Itsy bitsy reference to volume 7. But it's terribly minuscule. One sentence, really.

At the window he's thinking about it again. His father. Revenge. Lonliness. She can tell. She just knows.


He glances in her direction. Rahzel pats the bed lightly beside her and crosses her legs.

"Tortured soul, come and sit next to me."

It's useless and time-consuming to waste pros and cons. He could either refuse and she would throw a fit, or he could keep walking the way he was and drop down beside her, falling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling. She seemed to like that option better.

"You want some hot chocolate?"

"You make it too sweet."

"You like it too sweet."

He doesn't answer, and she flops down beside him. But she doesn't look at the ceiling. She stares at him unabashedly, and he feels himself becoming almost twitchy in response. She had sensed his mood. She was trying to make him feel better. He would never become accustomed to people caring for him to the extent of comfort. At least she wasn't touching him. Or saying weird things. In fact... she was oddly silent. Just staring at him. Staring and staring. Rahzel the creeper.

You have such a beautiful face.

"... what happened to you making that hot chocolate?"