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Bankotsu: The Birth

"Quickly, you must leave now!"

The man was strong and his eyes burned with the ferocity of a someone who had seen much in his lifetime. He appeared no older than 30, but again, his eyes spoke the truth about his real age. He long black hair was held up securely, as was the appropriate style. The long mustache that fell to his lips however was a personal statement and she never complained about it. Though perhaps his most notable feature was the purple stripes that carefully outline the outside of his dark red eyes. This only gave him the appearance of not being of the mortal realm.

His arms began to quiver as the large halberd he carried was currently holding off a blunt club of a large red-toned ogre. The beast proved stronger than he thought, or perhaps he was growing tired in the battle field. He thick black brows tightened as he found it within himself to parry his off. Before the beast could find his ground, the halberd found its way through the ogre.

He recalled his earlier request, and turned to the woman it was addressed to. He was not surprised that she was still standing there. Concern filled he large blue doe eyes. Her elaborate kimono and soft skin did not belong on this battle field, it was almost too strange to see it here now. He recalled that he was in fact the one to gift the kimono she now wore to her. It was a fine salmon colored silk, decorated with the design of white sea lily's. It was dabbled with droplets of demon blood now, sullied. he looked into her eyes once again as he found his way to her. His hand fell to her very full belly, and rubbed it gently...no she shouldn't be here. His free hand moved towards the purple mark she carried against her forehead. Right above her eyebrows the purple mark stretched out like a birds open wings (V), and beneath it was a diamond shape. It was a crown, he would tease, proving that she was a princess, his princess. Her parted bangs, did well to not hide it. He ran his hand into her long dark locks, but made she he did not lose himself in her... he couldn't afford it...not now.

"Mitaru..." the man pulled away, but grasped her shoulders tenderly "My wife, you have to save yourself and the child"

The woman stared at her husband as the words slowly made sense. She fiercely shook her head before she spoke. She could hardly find her voice as it began as a whisper, but grew more firm. "No...I won't leave you. How can you expect me to..."

"Enough" he cut her off firmly. Mitaru grew silent as a single tear rolled down her face.

He felt his heart skip a beat as he saw the tears roll from her porcelain skin He turned to the scene of corpses and blood that surrounded them. The sounds of scream and clashing metal continued off in the distance, but he knew it was getting closer. "Listen my love, this battle our people are fighting...it may not be won. We are running out of warriors and there is no end to the demons in sight"

"No!" she shook her head in disbelief, "We are Divine Beings. This is our home. As long as we remain here, our people will have a chance"

He smirked softly at her misplaced passion. He had seen too many battles to be optimistic. "I will continue to defend our home with the remainder of our brethren Mitaru, but you...you must leave and you must stay hidden"he placed his hand to her large stomach for emphasis. "We owe our child that much"

She looked past her husband to see the battle scene that surrounded them. Blood covered the streets, and everywhere she gazed she saw death. Bodies of dead demons and Divine Beings were chaotically thrown across their once peaceful town. The sound of agony burned her ears... it was too much... she did her best to fight back the tears as she embraced her love. His strong arms covered her like a warm blanket.

The breathed in the comfort of her scent and placed a gentle kiss upon her divine mark before pulling away from his embrace. He placed the giant halberd atop his shoulder as he instructed her firmly. "Go to the cave at the village's end" he spoke softly, "I will find you. I promise"

"I know you will" She nodded. He simply smiled back, and she watched as her husband disappear towards the sounds of screams and roars.

She could not look at the faces that surrounded the streets any longer as she ran towards the secret cave. Among the corpses she would find familiar faces, and she knew that should the reality of the situation find her... she would not be able to continue. She needed to make it to the cave...she needed to be safe and wait for his return. She ignored the song of battle, the sounds of the clanging of swords, the shrieking of the dying, and the roars of the demons. Luckily she had snapped out of her daze in time to process the large dragon tail that struck the ground before her. She stopped just in time to avoid an injury, much to the beast's dislike. It tried again, and she was barely able to out maneuver the attack. "No..." she thought to herself, "not now...not now"

She ran behind a house, hoping to buy some time. She knew the slow beast must have seen her run in this direction. She knelt down and placed her hands together. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the light that surrounded her, as it surrounds all Divine Beings. Slowly the bright light began to appear between her palms. Everything grew white, and eventually it absorbed her completely. When she opened her eyes she was laying in the small dark cave, panting. She had lost a lot of energy in the light transportation, she could never stay in that form for very long. She placed her hand on her stomach, calming the kicking sensation "It is alright my child…" she smiled, "we are safe now"

She sat there alone in the cave for what felt like an eternity. She listened to the cold silence, praying that her love would break it at any minute. Hours had passed before she heard footsteps. She felt the aura of demons and tried to lower the sound of her breathing...she pulled out a small dagger. Someone was outside. She lowered the weapon when she heard his voice.

"Mitaru?!" the man called as he entered the cave. "You're alive!" he spoke joyously as she ran towards the doubled over figure of her husband. He was injured, covered in blood, but was still able to stand; still able to find her. He noticed her worried expression and spoke before she had the chance, "I'll be fine, but you must leave here"

"What do you mean? Where would you have me go?" she asked defiantly. "You can not keep fighting, not now!"

"Mitaru, I am the only one left!" he let the words sink in, in silence. "They know I am here...and they will come after me" he coughed roughly, using his free hand to catch the blood the came out. Mitaru saw the dark crimson that that stained his hand, and the crimson trail that fell behind him...his wounds...they were deep. It wast the sound of the demons that broke her trance and turned to the injured man. He had placed his palms together, and grew the light within his palms, as she had done before. The light was not engulfing him thought, the light was leaving him. She realized the significance of his actions when it was too late. "You're divine light...My love you mustn't!"

The light around him dimmed very low as the orb was held in his hand. He placed his palm against the cave wall, and was satisfied when it began to glow until it eventually became engulfed with the white light.

"A portal?" she spoke in understanding, "...You wish for us to go to the mortal world?"

He shook his head firm in his decision, She understood what he meant, "NO!"

"You will go with the child. I will hold them away from the portal as long as I can"

She shook as tears silently fell. She ran into him, grasping her arms around his neck firmly. "I'll stay with you! Please, let me stay with you..."

He pulled her off gently. "And what of the child my love? You know this is the only way"

"Then come with us" she asked pleadingly. "Perhaps the demons didn't see you...perhaps they wouldn't care that you survived... you could-"

"No" he cut her off firmly, calling her back to reality. The finality in his eyes, made her realize that there would be no deterring him...and she knew he was right. The demons would be after the last Divine Being, that they knew of. They were following his trail of blood, and they would be there soon. Time was not on there side.

Once he noted that reason had found his wife he held out the giant halberd. "Take Banryu...you will need its protection in case...in case they get past me"

She stared at him in disbelief, not able to find the correct words that would get him to come with her...or to make everything ok somehow. All that came out was a truth about this plan that they both had known. "Have you forgotten" she started, "If our child is not born here, in these lands, he will not inherit the Divine Light. He'll just be a..."

"I know" he spoke regretfully, "I know..."

They stood in each others arms comfortably, without words. Neither was sure of how long... and neither wished it would end. They stayed in perfect stillness until the cave shook from the sound of large footsteps. The demons had arrived. The man's lips pulled in the woman's, and she memorized the feeling. How she loved him...why was this happening? Why?

"It is time my love" his hand gentle cupped the back of her head, letting his fingers get lost in her locks for a final time.

"No...I-I can't...I can't"

Her large blue doe eyes stared at him longingly. He wiped her tears with his rugged hand, memorizing her every feature. Their child would be beautiful, he knew that for certainty. He pulled her in for a final embrace and allowed their lips to meet for a the final time. Once the demons roared their announcement, he pulled away and looked into his love's still tearing eyes. "There is nothing left for you here"

"I love you..." He smiled ever so softly as he pushed her into the vortex. She watched as the shadow of her husband was engulfed by a storm of beasts. She screamed his name and the portal closed.

When she opened her eyes she was in pain. Sweat covered her brow and all she could do was moan in pain. She was laying in a bed with three woman surrounded her.

"She's awoken" one spoke. A large pain hit Mitaru. "The baby" she thought, "my baby..."

"Push" another woman spoke.

"What will become of you?" she thought. A Divine Being is only divine if they inherit the celestial light, and that no longer existed.

"I see the head" the third nurse began. Mitaru gave one last push. Relief. But nothing was heard. No cries..."No...no..."

"Is he okay?! The baby...is he okay?!" she spoke in worry. Could the baby survive without the light? Why did she take such a foolish risk?!

"Yes" the third woman finally spoke, "...He's...fine... but..." she sounded confused.

The room was silent until Mitaru heard what sounded like... a giggle? With what resembled a smile, the infant's chubby fingers tangled themselves in the nurse's hair, and the nurse seemed to have a difficult time removing the child's all too firm grip.

The nurses left the room after the proper process had finished. "The child isn't normal, not a single scream. And the way he gripped my hair..." the first nurse whispered. The second nurse nodded in agreement, "He isn't normal, do you suppose they're demons?"

The first one answered "No, the head priest would have sensed that when he found her"

"Those markings on his forehead though" the third one added, "That's not human"

"Should we inform the priest of these happenings?" the second one asked.

"No" said the first one after some thought, "Not yet... he seemed too concerned for her safety. We will wait"

"Bankotsu" Mitaru smiled exhausted and slightly defeated with the recent ordeals, "That shall be your name...your father's name"

As she suspected the child did not glow with the Divine Light, as she had. He appeared mortal, but it didn't matter. She smiled as his blue eyes looked into hers. She stared at the purple marking on his head as it began to glow.

"Your mark?" she spoke in disbelief, "On Divine infants it begins to glow at the mother's first touch. Strange yours should glow. , my child. I sense no Divine Light from you" she laughed to herself weakly. "You must have inherited some traits after all"

She placed her thumb gently on the purple cross. She closed her eyes in preparation for what was to come next. Usually, one had a Divine seer help decipher this ritual, but she knew she had to make do. She took a deep breath as images flashed into her mind; images of her son's life. They weren't clear, but she was still able to gain some insight. When she released her thumb, the mark stopped glowing. How she wished she had a seer here. It was sadly just another birth right she would be forced to deny her son.

She was light headed when she opened her eyes. "You are indeed mortal my son" she sounded slightly disappointed, "But I see strength unimaginable from any mortal in you"

Bankotsu grabbed her finger, unaware of what was being said, but still calmed by the waves of her voice. Mitaru smiled at this, "Your future is very cloudy...even with a seer, it is hard to understand"

He gave a small sneeze and she smiled lovingly at the child. "Great things will come from you my son. Whether they are good or evil is up to you"