Author: Riniko22

Notes: The Characters and Places within this story are not mine. I do not own them, nor am I making any money off of them. So sad, very tragic story of a penniless author that fell into the spring of ….

The characters in this story will likely not act the same as in cannon (written or video), so don't flame me about this. Some will have grown up with different influences on them leading them to react in different ways.

Advice is always welcome. I will continue the story to its end, and I have several other ideals in the works after this one or during breaks between chapters that I have listed on my profile. I hate seeing stories that are dropped and never finished.

Part 4 - Memories of a Shadowed Past I

"I don't know Elder," the surprised child answered with a somewhat frightened tone. "It just seemed to know."

"There, there child, I did not mean to frighten you," Comb said soothingly. "We can find the answer to these questions later."

"I think we have a few more important things to do if I recall. If you can get up, I will see about getting you something to eat and some clean clothes, while you take a bath. I think both my nose and your stomach would feel better after that," Comb said with a slight bit of amusement in voice.

"Thank you, Elder," the child said with an embarrassed blush to her face, having just noticed the smell in the air.

Keeping an eye on the child, Comb watched her weakly start to stand up and slowly stretch before stepping past her to walk out of the room into the hall and move toward the bathing room down the hall. With a light rise of her eyebrow she thought, 'Yes, child there is much that I will what to know the answers for, I just don't know if you will have the answer yet.'

Just as I was finishing my hot bath I heard a knock on the bathing room door behind me. Turning I watched a girl that seemed just a little older than me slowly move into the room. Without even thinking about it, I started to watch the way she moved and carried herself, mentally noting that she seemed to have had extensive martial arts training by her gracefulness and economy of movement. Sizing her up, I could see that see was a couple of inches taller than me and out weighed me by maybe ten or twelve pounds. Most of which seemed to be pure muscle as she have a very lean body build.

It was at this point that I seemed to startle myself back into conscious reality by realizing what I have been doing. I had not even noticed her long pink hair that flowed down to the middle of her back or that she was dressed in a very short and tight Chinese style green dress. It seemed that while I did not remember much about who I was, I seemed to first size people up physically before noticing the other details about them. It was just after this self realization that I heard her start to speak.

"Ni hao, I am Lu Fa," the girl said with a bubbly and energetic voice, followed by a wide friendly smile. "I have brought you a fresh set of clean clothes and to let you know lunch will be ready when you are finished dressing." Before I could ask her any questions she had set the clothes down on a small side table and left pulling the door shut behind her.

It was at this point that my stomach once again exerted itself with a loud rumbling snapping my attention back. Toweling off quickly I walked over to the clothes that had been left for me. Looking down at what Lu Fa had left for her with mixed feeling, I found a pair of dark silk pants, a red button up shirt, some strange briefs, and a thin t-shirt. Feeling just a little odd while getting dressed, feeling the strangest mix of right and wrong about the clothes. She quickly finished dressing and stepped out into the hall turning toward the enticing smells of fresh food.

When she stepped into the main room she could see the table had already been set. The table was covered with delicious looking platters of steaming food, the smell of with was making her mouth water.

"Come in child," said Elder Comb, "Sit and eat and after you have replenished your strength we will talk. I feel that we have much to discuss."

I will hopefully have another chapter up in about a week. Please let me know where I can improve. I do listen to constructive advice and am open to elements that I work into my plans. The saying that no plan survives contact with the enemy also goes with writing a story for others to read. There is always something that you the writer missed or could have done better. Well, I will keep trying and should have more out soon.