Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Summary: The Atrox had a new Evil Plan to Destroy the Daughters and Rule the World, and Adamantis was not happy with it. The behind the scenes scoop on what was really going on during The Becoming until The Final Eclipse.

Notes: For BatsuSimisu-Chan and Nymbis.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Part 1 of 3

There were many things Adamantis, the most evil Cinctus to ever live, often found slightly… erm… eccentric about the Atrox.

For instance, he never quite understood why, when he wanted to marry (which was also slightly odd), he actually paid a dowry for the unfaithful little wretch.

Nor did he ever understand why the whiny brat was chosen to be Prince of Night, when everyone knew Adamantis was far more suited to the job. At least he didn't go sleeping with Daughters of the Moon until they were assuredly evil.

Then again, Adamantis never could grasp why the Atrox, a supremely evil and egotistical entity, ever thought he would need an heir in the first place. Certainly, the Atrox never thought he could actually be destroyed by a few teenage girls who were far more suited for shopping sprees than fighting the forces of evil.

But the most… erm… eccentric… okay, Adamantis took that back. Weird, flat-out, fucking WEIRD.

The most "flat-out, fucking WEIRD" thing the Atrox would ever do, he announced in the board room that very day.

"I've got it!" The Atrox slammed his fist onto the table. The whiny brat didn't even look up from the valentine he was currently pasting together using construction paper and macaroni. Most of the Cincti continued with their naps, not even bothering to conceal their lolling heads and drool.

Adamantis however, looked up to their leader as though absolutely enraptured by his supreme evilness and overjoyed by the prospect of yet another Evil Plan to Destroy the Daughters and Rule the World. Adamantis always made sure he looked completely devoted and interested in the Atrox and his Evil Plans to Destroy… oh you know what he means. This was so that the Atrox would never suspect that instead of taking notes at the board meetings, he was actually outlining various plots to take the Atrox's crown for himself. This was a crucial aspect that Lambert always forgot, and Adamantis was convinced it was that and not the whiny brat and his equally whiny and bratty girlfriend which caused Malmaris's downfall.

"Drum roll please!" The whiny brat half-heartedly and with terrible rhythm tapped the desk with one hand, while lovingly stroking the picture of himself and the Daughter that adorned the middle of the homemade valentine with the other.

"Take Your Daughter to Work Day!"

Adamantis's face froze in a sort of placating smile. Suddenly, everyone in the room, including Pius who hadn't been alert in centuries, was staring wide-eyed at the Atrox. Except for the whiny brat, who was watching them all quite smugly. Apparently he had yet to knock up the Daughter he had been "seducing" for the past year.

"Um, your Evil-ship… well… what the fuck?" a more out-spoken member of the Inner Circle asked, quite incredulously.

"Well… you know… like a Father Appreciation Day. I mean, we all sit here and slave, and when we go home, do we get any recognition? No. So, I thought, to boost everyone's morale, we'd have a Take Your Daughter to Work Day!" He clapped his hands excitedly. When everyone else failed to become as interested as him, he turned to Stanton. "Don't you think this is a fantastic idea?"

"The most fantastic one I've heard since your last fantastic idea, Oh Horrid One," he said with a dazzling smile, as one hand discretely covered up the valentine and the other brushed some macaroni onto the floor.

"Nero!" The Atrox picked out the former emperor from among the others. "Your last wife had a daughter, didn't she?" He asked, obviously trying to show everyone how great of an idea it was.

"You mean the little bitch that my whore of a wife sent to stab me in the back?" He shrugged, "I zapped her with lightning bolts of doom before faking my death so I could leave Earth and come serve Your Cruelness full time."

"Oh… well… Rasputin! Didn't that serva you got pregnant have a girl?"

"You threw her out of Nefandus when she was a one year old because her mother didn't serve your tea at precisely the right temperature. I believe she died of hypothermia and starvation shortly thereafter."

The Atrox, twice foiled, turned to the unworthy Prince of Night again and lowered his voice conspiratorially, "Do I have a daughter?"

The whiny brat looked, confused, up at the Atrox. "Aren't you still a virgin?" he asked not even bothering to lower his voice.

The Atrox hurriedly looked around the room for another who sired a daughter.

"Adamantis!" The most evil Cinctus to ever live had been trying, unsuccessfully, to shrug down in his seat, but that was futile now. "I know you have a daughter! How is Melinda?"

"Atertra," he said evenly. "Her name is Atertra." The Atrox looked at him as though he couldn't tell the difference between the names. Adamantis blew a deep breath out noisily. "Atertra hasn't been seen in 10 years, My Master."

"Well, why the fuck not?" the supremely evil being seemed to finally be fed up with all this shenanigans of daughters not begin available for this new and Evil Plan to Destroy the Daughters and Rule the World.

"Because her mother was a bit… perturbed that you doomed her to a life of aging for all eternity and made off with her 10 years ago."

"Is she still alive?"

"That remains uncertain. Though she's certainly young enough."

"Good. You will find her and you will bring her to work with you!"

Adamantis closed his eyes and took steady, deep breaths. "Yes, Oh Evil One."

The Atrox beamed, satisfied that he would succeed (finally). "Meeting adjourned!"