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"You gotta be kidding me..." Hunter swung his legs over the edge of his bed as he rubbed his eyes, soft knocking on the front door had woken his up, the noise was subtle and anyone else would have ignored it but with being a ninja and all...it was really apparent. His bare feet dragged across the carpet and he scrunched his nose when he stepped on the tiles at the door, "Who is it?" He asked, pressing his head against the door, it better be the pizza guy with free pizza or some guy with a million dollar check, it was like two in the morning.

His eyes narrowed when he got no response and he slowly opened the door. The crimson thunder was not expecting a red eyed, shaking Dustin, "What happened?"

"I-I-" His voice cracked and he looked down to the 'welcome' floor mat that was left by the previous owners as another tear streaked down the marked path that was made by previous tears.

"Dustin...come here" He took a step into the house and Hunter wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him close. The younger ninja clung to the back of the over sized crimson shirt and buried his face in his shoulder.

"What's goin' on bro..." Blake emerged from the hallway, scratching the hem of his starry navy boxers before yawning and blinking a few times. When he realized that it was Dustin he was about to greet him but he decided against it, he moved past the two to shut the front door and went back to his room.

"Dustin...it's okay...what happened?" His words were even besides the fact that he wanted to tear someone a new one, he'd never seen him so distraught.

"I...I-I...I told...m-my dad..." Dustin's unsteady voice was muffled against his tear wet neck but he caught all of them like they were talking over the latest bike parts.

"No, Dustin," He pulled back enough to look at him the his eyes, a hand on either side of his head, "Why? We agreed to tell him...together"

"I know...I-I just..." He looked down to the necklace around the crimson ninja's neck and sniffed. Hunter kissed his forehead and pulled his back to his room.

"We'll talk to him tomorrow" Hunter knew Dustin stood a better chance with him at his side because he was like a crutch or a brick wall... support and protection.

"He kicked me out dude...I-I can't go back" The earth ninja sat on his bed and balled his fists on his knees, "I'm so stupid dude...I just..."

"...thought he'd accept you..." He finished as he sat next to him and ran a hand back and forth over his back.


"Look...he's your dad...he'll understand" Hunter scooted back onto the bed and lied back. After a few seconds of wiping the tears from his cheeks, the wind ninja did the same.

"You sure?" Dustin asked as he adjusted his head over the blonde's arm.

Hunter had no idea, he'd only met Dustin's dad once and that was at Storm Chargers, he knew nothing about him, then again, Jake knew nothing about him either. He did know that it's easier to talk to someone after they've had a day to cool off. He smiled and kissed the earth child's swollen lips, "Positive"