I don't own 'Zelda' so don't get all mad about this story. My story is about Link and Dark Link. *Me: Perfect Couple!* Link Fights.. and fights.. and FIGHTS.. till he gets to the boss, like usually, but ends up seeing.. Himself?

~Story Start~

'Are we there yet? I'm sleepy!' Navi keeps complaining while flying beside Link. 'Ugh...' Link just keeps walking and almost falls face first when he trips over his own foot from lose of sleep. 'Link! Are you alright... I think we should rest up some...' Navi said as she flew around Link worried slightly. 'Uhh..' Link shook his head no and stood up walking again trying to keep himself awake. 'Your gonna drawn all your energy if you don't rest some.' Navi flapped her wings fast trying to get Link's attention but he just ignored her and kept going. 'It's pointless to talk to you Link! You never listen to me at all...' Navi was mad but kept going as they both ran into a little... problem ahead but Link was half asleep and didn't notice it and kept walking right into it! 'Link! Watch out...' Link walked right into a... shadow like person.

'Watch it ki...' The shadow like person saw who walked into him and he laughed. 'So... the GREAT Hero... is half asleep? This should be a easy kill...' The shadow took his sword out and went to aim for Link when Navi yelled in Link's ear making him jump back. 'Wah?' Link looked up and saw the shadow figure. 'He looks like me!?' Link took his sword out fast trying to figure out what is going on. 'Whats wrong Link? Never seen yourself before?' The Dark 'Link' charged at Link almost instantly in front of him within seconds. 'Watch out Link! He's really fast!' Link reflected Dark Link's attack halfway getting cut on his hand slightly but he pushes Dark Link away. 'So... your able to dodge me some? Lets try going... a little faster, shall we?' He pushed his sword against Link's pushing him into a tree pinning him. 'Wah!' Link's eyes widen slightly as he looked at Dark Link's face. 'Ha... your not much of a challenge are you?' He smirked as he held Link's face up slightly looking at him. 'So innocent... it makes me sick.' Dark leans close smirking. 'I can easily change that...' Dark Link smirked more as Link's face turns a slight shade of pink. 'Oh? What is this... your blushing?' His smirk turned into a twisted smile and he suddenly wrapped a arm around Link and pulled him close. 'Link! Don't be fooled by him!' Navi flew around screaming at Link.

'Shut up you stupid fairy...' Dark Link hit the fairy hard knocking her to the ground out cold. 'Now... where was I? Oh yes...' He would lean down slightly pressing his lips on Link's softly making Link jump slightly. Dark Link released the kiss and looked at Link's face while smirking. 'Whats wrong Link... you seem... shocked?' Link's face turned a deep shade of red as he pushed Dark Link away aiming his sword at him. 'How dare you...' Link said charging at Dark Link. 'Your no fun at all... what a shame...' He laughed while disappearing. 'Come back here!' Link turned to Navi and he would lay down beside her and closed his eyes slightly confused... and embarrassed at what happened.

Sorry for the cliff hanger... but I will make more soon if people like it. *Please Comment!*