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I got stuck in traffic on my way to the Cullen's, and my happy mood soon evaporated. Why had I been such a fool? I could get fired! In this town I would be lucky to get another job.

I sighed as I reached the Cullen's drive, I wasn't in the mood for Emmet's teasing.

The front door opened as I put my car in park. Esme stepped out looking like snow white against the amazing dream house that they owned.

"Hello Bella!" Esme cooed as I opened my door.

"Hi Esme, Is Edward in?" I began to walk towards her...

A big rip was heard and I was tugged backwards.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed finally losing my cool. I turned around to see my t-shirt had been trapped in the door but was now hanging loosely out. It had ripped right down the middle of the front. Am I glad it was Esme who got the door.

"Oh Dear!" Esme was at my side in a second gripping me in a tight yet comforting motherly hug.

Tears escaped my eyes, and I quickly wiped them away.

"I'll get you one of my t-shirts." Esme was gone in a flash, only to arrive a second later with a bright pink v-neck shirt.

"Thank you..." I sniffed and put it on throwing the remains of my work top to the floor.

I might not need it anymore anyway; it all depends on how easily Mrs. Newton can clean up the mess I made. More tears came out of my eyes as I pictured telling Charlie I had been fired.

"Bella? What's wrong? I'll go get Edward." She rubbed soothing circles on my back.

"No it's ok, I'll come in now, if that's ok?" Esme's eyes widened.

"Why would it not be ok?" She pulled me inside. "They're all in the Kitchen."

I nodded and walked across the hallway towards the Kitchen. Why would everybody be in one room, normally they were all doing different things?

"I still can't believe your here!" I heard Edward laugh.

I froze as I stepped around the corner. Fang sat on the counter top surrounded by the Cullen's grinning at him. It was just like my nightmare.

"Oh Bella! There's someone I want you to meet!" Edward kissed me on the lips then gestured towards Fang.

"This is ..."

I interrupted him, "Jace Johnson." I whispered.

"Have you met before?" Edward sounded mildly curious.


"No, we've never met. But it's an honour to finally meet you!" Jace dropped of the counter with ease. He held out his hand.

"I-errr." I was lost my brain shut down, what was up with me?

"Bella?" Carlisle asked from my left.

"I need the-err toilet. Sorry..." I mumbled and left Fang's hang hanging in the air, then quickly made my way to Edward's en-suite upstairs.

I locked the door behind me and ran the taps. I breathed out a sigh of relief as my brain regained consciousness. How did I know his name in my nightmare? Why am I so afraid yet, as he called it; intrigued by him? I tried to solve my puzzle as I washed up face.

Maybe I'm still dreaming? I laughed as I came to realize I probably was. There was no risk of me losing my job, Mike wasn't stuck in a cast and Fang wasn't downstairs.

"Bella? Are you ok? Do you need anything?" Edward sounded worried.

"I'll be out in a second!" I called and dried off my face. I walked out with a smile on my face. I might a swell enjoy the dream while it lasted. If that was possible.

I walked out into Edwards's room, and spotted Fang sitting on the end of Edwards's bed.

"Jace." I nodded without looking in his direction, and carried on downstairs. I thought I heard him laugh.

"Oh Bella! I was worried there for a second." Esme smiled as I sat on the couch next to Edward.

"You don't have to be worried, everything's A- Ok!" I grinned and snuggled into Edward's side.

Jasper was looking at me curiously, and I gave him thumbs up. Why hold back in a dream?

"Bella?" Alice whispered.


"Are you sure you're ok?" She whispered.

"Urrrrmm. YEHH! Why does everyone keep asking me that? You can't actually get hurt!" I rolled my eyes, and began watching Emmet play Halo 3.

I heard mumbles coming from Edward and I knew he was talking to everyone without letting me hear. Emmet paused the game and said,

"Wanna game Bella?" I grinned and grabbed a remote.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After beating Emmet in a shootout 3 times in a row, I laughed.

"Sorry Emmet I doubt there's any chance you can beat me!"

He huffed and left the room. "Next time" he mumbled on his way past.

"Does anyone know where Jace is?" Edward asked, remembering that his friend had been missing. At least in this dream Jace hadn't hypnotised everyone into forgetting about me.

"Do not worry all, I am here." He strode in immediately catching everyone by surprise. His boots making a large smacking sound that echoed around the room.

"We weren't" I whispered to myself.

"If you don't want me here just say." He put his hands on his hips, and had a teasing glint in his bright green eyes.

"Ha!" I choked. "Maybe I don't want you here!" I pushed Edward's arm of my shoulders and stood up. If I got rid of him in my dream, he might not be there when I wake up.

"Wait... we don't want you to go! Bella can I talk to you for a second." Edward stood up behind me and ushered me out of the room.

"What is that all about!" Edward whispered louder so I could hear him.

"I don't like him, something's wrong." I motioned in his direction with my hands.

"You don't even know him Bella. You're not being fair." Edward shook his head.

"I do know him though!" Edward looked at me like I was losing the plot... maybe I am.

"I saw him in my nightmare – just the other night!" Edward rolled his eyes.

"Please Bella, don't be absurd. We've already invited him to stay. Now can you let your silly hunch drop?" He kissed my forehead. "Come on, you need to eat anyway." We walked back into the living room hand in hand to find, Jace and Alice deep into conversation.

"Wow Jace that's amazing!" Edward dropped my hand to sit on his other side.

"What is?" I asked sitting in one of the loungers on my own.

"Jace doesn't feed on Blood." Alice squeaked. "Now he's got those pretty green eyes! I wonder whether it would work for us."

"So what does he feed on then?" I expected her to say something obvious like water, or...

"Plants!" Alice answered.

Huh - maybe that's why he was on his way to Newton's, for fertilizer.

"It took a while to get use to." Jace smiled then looked at me.

"The plants have to be fresh, non with fertilizer or half eaten." I froze, can he read my mind?

"Do you think that's one of your skills?" Edward asked.

"No I have 2 skills, one - I can never lie. So if you don't honestly want to know don't ask me. Secondly ..." he scratched his chin mockingly, "well, that's my secret, not very interesting. Nothing like what you have Edward, Alice told me."

Edward laughed. "Well I must get Bella back to Charlie before it gets too late."

"It was nice to see you!" Jace stood up and opened his arms.

"Hmmm." I walked around him and out of the house.

I had realized this dream was going on for way too long about half an hour ago. This was no dream.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I looked at the caller i.d.

Mrs. Newton...


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