Title: Renascentia (1/?)

Rating: For Mature themes. There be slash ahead between male characters.

Universe: Post Movie 07

Pairings: Jazz x Prowl

Warnings: Potential violence, gore, slash and profanities. And now potential spoilers for Revenge of the Fallen.

This has been sitting on my laptop for a while so I decided to post it whether for good or for bad who knows. This fiction takes place a few years after the movie where new Autobots have landed and yes Jazz is back. I couldn't leave him dead now could I?

It had been four years since the battle in Mission City and the destruction of the Allspark. And since then the surviving Autobots on Earth had located an ideal place in order to construct a base of operations, it had originally been an old military aircraft hangar up in the hills, which was now complete with additional subterranean levels and exit routes. The base itself was several miles outside the town of Tranquillity and was reachable by an old turn off point on the highway, of course the old road had been restored into working order since time and the elements had worn away the tarmac. The main gate to the complex had been completely restored and was once again patrolled and monitored by human military personnel, although on the occasion one of the Autobots would join them in order to keep civilians away from the now classified top secret base. They had also been joined by a group of five Autobots, just a little of three years ago, who had responded to Optimus Prime's message that had been sent several months prior; the team consisted of Prime's Second in command and tactician Prowl, Special Operations agent and spy Mirage, the two front-line warrior twins Sunstreaker and Sideswipe (much to Ratchet and Ironhide's disgruntlement), and Chief Engineer Wheeljack.

The growing group of highly intelligent and alien robots had settled in quite quickly into Earth's culture, but if there was one thing that grated on the nerves of the youngest members in particular; it would have to be the planet's unpredictable weather patterns. Although it was nothing new to them since they had visited thousands of worlds each with their own unique weather systems (although the visits had always been short), however with Earth now being their new permanent base of operations, it was one of those things they would have to learn to adapt too. The original five had already contented with the blistering heat of summer that had been hot enough to peel the paint off their armour and the cold temperatures of winter that threatened to freeze their joints and fluid lines. Of course now they were contending with the miserable downpours of spring a fourth year running that made patrol dismal and put leisurely activities such as going for a drive on hold.

It had been raining on and off for the past couple of weeks sometimes heavily, however the dark and miserable weather was paid no attention by one Autobot in particular; Prowl was sat in his office currently going over the day's reports. He slouched back in his chair and placed the data pad with Wheeljack's findings upon it down on the metal surface of the desk, there was only so much scientific jargon he could take in just one sitting. He stretched his arms above his head working out the kinks in his back and door wings before he reached for a different report this time. He skimmed through the first few lines and found it was covering the incident with the twins Sunstreaker and Sideswipe a couple of days ago. The devious duo had some how managed to sneak into the resident weapons specialist's quarters and deactivate the recoils on his cannons, so when the large black mech stepped into the firing range that day, he was spectacularly knocked back flat on his back from the concussive force of the blast from his twin cannons. The weapons specialist had caught the pair of miscreants not an hour later and delivered a painful bout of revenge before handing them over to Ratchet. The medic had nearly out right refused to repair the pair of them telling them that they deserved it pulling a stunt like that. But he fixed them none the less then happily sent them in Prowl's direction for punishment. The tactician had sentenced the pair to double shifts of communications duty since he knew the pair distinctly hated being bored, particularly for long periods of time listening to non-stop babble filtering through the communications hub.

He was drawn away from the data pad sat in his hands when he heard someone punch in the code to his office, he knew exactly who was about to enter his office when the other end of the bond he shared with Jazz opened up alerting him of his impending presence. He returned his attention to the pad when he heard the familiar light tread of his mate as he stepped through the doors. He didn't spare the Solstice a glance, but instead continued to read the report upon the incident involving the twins, but he could tell immediately that the saboteur was up to something that was about to disrupt his concentration.

"Yes Jazz?" He inquired still not looking up at the silver Solstice. He knew from past experiences that he would be leant against the wall next to the door frame, his arms folded across his chest wearing his trademark smirk that he always wore when in the usual mischievous mood that often led to other things beside work.

"You gonna sit there all night Prowler with those damn things?" The saboteur asked, the Dodge Charger inwardly cringed at the nickname the silver mech found fitting to call him, which unfortunately seemed to have stuck with and follow him to Earth despite his constant corrections that his designation was 'Prowl' not 'Prowler'.

"Well until I've managed to catch up with today's reports." He responded still not sparing a glance toward his mate who was on the move now, sauntering footsteps brought him up level with the desk that the white and black mech was currently sat behind. Suddenly and without warning Jazz snagged the data pad Prowl had been reading straight out of his hands and turned it to face him so he could see what was on it, the tactician sighed before glancing up at his mate only to have to look twice when he noticed that the saboteur's normally pristine silver armour was peppered with different colours "I would ask but I'm not sure if I'm going to like the answer." Jazz looked at him from behind the pad he had stolen to glance at his lover before following his gaze to the different colours splattered across his frame.

A smirk graced the silver mech's facial plates once again "Trainin'."

Prowl raised a single optic ridge at that as he attempted to reach for the report taken from him only for Jazz to step back a pace so he was clearly out of reach "Exactly what kind of training involves getting covered in paint?"

"Well its better than being shot at by blank ammo." Jazz responded as he continued to scan the contents of the report before a snort of amusement escaped him "ah remember that prank, no-one could take ole 'Hide seriously again not after watchin' him bein' put on his aft by the recoil of his beloved weapons."

Prowl got up from his chair and made his way round to his partner "Well I'm hoping that the twins have learned from that experience in that they leave our weapons specialist's cannons alone least they want to remain in one piece." He stepped up in front of Jazz, their frames nearly touching "now can I have that back?"

The saboteur met his gaze "Nope." The tactician cycled air through his vents before blowing it out in an imitation of a human sighing, he attempted to grab the pad from his mate only for Jazz to move it out of his reach. Prowl knew that all he had to do was stretch slightly and he could easily grasp the pad held high in the air above the silver mech.

"You're not going to give that back are you?" The white and black Dodge Charger inquired as he decided to make a reach for it only for the Solstice to shift it once again away from him.

"You've gotta be kiddin' me? I've got your attention now." Jazz replied with a smile, Prowl sighed again before moving closer and without any warning leant forward and captured his mate's lip components in a slow, sensual kiss. The saboteur was startled at first by the sudden move, but he responded readily as his partner deepened it to distract him further, the tactician easily reached around his mate's back and slipped his fingers into the back of his right hip seam and caressed the circuitry beneath which drew a fine tremor from his bonded. The data-pad the silver mech had been holding slipped from his fingertips and dropped onto the desk behind him with a loud clatter, but neither bot paid any attention to it. Prowl broke the kiss as gently as he had started it and smirked when he saw the somewhat dazed look upon his spark-mate's facial plates, he always loved it when Jazz was caught off by his spontaneous acts.

"Ya know that has gotta be one of th' most sneakiest thin's you've ever done ta me." The saboteur told him as he regained his senses, although it wasn't long before a moan escaped him when his lover slipped his fingers round to the small of his back and slid them in-between the silver plates.

"Hmm." The Dodge Charger simply hummed in response as he tried to ignore the small lazy circles his mate's clawed fingertips were drawing upon his upper back just above the joints for his door wings.

The saboteur allowed his forehead to gently fall against the golden crest that sat in the middle of his bonded's chevron as Prowl worked his fingers into armour seams to caress and massage delicate cables and tubing beneath his back plates, Jazz arched into his mate when the tactician traced a path up his spinal strut, only pausing once in a while to slide fingers under the silver armour. A breathy gasp escaped the saboteur's vocaliser as the black and white mech dipped his head and nipped at some of the exposed tubing in his mate's throat, he traced the same path with feather like kisses before he pulled away slightly, although Jazz could still feel the hot air from his intakes caress the delicate tubing of his neck "You are such a distraction much of the time."

"An' you wouldn't have me any other way." The Solstice inquired as he shifted his hands and smoothed them across shoulder plating, he worked his fingers into armour seams and teased the circuits beneath with a slight magnetic pulse, then trailed them over and down toward the more sensitive part of the tactician's anatomy. Prowl arched against him when clawed digits delved into the joints of his door wings and a moan escaped his vocaliser, he didn't even get the chance to recover when Jazz shifted his hands and moved them across the sensitive and delicate plating of his door wings, teasing them with a magnetic pulse that pulled on them slightly.

"I could think of a few things I would love to change about you, but then again your strange quirks are what make you, you." The tactician replied as he removed his hands from his lover's back and shifted them to hook under the saboteur's thighs, the black and white mech hoisted the silver bot up and onto the desk before he resumed his 'attack' on his lover's neck cables. Jazz canted his head backwards to give him further access, a low moan escaped him when the Dodge Charger found a particularly sensitive spot and indulged in it for a moment whilst he traced his fingertips up the Solstice's thighs, caressing armour seams as he did so. Jazz was never idle either as he too found sensitive armour seams and plating to caress, but his attention was quickly drawn back to his bonded's door wings since he knew they could reduce the tactician to a quivering submissive wreck. The saboteur heard a faint gasp escape Prowl's lip components that quickly turned into a moan when he changed the polarity of his magnetics and delved his clawed digits further into the tactician's door wing joints. Prowl decided, somewhere in his aroused fogged mind, that he needed to make his door wings harder to access least he want to overload before Jazz. He shifted forward and hooked one hand under the silver mech's right thigh and hoisted both himself and the saboteur up and effectively planting them on his desk lengthways with Jazz beneath him on his back, the saboteur pulled away from the kiss again when he realised he could no longer reach the tactician's back appendages.

"That ain't fair Prowler." He told his mate as he glanced up at him.

"I find it very fair." The tactician responded as he shifted the same thigh he had grasped earlier and settled it on his hip before running the tips of his fingers down armoured plating to hip seams where he followed pelvic seams up toward abdominal ones, this time it was the saboteur's turn to arch upwards as Prowl found the more sensitive ones and indulged in them for a little while getting his own back.

"Happy?" Jazz asked, his voice dropping a couple of octaves making it sound deeper.

"Very much so." Prowl responded with a smirk as he moved the hand he had been caressing armour seams with and smoothed it against Jazz's right cheek, he then allowed them to trail across to the sensitive audio receptors that were apart of the long silver fins on either side of his helm. He followed the trail of hieroglyphs on the right one, the ones that spoke of rank and position and the Solstice whimpered at the contact. The silver mech moved his right hand and trailed clawed fingers across the edges of the tactician's helm tracing out the hieroglyphs that also marked the white and black Dodge Charger's. Prowl moved this time capturing his bond-mates lip components in a kiss that alternated between single, long-lasting kisses to shorter, repeated ones. Then every once in a while they engaged one another in a lengthened kiss. They continued to trace armour seams with caresses that wrought moans or gasps from each other as they worked one another toward their own overload.

Prowl slipped his hand around to the small of Jazz's back and wriggled fingers in-between armoured plating to tease the delicate cables and wires saboteur arched up against him exposing neck cables that he more than happily nibbled on, whilst the silver Solstice found that he was able to finally touch the sensitive plating of Prowl's door wings as they fell into relaxed positions. The tactician groaned into his mate's neck and ceased his administrations as Jazz tortured him with those Primus forsaken magnetic capabilities of his again, and the only way he could retaliate was through finding the most sensitive armour seams he could think of on his mate to draw him away from his door wings. Suddenly there was a soft hiss and the silver mech's chest armour split open and parted exposing the soft blue light of his spark as he teetered on the edge before taking the plunge into overload, Prowl's own chest armour parted in response and instinct kicked in as the pair wrapped their arms about one another pulling each other close enough to allow their sparks to meet.

Jazz's claws dug almost painfully into the tactician's armour as emotions, thoughts and feelings passed between the pair, he faintly heard Prowl cry out although it was muffled slightly since his head was tucked into the side of his neck. The pair of them hit their climax at the same time, the energy from their overloads cascaded through their frames starting at their sparks and stretching down each of their limbs, the sensations doubling through their bond that had them overloading a second time. Finally their systems were able to catch up with them as the tendrils of static and excess energy bled from their frames and dissipated into the air around them, both of their cooling systems began calming and pneumatics ceased hissing at even the smallest of movements they made. Neither of them trusted themselves to move from their either of their positions, but move Prowl did if only to lift himself off his mate and sit on the edge of the desk.

"Well I'm content unless ya fancy goin' another round?" Jazz asked with a smirk as he pushed himself up onto his elbows and drew his legs up so they were bent at the knees, the pose seemed rather inviting to Prowl but he restrained himself.

"As much as that sounds appealing I'll pass for now." Prowl responded as he observed his mate "now may I return back to my work?" The Solstice smiled as he shifted his arms so he could lay down upon his back fully again with his clawed hands resting upon his abdominal components tapping out a random tune, the tactician raised a single optic ridge at him.

"I'm thinkin' about it." The Solstice told him as he kept his gaze focused upon the bare grey ceiling, he refused to move from his position for the time being as his systems were still taking their sweet time trying to orient themselves and rather than roll off the desk and perform a spectacular face plant Jazz remained where he was, although the saboteur could tell his mate was anxious to get back to his work least someone step through the door and find him still sprawled across Prowl's desk. A particular area of armour that was still coated in a splodge of paint was beginning to itch now and he reached round to scratch it, the action immediately caught the attention of the tactician and he none too gently pushed his bond-mate off the desk when he saw flakes of paint fall onto the usual pristine surface of the table. The Solstice flailed as he tried to grab a hold of something but silver claws couldn't find anything to grasp hold of and he landed with a loud thud of metal meeting concrete, Prowl leant forward over his desk and smirked at his partner who was giving him a glare in return "a little warning would have been appreciated."

"Well maybe you'll remember next time to visit the wash rack first before gracing me and my office with your paint soiled presence." Prowl told him with a smirk, Jazz pushed himself up onto his feet and continued to glare at his mate before it disappeared into a smirk.

"You owe me fer that now." The saboteur responded. The tactician barely had the chance to open his mouth plates in order to protest when the Solstice stepped round the desk grabbed one of his arms and pulled him out of his office and toward the wash racks with a promise sent across their bond that the Dodge Charger would find it incredibly hard to process anything for the rest of the afternoon. Prowl allowed his spark-mate to drag him through the inter-connecting corridors to their quarters, he knew better than to argue with Jazz once the saboteur had his processor set on something. That and he really didn't the Solstice would be able to reach that certain yellow smudge upon the right side of his aft. The tactician couldn't help the small smile that made its way onto his lip components as he felt a tingle across his circuits at the thought of another encounter like the one he just had with his bonded in his office, occurring again in their wash rack as he knew Jazz was never just satisfied with one round of interfacing. Speaking of which there was currently a silver clawed hand ghosting over the edge of a lower door-wing, Prowl shut off his vocaliser to prevent the small groan that threatened to escape him, after all they were still metres away from their quarters and there were rules and regulations regarding behavioural conduct in the hallway; not that Jazz ever played by the rules.

"Jazz continue what you're doing and I will take you in the hallway." Prowl growled at the saboteur as he turned and snatched the Solstice's clawed hand away from his back plates.

The silver mech smirked as he moved in closer "Well we've already made some questionable noises in your office, an' I didn't know ya were inta exhibitionism Prowler especially in front of th' humans." The tactician glanced down to see a couple of humans giving them strange looks before the pair of them quickened their pace and gave the two Cybertronians a wide berth, the Dodge Charger couldn't help but feel slightly mortified at the situation he had just inadvertently landed himself in. Prowl heard a snicker of amusement from his spark-mate and more than happily tossed a light glare at Jazz.

"This is your fault, you and your incessant need for tactile contact." The tactician growled at his bonded.

The saboteur snorted in amusement "Why don't cha just say 'in need of a good frag', besides if I didn't distract ya every now and again, you'd rust in that office of yours."

"Hardly." The Dodge Charger grumbled as he trudged after his spark-mate.

The Solstice flashed a smile over his shoulder as he regarded his somewhat grumpy bond-mate "It'll all change one day Prowler, it'll all change."

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