Chapter 1

Bella POV

I still couldn't believe that he was gone. But he was I had seen the empty house for myself. And even before that I feel the absence not just the absence of him, but the whole family, my family or so I thought. It had been a weeks since they had left and he had kept to his promise "It shall be as if I never existed" no emails, no calls, no mail, nothing. But I still had the moments when I can still feel him. Kinda like an amputee and a missing limb I could still feel him there but when I looked and reached for him. There would be nothing there and I would sink farther into my pillows.

And I would try to dream of a happier time but I couldn't dream happy dreams because every time I closed my eyes I would go back to that day in the woods. I could see him standing there with his back to me. I would wake up screaming because in my dream no matter how loud I yelled his name he never turned around. I wish I could still feel his hands running through my hair and hear him humming to me like he used to due when I woke up from a bad dream. But instead I would wake up to a terrified ghost like charlie who was about as pail as Edward because of lack of sleep consequences of my night terrors, but unfortunately the terror was reality and it would go away or change if I woke up. I had barely been able to move or even sit up in my bed since he left it felt like there was a giant whole in my body where my heart should have been. Every time I tried to get up its like my body was telling me that I shouldn't be trying to be without him.

"Bella its time for school"

Great another thing to add to my day that reminds me that he isn't there and won't be there and on top of everything I got a new lab partner none other than Mike Newton, which caused Jessica to throw a huge fit, whom of which made it his constant mission to see how many times he could ask me out and get declined in one day.

"Alright dad I am up" unfortunately I added silently to myself. As soon as I sat up I felt like my stomach was trying to escape up my throat.

"Oh great here it comes again" I said as I ran to the bathroom, like I had done multiple times every day that week. I reached the toilet just in time for the dry heaving started and I started puking up nasty yellow liquid because there was nothing in my stomach. I stood up from the toilet and flushed it and wet to wash out my mouth and my hands.

"Are you OK Bells you have been throwing up everyday this week?"

"Yeah dad I think its just that flu that has been going around lately either that or my problem is more psychological than physical."

Charley looked at me with a dumbfounded look plastered on his face clearly having no clue what I was talking about. Trying not to make a fool of himself he crept slowly out of the bathroom without another word. This left me to my own thoughts and the task of getting showered and dressed even know I would rather crawl back into bed or maybe even under a rock.. As I got undressed to hop into the shower I had a feeling I was forgetting something really important and as I reached into the cabinet to grab a fresh razor and my other shower stuff. I saw a little pink box staring at me.

That was when everything came full circle and everything came into perspective. I ran down the stairs stopping only long enough to grab my keys and out the door as fast as I could not worried I was in a robe and a pair of fuzzy pink slippers. I ran to my truck and jumped in. Only to stick my keys in the ignition and find that the engine would not even turn over. Memories came flooding back to me about the countless times Edward had warned me that my car was not trustworthy. And well as much as I hate to admit it he was right. Just when I needed my car the most it wouldn't work. Sounds kinda like Edward just when I need him the most he was not here and had no plans of being here.

"NO stop Bella you cant just give up some of the best things in life are worth fighting for, you just have to keep trying" I told myself. I turned the key and to my surprise it worked and started right up. I put it in reverse because I had to find out if I was right and I had to find out soon.

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