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AN (Rimshooter [Ignoring everything Taeniaea said.])- Well, there are some things you need to know before reading this. And to Saint X, if you read this, I tried to be as original with the following as possible. I didn't want you to think I was copying you, the idea had been floating around in my head a while to do this, I even have a role-play site like this, and just noticed your story. SO I modified it to try not to look like a rip-off.

T0 the point, you need to read what I'm about to right people.

1- Angels are now allowed weapons, but enhanced weapons are prohibited, e.g. the electric whip and anything else with an outside force helping. This does not count skills, e.g. Ranga's Dance of Death, Rolling Thunder, if you happen to have a weapon to enhance the skill it is allowed.

2- Angels now have a limit as to how much they can use special abilities, as in there is a compensation for using it. There is now a bar that reaches up to fifty points to spend, the layer automatically assesses strength of the skill and tallies off points.

3- You may add any special features to your angel, such as wings, jet packs, etc. so long as they do not violate the first adjustment.

4- You may synthesize a new weapon/special features kit to your angel at any time. There is a default selection of 25 (See Tournament Guide) as well as the ability to make your own, via placing the contents, or data about them, into a special case which is hooked up to the layer, akin to a memory card.

5- All Angels from this date on have hyper-mode as default skill, it is optional, of course, to use.

6- The deus is alloted a 'back-up' angel that they can use if their angel is heavily damaged, but not defeated. They may only swap angels during intermission between rounds, you may only have one back-up and cannot use any special equipment (for simplicity's sake to be called SE Gear from now on) that was meant for the previous angel, a different 'memory card' is required.

Chapter 1- 'First Days'


Piffle Princess-

Keishin sighed as he approached the Piffle Princess, remembering how he got dragged into this.

"Happy Birthday Kei-chan!" His best friend, Miyouri had all but shouted in a sing-song voice.

"What do you mean, my birthday's next month."

"Er.. then happy early birthday!" Miyouri shouted, thrusting a red box into his hands, it had a picture of a winged egg on it.

"What is this?"

"It's Ange-"

"I know, why give it to me." Keishin cut her off.

"Well, you're really good with computers and stuff, and they just released new advanced software for the angels, so I was wondering if you'd be interested."

"I see, you want me to give it a test-run don't you."


He went inside and bought the rest of the parts he needed.(1) He then went home, which was only a few blocks away.

-Keishin's Room-

Keishin didn't even bother with the instructions and hooked up the scanner and monitor he had bought, annoyed he couldn't use his own computer. He went to the faucet and turned on the water before opening the egg so its liquid content leaked out to the drain, before turning the water off and looking at his, for lack of a better term, doll.

He looked through the various hair clippings and decided on a dark-turquoise, which he cut and combed with expert skill into slicked back style with a long ponytail, and a few bangs beside his angels closed eyes. Next he placed the angel on the scanner when he was satisfied and began setting his parameters, "Let's see.." Strength, Speed, Stamina. Hmm.." He decided on putting two points in speed, two in stamina, and one in strength. He then clicked the 'proceed' button which, instead of the 'Name your Angel' screen Misaki saw, was a large box list with a single thing on the list-'Hyper Mode'. Ignoring it he clicked the 'New Ability' tab and began customizing it until he had used up all five ability slots. Afterwards he was confronted with a window telling him to give his angel a name.

He thought briefly and typed in 'Teramora'.

He now had an angel, so he read through a basic manual and started constructing some gear for it. First off he used the monitor's abilities, after hooking it up to a memory card, to build a small pole with a brass end, in reality when he pressed the brass end, he would have a two-foot long steel baton, in angel standards, and it doubled, while compressed as an electronic shield. This was because four emitters on its sides projected the shield using the Layer's energy.

Next he built a set of shoulder pads with a pair of polygonal and metallic wings on its back, being they were normal, but with unusually straight and pointed feathers, that came all the way down from the top of the wing. After that, Keishin built a set of boots which gave him the ability to thrust air from them, making for increased jump-time and speed, as he put a pair of wheels on the end in a fashion they could be deployed and removed, he hid them in circular capsules with small wings on them.

And for the finishing touch, he built a cannon that could be strapped to one of his arms, while still being light, that fires concentrated energy from the layer. He classified this as a skill.

Finally, he used his own skill to craft an outfit for Teramora. It was a rather simple tench coat with leggings under it. The coat was a button-up, but the buttons veered off to his right shoulder about three-fourths of the way up. Over Teramora's 'heart' was a tag that stated his name. The coats sleeves were simple short-sleeves, and under them was what appeared be a long-sleeved white shirt. He sported some black fingerless gloves, by the way his coat and leggings are both a slightly lighter shade of turquoise than his hair, and a visor quite similar to the one Keishin would be wearing, only it was green and polarized. For shoes he wore simple tight-fitting combat boots, which came with the kit.

After proving many stereotypes of him wrong, Keishin went to the cyber café in the Piffle Princess and rented a table to practice on, starting with the basic movement, then a timing exercise, and last but not least, he plugged his memory card in and started practicing with his equipment, until he had gotten the hang of it. After which, he posted a note on the table that read 'looking for challenger'.

Meanwhile, a girl entered the Piffle Princess, her name was Seimei Iyoku.

She had ice cold violet eyes and darker brown hair; she also had on the right side of her face some of it that is dyed dark violet. It was shoulder length. The rest of her hair reaches half way to her waist on the other side. She was slim, and wore a violet shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

Seimei walked into the Piffle Princess's training zone to use her Angel for the first time and look for her friend, Misaki, there. She walked in and sighed when saw someone by the only the free table, so she walked over to him.

Keishin noticed he, "Evening, let's just get this over with please." With that Teramora shifted into a fighting stance and his gear appeared, excluding the cannon.

Seimei did not say anything at all as she gave him a cold look, and threw Chiisai Kage, her angel, to the layer to start the fight.

Chiisai wears a black cloak with a hood, the cloak pulls over her shoulders. Under this she wars a black jacket with silver Chinese dragons running along its long sleeves, which are relatively snug fits. She has on a silver fingerless glove on her right hand, and a black leather glove with silver, cloth fingers on her right. She has a chain belt with a crude bronze tiger buckle. Her pants are slim, silver denim jeans and she wears slim, black leather boots with no high heels. Her cloak has a silver, Chinese dragon circling around into a striking pose.

Chiisai Kage landed on her feet, if a bit awkwardly.

"Alright then.. Angelic Fight!", As Keishin signaled, Teramora jumped over Chiisai and unfolding his wings, while extending his baton and gliding towards her at incredible speeds, before revealing it to be a feint as he swapped the baton for his cannon and fired the blast point blanc, its skill paralyzing everything it touched as Keishin's skill bar dropped by 20 percent. After firing he landed and kicked his thrusters in reverse at full speed even before the smoke cleared.

While they were fighting a group of people gathered for inexplicable reasons, within them was Miyouri, and just entering the café was Misaki who noticed the commotion and moved to watch, recognizing Seimei instantly but not saying anything, lest she cost her friend the match.


When Seimei was growing up, she lived in Wakayama neighboring Misaki. Shuuko and Seimei's mother were close friends, and so their daughters reflected that. Seimei was bullied in school, until she decided to take Martial Arts lessons and stand up for herself. She joined the ken do club about the time she started getting the hang of Martial Arts. Her mother died in a car accident on the way home during rush hour with Seimei in the back. Seimei survived, after two months of being in a coma. After this she stayed with Misaki and her grandparents until Misaki moved to Tokyo with her aunt, Shouko. Seimei moved a year later after getting into Eriol Academy.


Chiisai Kage dodged Teramora's move by some miracle and started to move with great speed while dodging and lashing out in various kicks. She used Shadow Kick, a proverbial rip-off of Rolling Thunder, on him.

Teramora swapped his cannon for his baton and activated his shield, which blocked most of the kick's force, he then used his thrusters to speed up and over her, as well as around her until he was litterally circling her in a kind of dome. Teramora then extended his baton and started attacking her with rapid, stinging blows in numerous places with his baton.

On Seimei's end, Chiisai Kage was dodging Teramora's blows by millimeters while also getting hurt badly and trying to kick him. She managed to get out of Teramora's grasp, with a beating, and used Shadow Kick on him again.

"Eh? You really want this to get serious.." Keishin sighed.

Teramora sped backwards to the center of the layer, as he was pushing Chiisai toward the edge a millimeter at a time. Teramora took his baton and drew a circle with it, silver light tracing the outline for him. He then pointed it at Chiisai, " Touketsu Chouseki" And on cue a storm of ice shards surged out of th circle as easily as water, while Teramora's Skill Bar dropped 10 points and began to decrease steadily, Teramora waved his baton like a wand in a vague sphere and the ice surrounded Chiisai, before closing in on her like death's cold, yet welcoming embrace. The ice closed in, draining Chiisai's health at a remarkable rate of ten per second, until an announcer appeared from nowhere.

"Time's up, Draw!"

Teramora seemed to look a bit disappointed and stopped his attack, before jumping out of the layer into Keishin's extended palm, which he lowered to his lap. "Good game and all.. suppose I'll see you another time. Keishin said as he made his way to the exit.

On the way Miyouri intercepted him, "Ahck! When did you get here?"

"Since about forty minutes ago. Nice fight! Too bad you ran out of time.."

"Just save it."

Keishin stated flatly as he left, heading home.

Meanwhile, Misaki approached Seimei, "Hey Seimei-chan!" Misaki cheered as she reached her old friend.

Seimei picked Chiisai Kage up from her position on the layer floor. Upon seeing Misaki, her ice cold violet eyes became warm and friendly as she said "Hi Misaki-chan!"

"That looked like a good fight! Is your angel okay?" Misaki asked, switching from cheery to worried almost impossibly quickly.

Seimei looked down at her feet and replied, "I don't know Misaki-chan!"

"Ah, that's okay, come on, let's go see Hatoko to get her fixed!" Misaki cheered.

"Wait Misaki-chan, who is Hatoko?" Seimei cried out while Misaki dragged her to a small child practicing in a corner.

"She's a friend, and my second from last year. Don't worry!"" Misaki said as she reached the table and stopped abruptly, waiting for Hatoko to finish, accidentally jerking Seimei forward from the sudden stop.

Hatoko finished in record time and noted Misaki.

"Hi Misaki, who's this?" Hatoko said, gesturing to Seimei.

Before Seimei could respond Misaki cut in, "This is my old friend, Seimei-chan, from Wakayama."

Seimei looked coldly down at the small child, giving a cold as ice look to Misaki before speaking an equally frozen voice "Hello Hatoko."

"Eheheh.. Well Hatoko, could you look at my friend's angel, she just got out of a nasty fight." Misaki asked, a bit nervous with the numbing aura Seimei was creating tickling her.

"Sure, can I see her?"

Seimei's icy, violet eyes softened up some when she saw that she was making Misaki a bit nervous. She gave Chiisai Kage over to Hatoko to be fixed saying, "Sorry Misaki-chan!"

"Why are you apologizing Seimei-chan?"

"Well.. I'm making you nervous." Seimei replied.

"Hmm, there isn't too serious of damage, she's just battered, a few minutes in the scanner should fix her up, good as new." Hatoko replied after examining the angel before returning it to Seimei, "Well, it's getting late, I'd better head home, see-ya!" And with that Hatoko left the room.

"Well, it is getting late, see you tomorrow Seimei-chan!" And Misaki followed suit, along with a large amount of bystanders, who also noticed it was getting late.

Seimei yelled, "Ok then Misaki-chan, see ya!" She then picked up her angel and left, heading home.



1- Miyouri didn't have enough money to buy everything else because she has a poor allowance.