Chapter 18- Home

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Jen sighed. "It'll be boring around here without him. He's so funny. He better come back and visit me sometime."

Shouri looked at Jen. "It was so much work though. Keeping up with their fight."

"Well I think it was worth it."

"Your probably right mom. It was."

Conrart is the first to greet us. Of course. He always liked Yuuri the most. I suppose that's because he met him first.

"Wolfram! Yuuri! I'm glad your back!"

"Hey Conrad, how long were we gone for?"

"A month or so. Wolfram you scared mother. She thought you'd ran away. No one knew where you went until His Holiness came to tell us all what had happened last night. She heard you were sad about something though he didn't tell us what, and now she's worried about you. You might want to go see her. Oh, and Yuuri Gwendal's been in his office doing all your work for the past month and I'm fairly sure he's going to skin you alive."

Yuuri groaned. "Oh joy. Is there anywhere but Gwendal's office I can go? Just put off doing all the work he probably saved me for later?"

"Mother's in the main hall. You could go see her. I have to leave soon. I'm on active guard tonight. Or you maybe go see Gunter?"

"Hmm, I think take Sheri-sama, thank you." Wolfram unconsciously grabbed Yuuri's hand and walked him to the main hall. Conrart didn't miss that. Walking... Not draggin against his will while he tried to get his and free. Walking side by side holding hands. He really wanted to know what happened now, but it would have to wait.



"What are you thinking about? You're not saying anything a all."

"Oh nothing in particular. Thinking about explaining this to Sheri-sama without her not liking me anymore. But I really don't want to downplay if it's going to make you mad at me. I was trying to think of a way to do it and of a way to ask permission to do it at the same time."

"Really? That sure does sound like nothing in particular."

"Well I'm trying not to push my luck so consider that as my way of asking."

"I've spent years trying to get mother to stop treating me like a baby and it's still a work in progress. I'll sugar coat it and you just follow along. Remember what I say so you can repeat it later. I didn't cry. You didn't cheat. We're going to downplay the last day and a half and be honest about the rest. Oh and I'm also sorry. You do have grounds to be angry just a little bit. You've probably forgotten but I don't want you to bring it back on me later."

"What do you mean?" Wolfram took a deep breath. Time to turn himself in. In a manner of speaking anyways.

"Yuuri, I lied to you for a week straight. I spied on you. I was trying to meet Jen and it just blew out of proportion. I thought about not telling you, but I figured it was only fair." Okay I guess now it's my turn.

Wolfram thought he deserved getting yelled at for that because that's what he would do to Yuuri if their positions were reversed so when Yuuri let go of his hand he wasn't hoping for the better anymore. I guess this time he's going to punch me this time... he wouldn't really try to slap me again. Wolfram closed his eyes and waited. The shock set for a different reason soon after.

"Wolfram, you thought I was still mad at you for that?" Yuuri was... hugging him?! In public! In the courtyard! For lying all week!

"Umm... Yes, I did. I lied. Continuously. I figured you would be. But... you're... not?" Now Wolfram was standing in public with Yuuri's arms wrapped around him while his arms hung limply at his side.

"Nope. I thought back to the day you weren't home that first day and I realized it was yet another day where I kicked you out of our room. I hurt your feelings again, didn't I? This really was all my fault. I knew either you'd think about trying to get away with something I didn't blame you for and I'd let it slip by or you'd try and do this and I'd apologize again. I'm sorry Wolfram." Wolfram couldn't really move much. He just stood there, frozen. Like he'd been hit by lightning. Yuuri began to worry about him and tried to pull away to see his face.

"Wolfram, are you sad again?" Wolfram woke up violently. He wrapped his arms around Yuuri fiercely.

"No! I'm extremely happy. Don't let go. You never hugged me this entire time and you don't even blame me for lying. I'm beyond happy." When Wolfram finally pulled away he was smiling like a lunatic. He giggled a bit. He looked like he could barely contain it all. Just from a hug. Yuuri pondered it. It was rather interesting. Wolfram reigned himself in while Yuuri thought and took a few deep breaths, "Well then. Lets go talk to mother." He began to pull Yuuri by his hand again toward the castle when he noticed his little episode of happiness drew quite a crowd. He heard Yuuri mumble his name behind him. Then he heard him say something else entirely. He spun around. Fast.

"What did you say?" He... wouldn't. No, defidently not. Then why is he blushing to the tips of his hair. I won't think that until I can actually hear it. It's too much to hope for. He would never say that. Yuuri took a step closer so the crowd of people pretending not to watch couldn't hear him.

"I said...I, um... love you, Wolfram." He saw Wolfram begin to smile and he figured since he'd already said it... "I love you, Wolfram." Maids halfway across the world started squealing so naturally half of the crowd around them did as well. Or died in shock from such a seemingly drastic change. After all, the king left for a month and on the day he comes back he confesses his love for the ex-prince whose been gone longer.

But Wolfram. His reaction was certainly the strongest. For all the 'my fiancé' stuff he pulled he could sure turn a dark shade of red. Maybe it was the contrast with his light blonde hair. And this time he didn't reign it in well. He started smiling like a lunatic when he finished blushing and even cried a little bit. It was his turn to hug a shell shocked Yuuri. As much as Yuuri though this could get some kind of reaction out of Wolfram he never expected it to be so... enthusiastic. He was certainly pleased with himself until the moment ended.

And it did. All too soon. Though they didn't notice, there was someone unexpected in the crowd of now cheering onlookers. Of all the days Gwendal could have chosen to take a break from paperwork... He cleared his throat loudly and Yuuri looked over in terror. His arms dropped and, could you guess, even a euphoric Wolfram could feel the distress. He detatched from Yuuri and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers for support.

Gwendal walked out into plain sight and anybody with self preservation who wasn't related or royalty scattered. After all he couldn't very well kill the king and his beloved little brother, could he?

"So I am to assume that your vacation went well, your Highness."

"Um... Yes. Thank you for inquiring, Lord Von Voltaire." Okay so sue him. He slipped into King Shibuya mode rather than pee his pants as plain old Yuuri. "Do you know where I might find..."

"Mother is in the throne room now, Gunter is in the back garden, Conrad left, Greta is on a play-date and God help me, Annisina is looking for me now." Maybe it wasn't such a senseless walk.

Yuuri relaxed and stopped trying to break Wolfram's hand. Gwendal's stress wasn't because of him. If he didn't say anything, Gwendal most likely accepted what he had just witnessed. "Well good luck with that, we need to go find Sheri-sama so-" Annisina ran into focus.


"Excuse me, it appears I have to leave NOW!" And off ran Gwendal. Annisina came by.

"Have you seen him? Oh, and congratulations. The maids told me and so did His Holiness." Wolfram got this one.

"That way and thank you. I'm very happy about it." Annisina ran away so Yuuri started to walk back to the castle. "Hey Yuuri, I was thinking, do we have to tell mother the details right now when obviously everyone in the castle has already heard. Couldn't we just enjoy the day. It seems like we'll run into everyone eventually. Or they'll hunt us down. Either way, right."

"That sounds good. Want to go to garden Gunter's not in right now? No one goes to that one this time of year."

"Good idea. Maybe we can hide out till dinner... If we try hard enough."

"Sounds like a date." Yuuri walked over to the two maids that came back after Gwendal left since they were still were trying to look like they weren't eavesdropping. "You can tell everyone you see what just happened as long as you don't tell then where we've gone off to. Deal?"

They looked so excited. "Really? Of course. We promise not to say anything Your Highness. We will deny hearing anything about a date." Yuuri laughed awkwardly. They heard the word date...

"Thanks. Come on Wolfram."

"Sure." He flicked a look at the starstruck maids. "Thanks." They squealed again.

Yuuri whispered to Wolfram. "That's pretty funny."

"Yep. It is." Wolfram's smile was still glistening and Yuuri was nearly positive he could've said grass was funny and Wolfram would have agreed.

"What did my mom call you... oh! Love you, Wolfie-chan!

"Not to sound ungrateful but could you not call me Wolfie-chan?"

"Nope, I like it. Sounds pretty. Like you. Pretty."

"Fine then. Love you too, Yuu-chan." Yuuri let out a huff.

"Your mean."

"So are you. Really though. Love you, Yuuri."

"Yeah, you too." Wolfram's light was defidently infectious. Like sunshine. Light to describe Wolfram was defidently one of Yuuri's best ideas.

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