and started to hum her lullaby. As she closed her eyes she heard him say softly.

"Sleep, my Bella. Dream sweet dreams."

She knew no dream would ever be sweeter than the reality she had just shared with Edward. She drifted to sleep smiling gently.