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Chapter 13: Keishin's Latest Scheme

"Where'd that table come from?" Seimei asked in confusion.

Keishin face-palmed. "You remember that box I had under my arm?"

"Well, come to think of it, I don't really remember very much of last night.." Seimei was looking down at her feet.

"Well, at any rate, the box contained the layer over there." Keishin said, not pressing the subject.

"Can we have an angelic fight please?"

"Again!?" Keishin asked incredulously.


"No." He said, ending the discussion.

"Well.. what happened last night?" Seimei asked.

Last night?" Keishin looked a little suspicious for a second. "Oh, nothing. You just had a faint spell. The doctor said that they were to be expected. I guess the match really tired you out." Humming sounded from the kitchen, and Keishin looked to the door. His eyes shown with affection, "She never lets me cook; you know. She refuses to let anyone else cook."

"What are you doing today?" Seimei continued.

"I'm not really doing anything today. The tournament's been canceled, there's supposed to be a bad thunderstorm later on. Misaki left earlier, that leaves you, me, and Emiko to decide what to do."

"You care about your sister a lot don't you, Keishin?" asked Seimei while picking up her Angels 'What happened last night? If I had a fainting spell, how did I end up in Keishin's house? Wouldn't he have taken me to the doctor's..'

Suddenly, Keishin stood up and snapped his fingers. "I know what we're going to do today!"

"What are we doing, then?" Seimei asked while setting Chisai and Hikari down on a chair.

"We're going to do Angelic Layer, with a small twist." Keishin said, before rushing over to the Layer and tinkering with one of its programs.

Emiko walked in and set a plate beside him on the floor, handing another to Seimei before sitting down with her own. As Emiko picked up the utensil on the plate, she raised the obvious question. "What's he doing?"

"I think he's setting up an angelic fight.." Seimei replied, tapping Chisai on the head to wake her up.

Keishin overheard their conversation from across the room, "Not quite.."

Several minutes later..

"Done!" Keishin announced, excitedly. "If you want to join in, just throw your angel on the layer.." As he said this, the layer shifted into a city, a plateau in the center with a cathedral on it. What was surprising, however, was the beings moving about in the city. Keishin had simulated 'NPC' angels, in an interactive city! "Things will be explained as you go. If you want, you can even swap to your angel's perspective, like in the internationals."

Emiko leaned in, "You made another scenario!" Keishin nodded, "That's right. What's best.." He shifted a pair of glasses that he did not previously have on causing them to catch the light in a peculiar way, ".. is that you can even make your own simulated angel as if you were playing with an angel, but didn't actually have one." Keishin put on a terminal and tossed Teramora into the layer, as the sun set in the city.

"So it's a battle simulation?" Seimei asked. Chiisai climbed onto her shoulder with a look on her face that seemed to say 'Finally, another fight! Now I can get that no-wit doll back!' Hikari snuck up behind Chisai with Chisai's previously discarded mallet and knocked her over the head with it, sending her into Seimei's lap. "Ite.." (1)

"It can be.." Keishin said noncommittally It seemed like he was busy controlling Teramora on the layer. Teramora was walking through on of the streets, heading down a ramp. The NPC seemed to be giving him a wide birth.

Emiko leaned forward after his explanation, "Cool! Can I try?"

"Sure," Keishin replied.

As Emiko celebrated, Keishin waited for her to calm down before explaining how it would work. "Just put on the Angel Visor, you should be able to mentally envision your angels, its abilities.." But Keishin couldn't finish as Emiko was already wearing the visor and making the virtual angel.

"So can I join in the simulation. Personally?" Seimei said, as Chisai and Hikari leaped and climbed (respectively) onto the layer.

Sighing as Emiko continued to make her angel. Keishin answered Seimei's question, "Theoretically, since both your angels can act of their own 'will' you could make a virtual copy of yourself, like an angel. Since I've set up the same programs as the international visors, meaning you can act from the viewpoint of your virtual self."

"Okay.." Seimei said, as she did a quick job of making her own avatar. A few seconds later, her virtual self appeared on a street on the other side of the street Teramora was on, wearing a black tunic, with a black visor, holding a staff much like the one Chiisai uses.

Chiisai and Hikari showed up about that time, coming from opposite ends of the street, with Chiisai coming from the left and Hikari coming from the right, still holding Chiisai's hammer.

Keishin noticed Teramora's predicament, as he was surrounded on three sides by his rival's forces. Since Keishin was controlling Teramora directly, like Seimei was her virtual copy. So, it wasn't all that surprising for those who noted this when Teramora sweat-dropped at his predicament. 'I feel like something bad is about to happen.' Any actions taken by the party were interrupted when Emiko finished her angel and materialized it behind Teramora, who turned around in surprise at the sudden presence. Emiko's angel appeared, with braided blond hair, wearing a white outfit with shoulder pads and vest, as well as a skirt, leggings, and long-sleeved shirt under it. There was a halberd strapped to her back.

"Hello." The angel, Sai,(2) said simply after finishing materialization. Around them, the virtual pedestrians took no notice.

"I didn't program them to notice our entry into the layer. That's the only thing they'll ignore, though.

Seeing that nothing horrible was about to happen, Keishin took charge of the situation. "So, what do you guys want to do first?" Since Keishin wasn't speaking through Teramora, they all heard his voice in their ear as if through telepathy.

Seimei sweat-dropped at Emiko's angel and the fact that Hikari still had its hammer. "You know.." She said, raising her voice, "we should team up. There's no telling what kind of nasty surprises Keishin put in here.

Chiisai growled a little at the statement, but didn't give any other opinion on the matter, while Hikari agreed, "No one protects Seimei and Chiisai but me!"

As if on cue, and perhaps it was, several screams broke out and people began running up the ramp of the street. Chasing after them were knights clad in obsidian black armor that only covered their torso, forearms, and forelegs. Their faces were hidden by black helmets. The knights wielded swords with red blades and obsidian hilts, to complete the theme. Oddly, under the armor they were baggy white clothes that were strapped in place. The few members of town garrison, which were wearing silver chain mail and holding regular swords, tried to hold back the knights, but they were being cut down rapidly due to their lack of numbers.

It didn't take long for Keishin to react as Teramora began speaking, "Glass set. Art 1: Frozen Tide." From where he had traced a small circle in the air with his baton, a torrent of glass shards sprang forth. The shards slammed into a group of five knights that had just finished off their garrison opponents. They had no chance as the shards pierced through their armor and turned them into pincushions on the ground. Before Teramora could attack again, he had to jump to the side to avoid a trio of blue blasts that left burn marks on the ground. "You're pretty strong." He looked up to see a red-headed girl dressed in a blue kung-fu outfit, with a smoking plasma cannon on her left shoulder, and a blade tied to her right arm. "It looks like you'll be my opponent. 'Are you ready?'" With that another trio of blasts was fired.

Emiko reacted quickly as well. She signaled Sai, her angel, to attack, and Sai did with gusto. The virtual angel charged the black soldiers, having drawn her halberd upon their arrival. She swung, and cut two of them in half. Sai stayed back, supporting the garrison with her pole-arm's long reach. However, the angel soon had to jump back as a sword, tied to a chain, embedded itself into the ground where she had been standing. Sai turned to see an young woman with dark blue hair tied into a bun, dressed in a maroon outfit with a tanned vest. Her new opponent smiled, "It looks like I might have a little fun. 'Let's try not to make this fight too quick, okay?'" With that,she yanked on a chain she was holding, pulling the sword out of the ground, before sending it flying again.

It looked like there were more than just 'grunts' to deal with. "Where's our opponent?" Seimei asked rhetorically, feeling a just little left out.

Just as Chisai said, "Don't push your luck." Something rather large slammed into the ground behind them, creating a crater shrouded in a cloud of dust and debris. Out of the cloud, a huge iron fist came flying, striking out at Hikari, who was standing closest to it. The smoke cleared to reveal a huge, bald man with iron fists and armored limbs, wearing a green tank top on the only part of his body that wasn't armored.

Meanwhile, Teramora dodged the trio of blasts sent at him.. again. Deciding this was tiresome, Keishin activated Teramora's skates, and the impassive angel sped up. He raced at his opponent, whipping out his baton as he landed next to his opponent as she herself set down after hovering in the air for a bit. Before she could react, he hit her across the temple with his baton and she was out of it on the ground before you could say 'blink'.

Sai wasn't having any such luck, however. She was barely dodging her opponent's jouhyou. Every time she dodged the blade's strike, it seemed her assailant had already retraced it and sent it at her again. This time, the weighted end came around in quick succession after an attack, and wrapped around her right arm. Eager for the kill, her opponent moved in on Sai, wrapping her up with the chain. Teramora saw this. Quickly, he recited the required technique's activation, "Glass Set. Art 2- Deadly Shards."

Three large glass fragments materialized in the air over Sai's opponent. "Strike!" All three rushed at the opponent at once, and she was forced to drop the chain in order to dodge the three shards that embedded themselves where she had just been standing.

Back with Seimei's group, Chisai charged the giant, pulling back her right fist for a vicious punch. Meanwhile, Hikari tried to get the giant from behind with her hammer as Seimei watched the fight, trying to make a strategy.

Braki moved his right arm at Chisai as she charged him, and her punch's force dissipated harmlessly into the heavily armored appendage. Even as this happened he attempted to swat Hikari aside with his other arm, but she deftly flew over the clumsy attack. While this was going on, a trio of black knights rushed at Seimei from behind her, left of her, and right of her, but she ducked under their swings, which were all diagonal slashes (thus they collided with each other), and activated some claws in her right glove, gutting the one to her right before dodging behind him.

Meanwhile, further down the street, the jouhyou user cursed under her breath at having to abandon her main weapon. So, returning the favor of the shards, the woman removed the rods from her bun, letting her hair fall freely about her face. "Weapon Mastery: Enkaku Shihai!" With that, she threw the rods at Teramora, who dodged them, only for them to redirect themselves and fly at Teramora again. Meanwhile, Sai struggled to escape her bindings as her opponent stayed well out of Teramora's way, moving he hands with every change in direction of the rods, like a puppet master.

One of the nearby garrison members who hadn't died yet noticed her predicament, and ran over, starting to untie her.

At the fight against the giant, Chisai ducked under the giant's arm, rushing at him to hit him in the gut with her shadow kick. Unfortunately for Chisai, as she brought her foot up to his groin, he brought his knee up to her head, and sent her flying back several feet. However, he couldn't stop Hikari, and her hammer slammed into his back. Sufficiently angered, he stamped his still raised foot into the ground and turned around to swat her out of the sky with his right fist, leaving his back unexposed as a pair of knights took Chisai's state on the ground as an opportunity for an easy kill and rushed her, only to be disappointed severely when she rolled onto her stomach, pushed off the ground and dashed out of their way.

Back with Seimei, the two remaining knights recovered when they saw their comrade die and rushed at Seimei again, one of them aiming for an uppercut, while the other swung at her head, but Seimei jumped back to avoid the knight's strikes, then she jumped over them while they recovered and rushed at the giant with her staff. She struck the back of his left knee.

As all this was going on, Teramora dodged yet another strike from the rods. This time they came from two different directions, his opponent was getting tricky... and annoying. "Glass set. Art 2- Deadly Shard!" A single glass shard appeared, even as the rods rushed Teramora again. Just before they hit.. "STRIKE!" The glass flew at his opponent at a phenomenal rate, digging itself into her right shoulder. Gasping, she fell to the ground clutching her shoulder, and her rods missed Teramora by inches as they lost momentum. Sai stood up when the garrison member finally untied her. With a brief word of thanks, she turned to see her opponent was defeated.

She took in the rest of the battlefield, and saw that Seimei and her angels were still fighting the last members of the enemy. So, she started to them, but Teramora stopped her and Keishin's voice sounded in her ear. "They've got it."

As Sai nodded, Hikari dodged the giant's clumsy strike, albeit barely. She dove at him with her hammer, swinging at his chin with an uppercut, this time. A little ways away, Chisai dispatched the knights with a gut blow to one, and a savage strike to the temple of the other.

When Seimei's staff hit the back of his knee, the giant stumbled. The shift in movement was enough to throw off his arm when he tried to block Hikari, resulting in her having a clear shot. Her hammer met his chin, and he fell over backwards.

Meanwhile, Teramora summoned a pair of ice shards and sent them flying into the knights that had attacked Seimei, clearing the area of enemies. He walked up to Seimei, with Sai behind him. "Well, that was entertaining. Knights slaughtered, commanders incapacitated, city safe.." As Keishin said this the simulation shut down, turning their surroundings into a large, empty white field.

"That's it?" Seimei asked, though it was more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah," Keishin said as Teramora scratched the back of his head, mimicking his deus, "it's all I had time to do. I should have part two done next week. It'd be faster, but I have other projects." Keishin's eyes flitted to the corner of the room, where there was a vaguely human-shaped object covered in a sheet.

"It's gonna be really cool!" Emiko stated enthusiastically. As Emiko was speaking, Keishin had removed his visor, Emiko followed suit, waving at Sai who waved back, disappearing when the visor was off.

"Okay.." Seimei started, "I really need to go home. When I leave it alone too long, my friend uses her key to get in and re-arrange my stuff.."

With that, she left.