Chapter one: Love, Pain and Psychotic Pixie's


I was in my way to the Cullen's house because I got a call from Rose telling me that there was something I should see for myself. When I got there Rose pulled me in to her and Emmett's room which was right next to my fiancée, Edward Cullen's, room "Rose what's going on?" I asked

"Listen" she mouthed silently.

"Oh, oh Edward" moaned Alice from my fiancée's room. My eyes went wide in shock. Tears were streaming down my face. Rose pulled me out of her room and opened the door to Edwards's room and I saw them together. I let out a loud sob causing Edward and Alice to look up. When they saw me and Rose, Edward got off Alice and walked towards me when he reached out to touch me I screamed.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I was crying and I couldn't stop

"Bella love-"started Edward

"DON'T CALL ME YOUR LOVE!" I shouted through tears

"How could you? You were supposed to be my BESTFRIEND!" I shouted at Alice who was missing her shirt.

"The wedding is OFF!" I said taking off the engagement ring and throwing it at Edward. Rose pulled me out of his room and brought me to Jasper

"Tell him." Was all Rose said to me before walking off.

"What's wrong Bells? Are you ok?" asked Jasper worriedly

"No, not really because I just fond my fiancée on top of your half naked wife." I said. I was amazed I got that out with out any tears. Jasper did exactly what I needed him to do he hugged me and I hugged him back. Alice and Edward appeared at the top of the stairs and two things happened at once Alice gasped and her eyes went wide, she was having a vision, then Edward tackled Jasper and Alice looked like she wanted to cry.

"Rose, Emmett help." I murmured knowing they would hear me two seconds later Emmett had Edward pinned against the wall

"Now dear, brother care to tell me what that was about?" Emmett asked Edward in a deadly voice

"I had a vision of Jasper turning Bella into one of us….. and Jasper and Bella together" said Alice from behind Rose

"Jasper why would you…' started Emmett

"Jasper did not cheat. The cheaters are Captain Idiocy and the annoying pixie" Interrupted Rose who was glaring at Alice. Emmett got a tighter hold on Edward

"You CHEATED on my SISTER?" Boomed Emmett . Alice made a move to help Edward, but I tackled her causing Emmett to drop his hold on Edward in shock. Jasper managed to pull me off of her

"Come on Bells lets go" murmured Jasper in my ear. Alice screamed and lunged at me, but Rose held her back

"What the HELL is your problem you Psychotic pixie?" I screamed at Alice

"Bells lets go." Jasper said softly in my ear

"Kay." I replied. We walked toward the door but Edward was blocking the way

"Jasper tell her your secrete now or I will." Threatened Edward

"Fine I was going to wait, but Bells for sometime now I haven't loved Alice like I use to. I'm in love with someone else. Bells I'm in love you." Confessed Jasper