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Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-uh. Cicero. Lipschitz.

He had it comin', he had it comin', he only had himself to blame…if you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it, I bet that You would have done the same…

I guess I've always been known as a pretty artsy guy.



I dig 'em.


Yeah, I dig that too.

So I took art in school. Okay, not the tuffest of things. But that's fine. I got over the publics' general opinion of me a while ago.

The teacher, Mr. Lipschitz, liked me.

I guess.

And I liked him, too.

I guess.

I guess he liked how I was a little…


We got somewhat close, I guess. He helped with my technique.

He appreciated my art. Views. Me.

I appreciate the company. Class. Criticism.

To an extent.

I s'pose he didn't appreciate about the way the gang harassed the Soc crowd in his class.

How they would skip out to fight.

How his precious gallery was affected.

How I was the only one to complete his masterpiece sculpture.

How I was a Greaser.

I guess that's why it was so easy for the chisel to slip from my hand.

I guess we "broke up" because of artistic differences.

He saw himself as alive…and I saw him dead.

They had it comin', they had it comin', they had it comin' all along

'Cause if they used us, and they abused us,

How could you tell us they we were wrong?

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