Hello all, I come with a new Batman Begins/The Dark Knight story that I hope you will enjoy. A while a go I told myself that I wouldn't have multiple stories going, but this story has been creating in my head for ages and I need to get it out. I'm not sure how I am going to go with regular updates, all I can hope for is that you shall enjoy this new story and don't get mad if three or four months go by and you hear nothing more.

Anyway, despite all that, I hope you will enjoy.


Title: The Legend of Batman

Rating: M for probable violence

Summary: Three years after the events of The Dark Knight Batman is a lost cause. Bruce Wayne, still suffering from the ordeal, has turned his attention to philanthropy but is unable to let go of the past. However his growing desire to allow Batman to gather dust is put to the test with the emergence of Catwoman and the mysterious Selina Kyle.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Batman, Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. That right belongs to DC Comics and the wonderful people at Warner Bros.



Night: The protection of criminals.

Criminals: Human monsters who fear no-one but Batman.

Batman: A man in disguise, fighting a rising darkness.

Darkness: Gotham


The night air was filled with smog and a gentle drizzle. Smoke billowed up from chimneys across the city as families sought protection, safety and comfort from the heat of a fire. On the street, criminals eagerly came out; trading drugs, stealing goods, and selling secrets. Only they were safe.

From a rooftop, somewhere in the re-evolved Narrow's, a Figure smiled down at the darkness below. Nothing could stop them now. Looking to the sky, the Figure imagined a masked Figure falling from the sky, falling to fight the crime. What a waste.

The few times the Figure had seen the vigilante he had been weak and just like the criminals he was fighting, fleeing from the police. The Figure could remember the days when rumours spread that Batman worked with the police. How times can change.

Batman was in the past, a fool who thought he could save a city. Well, if it hadn't been for the poster-boy of Gotham crime, the Joker, he may have succeeded.

But the Figure remembered the Joker, remembered their encounters. The Figure liked his outlook on crime and life. He knew what it was that made the human mind work, and he had known how to attack society and destroy it without claiming power for himself, and in the most minimalist of ways. The Figure admired him. And what had the Joker got for his troubles? Lifetime imprisonment in the new Arkham Asylum.

From below, a crash sounded; followed by another, bigger crash of broken glass. The Figure's Protégé still had things to learn about being silent and successful in escape.

The Figure looked back towards the centre of Gotham and smiled evilly. So much to do and so little time.


It had been easy getting in. Despite the darkness, the Protégé's eyes saw everything. Slinking along the corridors, careful to avoid the camera's, they made their way to the vault, their blood pumping with adrenaline and excitement.

A light shone ahead, but moved quickly: the security guard and his torch. When the torches beam flashed along the corridor, the owner's ears having heard the faintest noise, all that the beam fell on was air. The guard grumbled incoherently and moved off in the opposite direction, before finally turning a distant corner.

The Protégé smirked and rolled their eyes. Weren't security guards meant to hold some form of intelligence? All they had done was jump up and strategically lock themselves to the ceiling. It wasn't that difficult to do, or to see.

Jumping down silently, they continued to move along; turning down the corridor the guard had come from and immediately found the door they were looking for. Pulling out a pair of pins, the Protégé easily and silently picked the lock in the darkness before slipping into the room, leaving the door to click quietly back as it closed.

The vault stood before them. It wasn't too elaborate, in fact, as the Protégé examined it and compared it the notes in their head, the vault was more like an oversized safe. Pressing their ear to the cool metal, the Protégé slowly twisted the dial. A faint snap sounded from within.

The Protégé smiled as they pulled the door open and a small light flicked on within. There it was, twinkling in the soft purple light directly before them. The Amazon necklace, designed in 1848 by Harold d'Guille, 580 tiny crystal clear diamonds surrounding the most intricate designs of precious stones of all different colours, in particular, the Amazon Diamond, found in the headwaters of the Amazon river, and one of the most expensive diamond's on the market for it's alluring mix of green and pink. The necklace itself was invaluable, and to steal it from its owner would mark the Protégé's announcement as a serious threat.

The Protégé stared at the necklace before reaching out and lifting it from the stand it was resting on and carefully placing it in a large box. They then placed it in their backpack.

"Such a waste of beauty." The Protégé said to themselves turning to leave.

Knowing to not bother with the vault door, the Protégé was down the hall when a feeling of dread came over them.

"You there!" The voice of the guard shouted.

Cursing, the Protégé ducked into another passageway as the sound of pounding footprints approached and the Guard's voice shouted into his radio, demanding back-up. Looking ahead, all the Protégé saw was the strong glass windows of the 48th floor. Reaching into their backpack, the Protégé pulled out two small grapple guns.

They fired the first towards the glass. A small arrow at the tip of a long wire flew towards the window as the Protégé continued to run towards it, watching as the arrow pierced the glass. Building speed, the Protégé launched themselves towards the now broken window, and after feeling the initial pain of the glass against them, the feeling of weightlessness overtook them as they began to fall towards the ground below.

Looking to the sky, the Protégé fired the second grapple gun towards the tip of the building, and after what felt like an eternity, felt the wire go taut. Falling towards the building, the Protégé, once hitting the wall with a thud, pressed another button on the grapple gun and began to rocket skywards.

At the rooftop, the Protégé pulled themselves over the small ledge and landed, with slightly wobbly legs against the hard surface.

Before them, the Figure turned to face its Protégé. "How many?" They asked.

"One guard, more are coming." The Protégé responded.

The Figure nodded. "Did you get it?" They stepped forward, picked up their supplies from the wall, and began to reel in the second grapple gun.

"Yes." The Protégé answered, a flood of pride filling them. Their first actual try and they had been successful.

"Well let's go." The Figure turned, and fired the reeled in grapple gun towards a distant building, before dropping it, running in the opposite direction and jumping off of the roof.

The Protégé followed and the two Figures disappeared into the darkness.


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