Title: Reflections of Different Path

Author: Riniko22

Notes: The Characters and Places within this story are not mine. I do not own them, nor am I making any money off of them. So sad, very tragic story of a penniless author that fell into the spring of drowned ….

The characters in this story will likely not react the same as in cannon (written or video), so don't flame me about this. Some will have grown up with different influences on them leading them to react in different ways.

Advice is welcome. I will continue the story to its end, and I have several other ideals in the works after this one or during breaks between chapters. I hate seeing stories that are dropped and never finished.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Genma and Ranma crested a ridge to look down over a mountain valley shrouded in mist as the morning sun rose up from behind them. The sun danced over the mist giving the entire valley a magical shimmer. Ranma looked up at his father asking a question, "What are we doing here father?"

Genma says, "Son these are the Legendary Jusenkyo Training Grounds. As you are the offspring of a mighty martial artist, I wish to start your training off appropriately. The last few weeks of our training trip have just been to get you ready to train in earnest."

"But father, why did we have to leave home so quickly? I didn't even get a chance to say good bye to mother."

"Boy, there was a good reason we had to leave. And I will tell you tonight. I should have told you earlier but I am not good with these things. Just understand that after tonight you will understand. Let's head on down and begin what will be the true start of your journey, I feel that things will never be the same for either of us by the end of this day."

For an odd reason Ranma felt a cold chill run down his back, it made him want to grab his father's leg in a tight hug and pull him back. But, he fought this feeling of dread back and pulled his five year old body to its full three and a half foot height, he then gave his father a hearty "Hai!" He would never let his father know that he was troubled by some of the things he had heard his father saying in his sleep. What was the Cat Fist anyway? And why did his father feel he had to prove something when they returned home?

As Genma and Ranma began to walk along the trail leading down into the valley the mist started to burn away. This allowed them to see the many springs that dotting the floor of the valley below. By the time they had finally reached the base of the valley the morning mist had completely burned off. They could see that the valley had hundreds of springs with bamboo poles sticking out of each them.

"Well boy, here we are! Let's get your balance training started, jump up on one of those poles while I see if there is anyone else around here?"

As Genma started walking off to see if there was anyone around to tell him what these training grounds were for, Ranma began to jump from one pole to another. While he was enjoying the freedom and pride from his father's trust in him to continue training himself, others were entering the valley. They were the Musk an ancient race of Chinese martial arts masters that were carrying several animals on their back towards the springs. When they sensed the smell of outsiders they dropped the animals and moved forward to capture the intruders also.

While these events where going on Genma had found the cabin of the Jusenkyo guide and began to yell for someone to come out. When the door opened, Genma saw a somewhat shorter and fatter man dressed in Chinese military clothing. Speaking in Japanese to the man, Genma began to ask him question after question without waiting for the man to answer the first one.

Breakings though with a loud shout the guide stopped Genma's machine gun questioning with broken Japanese. "Honored Sir! I am not good with Japanese, but I will try to answer your questions. It is very, very good that you have come directly to me before entering the training grounds, it is very dangerous there. There are many tragic stories of woe to those that enter without knowing its hidden dangers."

"What!" shouted Genma. "I just left my boy down there to train while I went to look for someone." Turning around he began to run back down the way he had come hoping that his foolishness had not doomed his son.

The guide ran behind him, yelling in a panicked voice. "We must hurry sir before your son meets a very tragic fate!"

While Genma and the guide were racing back the Musk began to attack Ranma. Turning just in time to avoid a surprise attack from behind, Ranma ducked under the rock that would have struck the back of his head thrown by the Musk warrior. He did not know why they were attacking him, but he could tell it was not the same as his father's secret surprise training attacks, they were not holding back. He did not feel that he had much of a chance as he, used one of the first techniques that his father had taught him. He pointed down at the ground and yelled "Look a Hundred Yen Coin" as he turned to jump away.

Surprised by the boy's cunning trick the Musk warrior looked down to his feet for a second before snarling at myself for falling for that. After all, why would there be a hundred yen coin here on the ground when this is the heart of China. He started running after the boy that had fooled him.

Ranma could not believe his luck, it had really worked, he did not think anyone but his Dad would fall for that trick. As he bounded from pole to pole, he did not worry about what had happen to his father. He just hoped that he would be back in time to save him. After all his Pop was the best martial artist ever, he told Ranma that all the time and his Dad would never lie to him. [This is very early in Ranma life, before Genma could turn into the man he could later become.] It was with this thought in mind that Ranma felt the blow from the other Musk warrior hit him from behind and everything went black.

When Genma started to get close, he could see the boy fall from the cowardly attack from behind. He was still to fall away to do anything as yet, but he vowed that he would avenge his son. He could see the strange men carry his boy away and roughly throw the unconscious Ranma to the ground. While the other man began to pull a bucket out and fill it from one of the springs. He did not know what they were planning as he disappeared using the Umi-senken to move in closer to attack.

When Genma felt that he had his best chance for attack, he faded back into view behind one of the strange bestial warriors and began his attack. Holding back nothing he struck the first warrior with a surprise attack to the base of the neck. With a sickening crunching sound the first Musk fell with a broken spine, there was no room for mercy with his son's life on the line. Turning to the second warrior Genma took a vicious kick to his side. Moving more stiffly he started to counter-attack with a brutal series of punches and kicks pushing the man back from his boy. The Musk warrior wiped the blood from his face moving in to attack Genma with ripping claws and teeth.

The battle went on between these two warriors with neither giving courter and landing damaging attacks on the other. Genma sensing that he is losing the battle and fearing for his son's life should he fail begins to flare up his battle aura. Using his ki to steel his nerves, Genma moves quickly to catch the smaller man in a bulls rush, hoping to pull him down with him into the spring's waters. Praying that his wife Nodoka will forgive him for bringing his son on this training journey, he moves with his last strength pulling the Musk warrior down with him. They both plunge into the cold waters sinking downward. Knowing that he must not release his grip, Genma holds on with a iron will (OK, maybe it's a little tarnished and rusty) refusing to give into death before the other falls. They sink deeper and deeper into the murky depths not even noticing the changes as he sinks.

As the guide arrives on the scene he finds a dead Musk warrior and a small child bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Behind them a spring bubbles as air bubbles breaks the surface and the water starts to turn a frothy pink. Knowing that it will not be safe to stay here he grabs the child and their two packs and trudges back to his cabin. When he arrives he yells for his pregnant wife, "Peach, prepare a pack quickly we must leave before the Musk find out about what has happened here." While, his wife begins to pack, the guide moves to pull a cart from around the back of the cabin. Placing the packs and the injured child carefully on the cart he moves back into the cabin to pack a few items before they must leave. Seeing no other choice as the child needs immediate care and knowing that the Musk with be missing their warriors soon he pulls the cart toward the trail leading towards the Amazon village.

End Part 1

This is my first fan-fic.

I hope you enjoy the start of what I hope is a great story.

Comments are welcome, and I vow to get better.