Just had this story stuck in my head. Probably a one-shot. Don'tcha just love the twins?HP is exclusively JKR's, not mine. sigh...

F. G. Moony

-End of first 5th year's DADA class-(Harry's third year)

Professor Lupin noticed a old piece of parchment sticking out of Fred Weasley's pocket. A very familiar piece of parchment. One he had not known if he'd ever see again. Lupin decided to give the Weasley twins the shock of their lives.

"Don't forget, I want six inches on your previous teacher's teaching styles. You've had a few. I'd like to know what's been covered. Mr. Weasley, Mr. Weasley could you come here a moment?" he said, motioning for both boys to come up to his desk. They both came up, looking slightly confused.

"May I see that piece of parchment?" he directed at Fred.

George answered, "What piece of parchment?"

Giving him a look, Lupin replied "the one in your brother's pocket."

Fred pulled it out, handed it to him, and, preemptively, said "It's blank."

Lupin smiled."An invisibility cloak merely makes you impossible to see. The writing is invisible, nothing more. 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.'"

The twins looked in horror at Lupin's face, knowing that the paper he was holding held the exact type of information that could get them expelled. What they were expecting to happen, however, did not. There was not yelling. There was no anger. What there was, was laughter.

"So it was found." Lupin said, after he finally stopped laughing. The twins shot each other a confused glance at this cryptic comment. "Maybe I should introduce myself." the man said, seeing their puzzled expressions. This confused them all the more. He'd said he was Professor Lupin at the beginning of class. "May I introduce Mister Moony, the majority of the brains in making the Marauder's Map."

Awestruck, Fred and George collapsed to their knees, bowed their heads, and said, in unison, "Teach us, Great Master".

You could hear Lupin laughing from two floors below.

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