Summary: Just a little Indy/Marion Raiders-era fluff.

Author's Notes: I own nothing. I am a Textual Poacher.

Every time Indiana Jones came back to Cairo, there were another three or four children in Sallah's family.

Mathematically that wasn't possible, of course – Sallah swore (with a variety of colorful oaths) that there were only nine in total – but Indy wasn't entirely convinced. It sure felt like there were a lot more than that.

He wasn't around kids much, granted (okay, so he wasn't around kids at all, not since Shorty); that might've contributed to the illusion that Sallah and Fayah were slowly but surely amassing their own army of offspring.

The fact that all of the kids seemed strangely attached to "Uncle Indy" probably had something to do with it, too; every time he turned around one of them was tugging on his shirtsleeve, chattering out some story or litany of questions. It was almost unnerving.

Marion, of course, found it hilarious.

"You know," She grinned at one point, as Indy succeeded in detaching the youngest from his arm and sending her in search of her mother, "You oughtta have a few of those for yourself one day."

He snorted and rolled his eyes in reply . . .

And bit back on saying Yeah. Maybe we should.