Act 5 Scene 3

Enter Galfore, Antonio, Raven, Garfield, Chesire, Argent, the Friar and Starfire

Galfore: Now remember brother, you are my daughter's father.


Garfield: Friar, may I request your help?

Friar: What is it Signor?

Garfield: Well, Signor Galfore, your niece regards me with an eye of favour.

Galfore (smiles) Indeed she does.

Garfield: And I with an eye of love requite her.

Galfore (teases) Then what is your will, Signor Garfield?

Garfield: I have a clear answer for that. May I stand today to be conjoined in the state of honorable marriage.

Friar (chuckles) I see, I will help you.

Enter Don VicStone and Robin

Galfore: Are you ready to be married to my niece?

Robin (sincerely) Yes, I would marry even if she were a servant. Now where is the lady that I must seize upon?

Starfire approaches, veiled.

Robin (to Starfire) Give me your hand before the Holy Friar, as I am your husband.

(Starfire unmasks, Robin is struck in a state of surprise and ecstatic joy) Another Starfire!

Starfire (lovingly) When I lived I was your other wife; and when you loved you were my other husband. One Starfire died defiled, but I do live, and surely as I live, I am a maid.

Don VicStone (blurts out) It's the former Starfire that was dead!

Garfield: Friar, which is Raven?

Raven (unmasks) I answer to that name. What do you desire?

Garfield (earnestly) Do you love me?

Raven (teasingly) Why no, no more than reason.

Garfield: Well then, the Prince and Robin were mistaken. They swore you did.

Raven (asks back): Then do you love me?

Garfield (banters back) Oh no, no more than reason.

Raven (laughs) Oh no, my cousin, Chesire and Argent were all fooled, they swore you did.

Garfield: They said you loved me sick!

Raven: My cousin swore you were going to die!

Garfield: Nonsense! Then do you not love me?

Galfore (cannot resist) Oh come on niece, admit that you do love the gentleman!

Robin and Starfire suddenly sprang at Garfield and Raven respectively, pulling out a piece of paper from each

Don VicStone: Ah what's this? Garfield's sonnet to Raven, and Raven's love letter to Garfield!

Raven and Garfield snatch the papers, their hearts glowing with pleasure as they read.

Garfield: Oh it's a miracle! Our hands have written against our own hearts! Come, let us be married. But remember, I'm only doing so out of pity.

Raven (teases back) I won't deny you. But really, I'm only being married to you partly to save your life.

Don VicStone: (grins): What now? "Garfield the Married man?"

Garfield: I tell you what Prince: even a whole school of jesters can't mock me out of my good humour. I don't care less for what I've said against marriage in the past, for man is a giddy thing, and that is my conclusion.

Come Robin, let's be friends again, and dance with our new wives. (Sees Don VicStone standing alone) Prince, you look sad. Get yourself a wife, get yourself a wife!

Enter Messenger

Messenger: My lord, your brother Deathstroke the Bastard has been captured back to Messina.

Garfield: Let's not think about until tomorrow. I'll help think of some good punishments for him. But for now, strike up the flutes!

All dance

End Notes

In case any of you are wondering, these are the characters and the corresponding Titans/ villains


Benedick—Garfield (Beast Boy)



Antonio is just himself

Don Pedro—Victor Stone (Cyborg)

Don John—Deathstroke (Slade)




Dogberry—Control Freak

Verges—(Billy) Numerous

By the way, I am in NO way trying to make Robin, Cyborg, Chesire and Speedy look stupid, (I especially love Robin and Cyborg!) it's just that their personalities or entire outlooks feel most like those characters out all Titans.