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Title: Chasing Butterflies

Genre: General/Humor

Category: AU: Naruto

Pairing: None for now

Summary: AU: Minato's misadventures as a father and Hokage. He could really do with some help; for his own sake as well as his son's. Who knows how screwed up Naruto will become at Minato's mercy?

AN: EDITED 1/27/2009 Read author notes at bottom regarding possible x-over.

Chasing Butterflies

By: Falling Right Side-Up

Prompt: In which there is an abuse of seals

Minato scrutinized his reflection in the full-body mirror, turning slowly from side to side.

This was…different.

He hefted the squirming bundle on his chest up with a hand and adjusted the wide shoulder straps with the other. Then he straightened and posed dramatically, his white flame-embroidered cloak flaring in a non-existent breeze. A giggle and a gurgled coo drifted up from the vicinity of his chest.

Minato sighed, his posture sagging with disappointment. He gazed down into wide blue eyes, peering up curiously from below a mop of feather-soft blond hair. "Yeah, I know. It doesn't really work, does it?" Minato asked forlornly. The blond man settled his hands on his hips, thrusting his chest out proudly as he looked back into the mirror.

He could do this. If Kushina had endured something similar for nine months, he could certainly do it. He'd known it would be a challenge, having to be "mommy" and "daddy," but well, he never expected to have to do this. Nevertheless, he would do it with pride and dignity.

It was, after all, his spawn sticking out of his chest like an alien. Perhaps it would be more productive to his new role as "mommy" to think, instead, that it was a koala, but alien seemed much cooler.

A frontal baby carrier of garish orange – that at the time of purchase Minato had thought would go dashingly with the flames of his cloak – held his precious son aloft over his standard jounin outfit. Small feet covered in blue footies kicked softly against Minato's stomach as Naruto cooed, head rolling back as he tried to look up at his father.

"It'll have to do," Minato sighed and adjusted the headrest so that his son's small head could only flop forwards to his father's chest instead of backwards. The blond man just hoped the other shinobi wouldn't consider the orange contraption a target and attack it.

Shinobi were much like crows in that fashion after all; they were drawn to bright and shiny things, usually and unfortunately, with the intention of blowing it up to kingdom come rather than hoard it. And Minato didn't much fancy the idea of fending off his mistaken shinobi's attacks, especially if his son was the target.

He walked back over to his bed, picking up the box and manual for the frontal baby carrier. While the color choice may not have been his best decision ever, the model was something he'd chosen after careful consideration, and - color scheme aside - it was the best Konoha had to offer. Besides, something about "Baby Carrier with Swivel Action!" struck his fancy and appealed to his shinobi training.

Minato sat down carefully, mindful of the baby now starting to drift off, and flipped eagerly through the manual for the part about the swiveling. It was starting to look like the only upside to this fiasco. Certainly, a ninja-like swiveling action from his son would deter any unmanly impressions given by the fact that he was wearing a baby carrier. Minato loved his son, but he was the Hokage and had a reputation to uphold.

But as the blond man continued to read, he was sorely disappointed. The swiveling wasn't so much swiveling as it was pulling apart straps, taking his son out, reattaching the seat/pouch to face away from his chest outwards, and putting his son back in. It was so – civilian – primitive that it bored Minato to tears.

Well, he thought indignantly, this wouldn't do at all! He'd wanted ninja swiveling action and, by god, ninja swiveling action he would get. With that, he went about on his self-assigned mission, going to his workroom across the hall for the necessary tools.

~ oooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo ~

Sakuya chewed the eraser on the end of her pencil, staring anxiously at the clock on the wall across from her in the reception hall of the Hokage's office. Then, with the pencil still dangling in her mouth she obsessively arranged and rearranged the forms on her desk by order of submission, civilian or shinobi, clan, and finally just settled by alphabetization.

She turned to the trash bin beside her, hacking up the bitter, rubbery pieces of eraser she'd almost swallowed. Moaning, she fisted her shoulder length brown hair in both hands, banging her head on the desk.

"Why," she wailed, "Hokage-sama! Why do you do this to me?" He was late! Again! He was giving her more wrinkles than the Sandaime! And that was most definitely not what she'd signed up for.

Anezaki Sakuya was a 38 year old tokubetsu jounin – especially trained in delegation and officiating – to fulfill her secretarial duties to the esteemed Third and now Fourth Fire Shadow. People not in the know assumed she was a civilian, but really, what Hokage worth his salt would trust an untrained civilian to field his appointments and handle official documents entailing potentially dangerous or urgent information?

Besides that, she was also trained to know who was who; which civilian representative was in charge of what, the importance each clan-head or member held, by what order people in the waiting room were to be admitted to see the Hokage, how to deal with and calm self-important visitors or dignitaries, and how to field screw-ups in the office, paperwork, and unmitigated disasters when the Hokage was not present.

For all that, she was prepared. She hadn't, however, thought that her Hokage - though considerably young to be commanding legions of contract killers - would be the one giving her trouble. A well placed threat or command to her fellow shinobi, and a commiserating or condescending comment to civilians was usually enough to make things go smoothly. But she didn't dare do either to the Hokage, even if he insisted upon her dropping the formality between them – "Really, Anezaki-san, just call me Minato, or at least Namikaze!"; it just wouldn't be proper, regardless of the fact that he was her kouhai at 24 years of age. He was the Hokage and "Hokage-sama" it would be.

There were times when she thought she might just listen to him and treat him like any other particularly irritating young man – when he was being irresponsible and proved to be a complete doofus when it came to his son – but then he would unintentionally remind her just why he wasn't like any other man – sometimes the war hero would peek out, with cold and hardened eyes of an experienced killer, and she would remember just why she listened to a man so boyishly young.

So she kept everything cordial but official between them. He was, after all, a man who deserved great esteem, having brought victory against Iwa and subduing the Kyuubi less than three months ago.

An unparalleled nightmare for Konoha that had been, but the village was pulling through slowly but surely. Repairs were underway and would have been going much more smoothly if the Hokage was in his office on time to approve or disapprove the construction proposals, Sakuya thought with frustration.

The Hokage's tardiness aside, the delays were made that much longer by the opportunity seeking civilian and shinobi council members trying to make their own gains by sneaking in self-serving proposals in the confusion. Sakuya was kept up many nights screening through them before handing them over to the Hokage. Not only was that part of her duty, but she knew he was having a hard time being both leader and father, especially since the death of Kushina-san – whose identity had been revealed as the Hokage's lover shortly after the Kyuubi's defeat.

But, perhaps, due to the bundle of joy that was his son, the Hokage seemed to be dealing with her passing remarkably well. Now, if only he would show up, Sakuya thought, glaring at the clock. She finger-combed her frazzled hair and looked down at her skirt to press out the wrinkles.

And to her great surprise when she looked up, like magic, there was the man of the hour in a yellow flash, beaming at her with a wide, gleeful smile. That was one way to use the Hiriaishin, the tokubetsu jounin thought bemusedly but with great relief.

"Anezaki-san!" the blond man shouted with such exuberance that she knew he, in no way, felt repentant for his tardiness, if he even knew about it. Either way, he was finally here so she plowed ahead with all the back-logged things needing to be done.

"Now, Hokage-sama, there's a lot of things I've prepared. Here are the forms for toda-"

"Wait, wait!" He shushed her with a hand, the other, she now noticed, keeping his flashy cloak stretched and closed over his chest. His abnormally rotund chest.

Sakuya gazed warily at her still beaming Hokage. What craziness had he done now?

"Yes?" She questioned cautiously. Her brows nearly blew up into her hairline when her leader made a suspiciously giggling-like sound.

"Watch!" he blurted giddily. With a great flourish, he tore open his cloak to reveal a giant, orange eyesore latched onto his chest.

"What is that?" Some small part of her recognized it for what it was; a baby carrier. But the majority of her couldn't get past the blinding color or the fact that her Hokage – killer and a man, most of all – was wearing one. The blond man ignored her question, however, cooing down at the orange thing.

"Naru, c'mon. Be a good boy for Otousan and show Anezaki-san what you can do!" he cajoled. Nothing happened for a few seconds except for the Hokage making noises at what was supposedly his son. Sakuya couldn't help but feel sorry for the baby who she now knew to have been afflicted with that monstrously hideous color by his own father.

Then, suddenly, the baby carrier detached from the straps holding it up and hovered for a split second before it swiveled around at a dizzying speed and sprang out from the Hokage's chest like an alien, Naruto's baby-face with round blue eyes suddenly directly in front of Sakuya's own, squealing with delight.

"Good god!" She shrieked in surprise, and just as suddenly as he'd popped out, Naruto was gone, the baby carrier retracting and swiveling around towards the Hokage's chest in one quick motion, so that there was only the gleeful father standing there with the orange barnacle on his chest and his cloak flaring open.

"What the hell was that?!"

"My wonderful son and his ninja-swiveling action! Isn't it awesome?" The Hokage boasted, his chest puffed up and hands on his hips, every bit the proud father. The tokubetsu jounin gaped incredulously. What stupidity was this?!

"You're unbelievable!" she spat aggrievedly.

"I know," he replied smugly. "Sometimes I amaze myself with my own genius. And my baby boy is going to be just like me! Aren't you Naru?" the Hokage cooed down at his son, patting downy blond hair adoringly. Sakuya could feel whatever awe and dutiful subservience she felt for her leader dying with an agonized scream, the retarded-ness of the situation confounding her ability to react.

"Naru, do it again!" The blond man encouraged, heedless of his secretary's inner turmoil, and once again the baby displayed his light speed ninja-swiveling action with a happy gurgle, this time sending drool flying about to smack loudly on the window beside the older woman. "Er, yeah. I'll have to work on that part," the blond man smiled sheepishly.

"Namikaze-san!" Sakuya's horrendously scandalized shout shook the Hokage Tower.

~ oooooOOOOOOOOOOooooo ~

Jiriaya ambled his way up the stairs to the Hokage's office, planning on dropping in on his student. He greeted fellow male shinobi with a nod of the head and the women with a leer and wink. He liked to think they were rushing off to relieve some – ahem – tension when they turned away making strangled sounds.

As he approached the reception hall, he put on a roguish smile to attempt his 244th seduction of Minato's secretary. She was his age - a comrade who understood the trials of his generation - but still quite beautiful, and knew how to play the game of playful teasing with no real commitment, blushing fetchingly all the while. And she was unfailingly polite - unlike the many other women he approached - even when delivering a scathing comment to some buffoon blustering to see the Hokage.

The Sannin could tell she had some fire in her. And it was never too late for a blossom to bloom. She just needed the right catalyst to set her off. Maybe then she'd finally settle down with the poor jounin - Katsura Gin, a reputable war hero in his own right - who'd been pining after her since the end of the war.

"Sakuya-chan~!" Jiraiya sang in greeting as he pirouetted into the room, but came to a halt when he saw the reception hall was empty. He deflated in disappointment and trudged up to the doors of the Hokage's office with a sigh. He might as well see the brat's face before he left, he thought as he pushed the doors open and stepped in.

"-ashamed of yourself!" Sakuya's angry voice nearly blasted Jiraiya right back out the door. What on earth? Wide-eyed, he cautiously eased back in, trying not to draw attention to himself. Closing the doors softly behind him he sidled along the wall so he could get a clear view of the situation.

In a strange reversal of roles, demure and officious Sakuya stood behind the Hokage's desk, fuming loudly and shaking her finger at her cowering blond leader kneeling before the desk like a repentant supplicant to an angry god.

"Of all the foolish uses of your famed intellect! You! – this is such a gross misuse of the shinobi arts – and – I never – how could you subject your own son to this - this travesty?!" The Hokage's spiky blond hair seemed to wilt with every scolding word.

Well, Jiraiya thought bemusedly, he had known she had fire in her. The sannin just hadn't thought it would finally blaze in quite this fashion. A smirk pulled at his lips; he could read all the little things communicated by Minato's hunched back – he was sorry, really, but thought he'd been suitably chastised, and he could stop this all since he was Hokage, but didn't know how to deal with this new matronly angry version of his secretary, so he sat there and took it.

The sannin took pity on his student. If there was one thing he could relate to, it was suffering at the hands of angry women.

"Ahem. Saku-"

"The Hokage! The Hokage! You have much more important things to do than turn your son into some lunatic toy!" The tokubetsu jounin bellowed right over the sannin's attempt to intervene.

Toy? Jiraiya wondered. Hmm, now he was curious. What exactly had Minato done to Naruto-kun that would provoke this kind of righteous fury?


"-the council say? You know they're just waiting-"


"-for you to make a mistake! The village is in shambles and -"


"- you need to- Jiraiya-san?" Sakuya looked up confusedly, anger momentarily stalled. The toad-sennin sighed and Minato struggled to catch his sensei's eyes without fully turning his head around lest he lose sight of his scary secretary. Don't worry, Jiraiya communicated to his desperate student with a minuscule nod, he would deal with this.


"Jiraiya-san." Sakuya spat, tone foreboding with the dawning of some dark realization. The sannin swallowed what he was going to say with a small 'erk.' His eyes darted to Minato who slumped, knowing his sensei was not going to be able to save him, and then back to the narrow-eyed woman glaring at him.

"Yes?" The sannin replied timidly.

"This," she pointed an accusing finger at Minato, "is partly your fault."

"Er, what? Oh, no, no. Had nothing to do with it," he backpedaled and shook his head frantically, trying to escape being pulled into sharing the blame of whatever Minato had done. Student or not, Jiraiya was not going under the axe with him, and his curiosity could go screw itself.

"You're a Seal Master." She announced. And for whatever reason, Jiraiya suddenly knew he had been condemned and that there was no escape. He glared at the slightly apologetic yet relieved expression on his student's face. See if he ever tried to save him again, Jiraiya tried to speak through his eyes, but Minato quickly turned away with a faux innocent look. Well, damn. Might as well satisfy his curiosity, the sannin thought.

"And?" Jiraiya questioned leadingly.

"You taught them to Namikaze-san." Woah, Jiraiya thought. Namikaze-san? He mouthed to Minato, who cringed.

"Why, yes, I did," he replied gamely. The secretary 'humphed' and turned a disdainful look at both student and teacher.

"Well, come look at how your student has been using what you taught. You're going to be so proud," Sakuya stated primly and in such a way that Jiraiya knew she expected him to think anything but.

"All right," he said warily as he approached his kneeling student, feeling as if he was marching up to the chopping block. Jiraiya's eyes were immediately drawn to the blaze of color on Minato's chest. "Gah," he hurriedly turned his face away, shielding his eyes. "What the hell is that?"

"Haha, very funny," Minato drawled sourly. "You, of all people, should appreciate the color. I mean, some of your summons aren't much better."

"Yeah, well, they're ninja-toads with spiffy tattoos. That's just a giant eyesore. Looks like you've got some disease, like a pustule without the ooze or a giant wart, and with all the repelling force of smelly vomit."

"I'm sure your godson appreciates being called a repulsive vomit-inducing disease," was the deadpanned reply, and as if on cue, there was a decidedly unhappy gurgle from the vicinity of Minato's chest.

Jiraiya stared aghast at the orange lump with new eyes.

"Dear god, Minato, what have you done to my godson?" No wonder Sakuya had been so furious, Jiraiya thought, horrified. Minato huffed, refusing to look at his teacher, and chose, instead, to play with his drowsily awakening son by gently poking one rosily chubby cheek with his finger, smiling as Naruto's small mouth opened with a yawn.

"I didn't do anything bad. Besides, it was a good idea..." the father mumbled. Minato wasn't quite sure he was relieved that instead of attacking the baby carrier shinobi thought it a blinding, headache-inducing public hazard.

"As deplorable as Namikaze-san's color choice is," Sakuya interrupted, hissing, "That is not the problem."

The sannin looked back at her confused. "There's more?"

"Oh, yes, there's more. Your student here is most likely responsible for subjecting his own son to irreparable psychological scarring," the secretary stated solemnly, as if announcing a death.

Jiraiya gaped, and both he and Sakuya turned to look at the blond culprit who fidgeted under their gazes.

"Well? Go ahead, show him," the woman goaded. "You were so eager to show it off before." Sakuya crossed her arms, looking down at him imperiously as Jiraiya shifted uneasily at her side. The two of them seemed to exemplify quite well the standard interrogation procedure of Bad – will rip your intestines out and feed them to you – interrogator and Good – well, there really was no good, because all interrogators were bad-ass bastards, but less willing to feed you your entrails – interrogator.

Any normal person would have been gibbering – any Crazy being interrogated by the ANBU forces, too, for that matter - but the Hokage was not a normal man – in fact, Sakuya was thinking of ranking him up there as the prodigy of Crazies - which was why he was in this situation to begin with. Instead, Minato's face scrunched with a queer combination of delighted eagerness and wary suspicion.

Some part of him just knew this as a trap; that his secretary was gearing herself up to screech at him again just as he complied. He weighed the pros and cons of refusing, but his childish desire of show-casing his brilliance to his sensei won out, sandbagging his common sense with a maniacal cackle and brainwashing it into believing that sanity and caution were over-rated.

Still kneeling, with one hand Minato motioned for his sensei to move closer - which Jiraiya did, visibly steeling himself – and with the other he tickled Naruto's chin, grinning as his child squealed with laughter and small arms flopped against his chest.

"Well, Naru," Minato chanced a glance at his secretary, "Anezaki-san wants you to show Jiraiya-jiji what you showed her," he explained patiently to the enormous blue eyes staring up at him, curious and happy.

There was a gurgle and the blond man nodded. "Yes, I know she's scary-"

The secretary snorted.

"-but she's really a nice woman. Until today." Sakuya speared the blond man with a glare. "Er, well, don't worry Naru, she's mad at me and not you, okay?"

A 'kyaaa' and a spit bubble was Minato's answer. "Okay then," the determined father nodded, "let's show Jiji what you can do!"

Jiraiya stood less than a foot away watching the father-son interaction dubiously, and was not at all prepared for the freak-show that happened next.

The hideously orange baby carrier seemed to float off Minato's chest, bobbing in the air. Then it began to spin in place at wind sucking speeds, a blur of orange, blue and yellow, literally now a nauseous, vomit-inducing sight. Without warning, it sprang out towards the stupefied sannin, less than an inch away, and Jiraiya suddenly had a face-full of a squealing Naruto and his drool.

"Holy shit!" Jiraiya squawked and fell backwards, too surprised to worry about his dignity. He didn't even hear Sakuya's affronted gasp – "Jiraiya-san! Language!" – as he grasped his wildly beating heart.

Minato laughed uproariously and, in between breaths, cooed praises at his son – who, instead of retracting back to his father's chest, was still springing about with an occasional spin, now in random directions like a jack-in-box, squealing happily all the while.

"You should have seen your face!" Naruto's father choked out to his sensei, red-faced with laughter. "My son is a genius!"

Jiraiya glared weakly at Minato and then at Sakuya, whose frown was steadily becoming more severe.

"Just look at him!" She hissed. "Naruto-kun will never recover from this!"

"Naruto-kun?" Jiraiya asked incredulously from the floor. "While you're worried about the kid's psychological scarring, I'm more worried about mine!" He retorted.

The sannin watched as the baby gleefully - as far as he could tell - spun in the air and sprang to and fro, retracting to the safety of his father's chest before springing out again in an endless cycle.

"You've turned him into some alien freak! An evil possessed psycho baby!" The sannin accused his student as he sat up and pointed an angry finger at the blond man.

"What?" Minato's eyes nearly popped out in surprise. "I haven't done anything to him!" he protested, rocking back onto his heels from where he'd fallen forward onto his hands and knees. "And he is not possessed!"

Jiraiya ignored him. "Do you have any idea how badly the mothers in Konoha will smite you for this?"

Sakuya gasped, hands flying to her mouth in horrified dismay. "Oh my god! Public relations are going to be absolutely ruined if this gets out!" She turned frantic brown eyes upon her Hokage. "I forbid you from traipsing around and showing anyone what you've done to your son!"

Minato gaped, overwhelmed more by their condemnation of both his and his son's brilliance than the actual scolding accusations and commands. He really didn't understand why they didn't get the sheer genius of what he and Naru had done.

As Naruto passed by on his fifth spin, Minato reached out and plucked the baby carrier out of the air. This time he manually adjusted the carrier so that his giggling, darling baby was facing outwards to the two disapproving adults.

"Don't worry, Naru. I still think your ninja-swiveling action is awesome," the blond man consoled his child.

"Minato," Jiraiya interrupted. "I sure as hell didn't teach you the art of seals so you could mind-fuck-"


"-my godson or me, for that matter. Why couldn't you just do something normal, like use them to peek on the women's onsen?" The sannin lamented.

"That, Jiraiya-san, is also an abuse of seals," came the frosty voice of Sakuya. "Which is the notion we are trying to disabuse your student of, yes?" Agree or you will suffer, her tone said to Jiraiya.

"Er," the sannin laughed nervously, "Of course, Sakuya-chan." Then he turned pompously to his student. "You will not do this again, understood?"

"But I'm honestly not doing anything," Minato denied even as the other two adults glanced pointedly at Naruto, who was observing the proceedings with a happy smile. "Well, I might have gotten the ball rolling since it was my idea," he conceded, "but all I did was use seals to give Naru the means to actually do it!"

"The means?" Both his teacher and secretary chorused. They looked carefully at Naruto and then at Minato, and two pairs of guileless blue eyes stared back.

"You mean to tell me," Jiraiya began slowly, "that it's Naruto-kun who's actually in charge of the-" he waved his hands in a bizarre spinning, sproinging motion, "- what did you call it? 'Ninja-swiveling action?'"

"Yeah," Minato said proudly. "I mean, that's why I explained to him that you wanted to see him do it. I can't just make the baby carrier do that on its own. What if Naru didn't like it and started to cry?" was the father's matter-of-fact reply.

Jiraiya dropped his face into his hands. "Dear god. You really have psychologically scarred him," he bemoaned, doing his best to ignore Sakuya's smug expression.

"What? I have not!" Minato indignantly replied.

The sannin looked up exasperatedly. "Are you telling me that you actually think normal 3-month old babies are capable of, and actually like and do, 'ninja-swiveling action' in baby carriers?"

"Of course not!" the blond man huffed. Jiraiya looked up and thanked the higher powers. There might just be hope of rehabilitation for his student yet, he thought.

"They aren't geniuses like Naru!" Minato cooed down at his son. Jiraiya and Sakuya both face-palmed, the smacking sound ringing loudly in the office.

"I never, in my life, thought you would use a combination of mind, wind, sealing, binding, and gravity seals to do this." The sannin raked a hand through his hair and sighed. He turned to Sakuya. "Well, what can we do? It's our fault that he's Hokage, and he's probably a lost cause."

"What?" Minato spluttered.

"Yes," the secretary agreed solemnly. "We should focus on keeping Naruto-kun safe instead."

"What? Keep him safe from what?"

"I mean, what can you expect? He had to train a genius-brat, lived through the war, defeated the strongest bijuu, and became Hokage by 24. It's not so strange that his mind has suffered some casualties, right?" Jiraiya spoke to his female companion as they made their way out of the office.

"Wait, Jiraiya-sensei! You're talking about me?!"

"No one made it out unscathed, and we Konoha shinobi are loyal to the Hokage. Thankfully, most of the time you can't tell there's anything wrong with him," Sakuya said with conviction and with an undertone of relief.


"I'll see you around, Minato. Bye-bye Naruto-kun." Jiraiya paused just long enough to wiggle his fingers at his godson and befuddled student before escorting Sakuya out.


"Please, work hard, Hokage-sama. You've wasted a lot of time today. I'll go out and see if we can find some positive influences for Naruto-kun." Sakuya bowed politely, mind already focused on possible care-takers and playmates for the Hokage's son.

"But- I, wait!" The doors closed and the office was silent again, buffered by the sound-proofed walls. Naruto giggled from his seat, small legs kicking out. Minato sighed.

"We'll be fine, just the two of us. Right, Naru?" He kissed the crown of his son's head, the soft hair tickling his cheeks. He raised his hands, letting Naruto grab onto his fingers in his own small but tight grip.

"Yeah, we'll be fine," Minato smiled, feeling as if good things were to come in the near future.

AN: So, crack-fic, anyone?

If any of you have read "Life Savers" by Moerae, you can thank her for inspiring me. Her fic is just too cute, really! I love her little Naru, who is a couple years older than mine. This way, I hope to stay safe for a while yet of accidental overlaps. I've read so many fics I can honestly say that I'm not sure if I've accidentally plagiarized or not.

I originally planned this as an Inuyasha x Naruto cross because I wanted a shot at integrating Kagome into the plot without making her some Uber-miko or shinobi, but then Minato and little Naru just sucked me in and it became a more explorative fic of the father and son and their antics.

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