Chapter 13: A New Member of the family

While Dave and Vinny were having a good time at their first honeymoon, Allison was taking good care of the boys. The Chipmunks are quite a handful since Alvin is the trouble maker coming up with schemes. Allison brought some food items from the forest to cook for the Chipmunks which were so-so of it. So Theodore helped Allison be familiar with the human food and she pretty much enjoyed it a lot.

Allison was kind of fun around the house and she was pretty much interested in city life a little like Vinny. She also seemed said and lonely admitting she would love to have someone special to spend in her own life. The Chipmunks said they would love to help her and maybe with Dave and their mother to find her someone special, human or a forest creature. She was happy to hear that and is still happy for her friend Vinny leaving with her new husband and her boys.

Eventually Dave and Vinny came back from their honeymoon in Florida and enjoyed it. The Chipmunks missed Dave and their mother and they did too. Allison moved back in the forest since she is most familiar with it, but admits city life is interesting, but she wanted to live with her forest friends and take care of them. Everyone said goodbye to Allison and said they would visit her and the other forest creatures.

Large amount of time passed for the whole Seville family. The Chipmunks were going to school and eventually Summer Vacation happened to do stuff they wanted for the next 3 months and spend more time with their mother. The Chipettes spent more time with their Chipmunk boyfriends. Alvin and Brittney seem to now are partners in crime coming up with schemes together and this made not only having Dave yell out Alvin's name but also Brittney's name.

Vinny realized that the Chipettes should not be without someone special to take care of them since they live alone in a tree house. So eventually she and Dave found a retired elderly woman named Ms. Miller to take care of the Chipettes. Ms. Miller has a history of music, so she is a perfect match for the Chipettes, even though she gets confused a lot.

Dave is starting to have an easier time to make some new hit songs for the Chipmunks and the Chipettes since Vinny came along and the Chipettes are getting along well with the Chipmunks and Ms. Miller had a little inspiration as well. So the family was holding up well financially.

9 months finally placed and all the Seville family is in the house just like any other day.

"Dave!" yelled out Vinny.

"Yes Vinny?" asked Dave concerned.

"I think it is time Dave" admitted Vinny feeling the baby inside of her.

"Oh my! Boys, get ready your mother's baby is coming and we need to reach the hospital now!" ordered Dave.

The Chipmunks are excited of the news and stressed at the same time. Somehow Alvin went to the phone and called the Miller's place to ask Ms. Miller and the Chipettes to meet them in the hospital right away!

After a while everyone was in the hospital and Vinny was rushed to a delivery room to deliver the baby. Dave came in with her to check on her.

Everyone was out in the waiting room waiting for the baby to arrive. Almost all the Chipmunks and Chipettes were pacing around except for Simon and Jeanette trying to be logical as they tried to calm down the others with logic. But it was no use and they started pace around. Ms. Miller tried to calm down the whole gang, but no use and she started stressing. Finally a doctor came out and said it was OK to come in to met Vinny and the baby.

They all rushed in the room and saw Vinny lying in a hospital bed with a baby wrapped in on top of her.

"So that's our new member of our family, is it a boy or a girl?" asked Alvin.

"It's a girl Alvin, this will be your new sister my boys" announced Vinny.

"I see, so what will be the name of our sister?" asked Alvin.

"I and Dave already decided and her name will be Rose" answered Vinny.

Everyone was pretty happy to see a new baby in their life. The Chipmunks are excited to have a sister in their lives and promised to take good care of her. What happens in the future for the Sevilles and the Millers is anyone's guess.

The End

Author's Note: Hope you guys love the last chapter of the story. I think this makes a pretty good ending.

Everyone is welcome to maybe create any sort of sequels to this story since I'm not interested and I have other fanfictions I want to work on. For the Chipmunk's sister Rose, I was thinking she would become a Tomboy since the Chipmunks would be taking care of her and she would get a lot of male influence. The Chipettes could influence her a little, not as much since they are not always around. But that is your guys' choice what you want Rose to be like.

Also I welcome anyone to make a spin-off of the bunny girl and the human Boy couple I created in the last chapter.

For either kind of sequels, if you guys decide to make any, just send me a message and I'll read it!