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Chapter 2:

It's been two months since Harry and Sirius were accepted in the Smash Mansion, and the next school year of Hogwarts was getting underway. Harry Ron and Hermione were in King's Cross Station, magical side, boarding the train when they heard the sounds of apparation. Harry ran back to the boarding platform to see several Death Eaters. The lead one looked Harry's way and smirked, though Harry couldn't see it.

"There's the Potter boy! Let's get him!"

Harry pulled out his wand, and got into the classic dueling stance. Ron and Hermione ran to his sides, their wands drawn as well.

"What should we do, Harry?"

"We need to create enough of a disturbance to alert my teachers of some trouble."

The lead death eater aimed his wand and shot a curse at Harry, who dodged it. This started an all-out duel to the death.

"Stupefy!" The red curse shot from Hermione's wand, striking one of the death eaters behind the leader when his back was turned. She then barely dodged a spell from another DE.

Meanwhile in Smash mansion:

Master Hand was watching the fight from his TV, and knew Harry and his friends were in trouble.

"Link, Pit! I need you to to go to where Harry and his friends are right now and help them. Use your final smashes if you have to."

Link and Pit nodded and took off for King's Cross, England.

back at the boarding platform:

Only two death eaters had been taken out, and Harry was getting desperate. He pulled out a wierd ball of something, before crushing it in his hand, feeling himself being filled with power. He pointed his wand at one of the Death Eaters, and gathered all the energy he had accumulated, firing it in one big beam of magic which completely obliterated the Death Eater on contact. Harry was panting afterward.

"Hehe, if you want to use a powerful attack, be prepared to use it more then once. Not that you'll get a second chance. Avada..."

A whooshing sound was heard from overhead as the Leader charged up his Killing Curse.

"Kedav-" The Death Eater couldn't finish as he was slaced in half, both halves falling to the ground. The savior was an angel of sorts, with white wings, and toga, black shorts, a holly wreath, sandals and a bow. Said bow was currently in the form of twin blades. While the leader had been taken out, the others were being wiped out by someone else. This person was wearing a green tunic, with chain mail and white undershirt underneath. He also had sweat pants on, and brown boots. On his back was a sheath, and in his hands were a sword and shield. Once the last Death Eater was taken care of, Link sheathed his sword.

"Link! What are you doing here?"

"Master Hand said you needed help, so he sent me and Pit here. He also sent us to help you this year. Ike and Ganondorf should be at the castle already."

"Master Hand sent Ganondorf? But he's the most powerful black magic user in the multiverse. Believe me, I don't want any more training from him. I swear he was trying to turn me evil."

"Yeah, well, we should get on this train. It should be leaving soon."

The fivesome boarded the train, and took the only empty compartment. The train started moments later.

Several hours later:

The Hogwarts express slowed to a halt in front of the castle school. The students all disembarked, and the second to seventh years and Link and Pit all boarded the carriages which took them to the school. The students and guests all exited the c5arriages after they stopped, and they entered the great hall, where they went through the same ritual they go through every year. When everything was done they were given passwords to their Common Rooms and they went to bed.

To be continued...

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