Chapter One: Late Night Talks

Vanessa had just come home after gliding on the wind with her invisibility. She saw the pillow Stanton had gotten her that was red velvet and embroidered with 'Goddess' on it in gold letters. She smiled as she hugged the pillow closer to her chest. Vanessa laid back on her bed and let out a content sigh.

"You know you shouldn't keep your windows open in a city like this Goddess," a deep dangerous voice said startling Vanessa.

"Stanton!" Vanessa exclaimed seeing the sexy Follower in her bedroom.

"Do you like your gift?" Stanton asked looking at the pillow then at Vanessa.

"Yes, I like it very much. Thank you," Vanessa said smiling at him.

"I'm glad you like it, Goddess," Stanton said taken aback at the thrill of hearing the joy Vanessa had over the pillow.

"Why do you keep calling me Goddess? I have a name and Iknow that you know it," Vanessa said looking at Stanton confused.

"Well you are a goddess are you not?" Stanton asked Vanessa.

"Yes I am," Vanessa said looking down at her moon amulet that was resting above her heart.

"So then why do you object to me calling you Goddess if that is what you are?" Stanton asked now enjoying teasing Vanessa.

"Because I have a name, just because I am a Daughter of the Moon doesn't mean that I have lost it," Vanessa said now giving Stanton a small smile.

"So Goddess Vanessa how are you this fine night?" Stanton asked truly interested.

"I'm fine. After the fight, I think is when I really truly embraced what I am," Vanessa said now proud to have the answers as to why she was different than other teenage girls her age.

"It's good to know you embrace your destiny Vanessa" Stanton said with a small laugh.

"Is it now?" Vanessa asked.

"Always," Stanton smiled.

"You better get some rest," Stanton said looking at the time on Vanessa's computer screen.

"Wow I guess I really did lose track of time," Vanessa said with a small laugh.

"Sleep now Goddess for you will need all the rest you can get," Stanton said not sure where the feeling to protect Vanessa came from.

"Why do you say that?" Vanessa asked really confused.

"Now that you have embraced what and who you are, the real fights will be coming," Stanton said wanting to take Vanessa in his arms.

"Oh, but will you always be there to help me?" Vanessa asked looking hopeful at him.

"Vanessa what you ask for is impossible," Stanton said shaking his while he tried to hide his small smile.

"Why? Why is it so impossible?" Vanessa asked not understanding what he was talking about.

"Listen to me now, we are enemies. You are a Daughter of the Moon and I am a Follower of the Atrox," Stanton said with great disdain.

"Then why did you help me tonight?" Vanessa asked.

"Vanessa that is not for you to worry about. Now go to bed and get some sleep. I will come to you again," Stanton said before he let his body be embraced by the shadows and disappeared.