I hope this is a great story but we will have to see

Water was coming down like tears in the leaf village it had to be the sadest day in the leaf village a brave ninja has past mabe the best their ever was . no this can't be why did this have to happen why you of all people you didn't need to do this why! Sakura screamed as she started to punch the ground as she remembers what happened on that day.


Sasuke I'll never going to let you get away I made a promise that I will bring you back a long time a go and I will kepp that promise. Naruto yells out . naruto. sakura said under here breath as naruto turned back and gave her the thumbs up and then turned back around to face sasuke well if you want to die so badly then I'll have to give you your wish as sasuke says that naruto runs towards him with his clone jutsu. it seemed like it had been hours since the fight began but they were still going at it sakura watched in dimay as sasuke came at naruto with chidori and naruto came after sasuke with his rasegan. As the two very powerful attacks hit it became an explosion ounce the explosion was cleared away naruto and sasuke where both on the ground but saske was quick to get up he new naruto was finish so did sakura but naruto was not wanting to give up so he though in his mind I got one more chance as he went into a trance fox demon if I release you will you help me and not hurt anyone one naruto said I will help you naruto said the nine tailed demon so then lets do it as naruto comes out of the trance he starts to do some signs that sakura has never seen before but saske new what they where so you getting serious now hey sasuke say but before sakura new anything she heard the words demon seal release and their started to become and orange glow and here came out of naruto the fox demon no naruto don't sakura yelled it okay sakura I know what im doing as the demon waited for naruto lets go and the battle between sasuke continued. It was about three hours later that the battle ended narut defeated sasuke he was alive but just by luck naruto was so very weak sakura came running towards narut o no sakura don't as naruto said that she new what he was talking about the nine tail demon looked at naruto I'll will not let you go free fox I know that why im going to kill you the demon said naruto made some hand signs and said demon seal but before he could get out the rest the fox demon came at him he had no enrgy to dodge and with one big swipe from the demons claws he crushed naruto no naruto sakura yelled as she ran to naruto. Naruto say something please sakura weeps sakura a soft wisper is all naruto could get out. yes naruto sakura says. I love you as his final words came out he tried to move his hand towards hers but he fell to his deep slumber. Noooooooooo! Sakura screamed don't leave me naruto please !

End flash back