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Chapter three: Understanding


Jasper took me back to my house and he told me to leave my bedroom window open and he would come back after Charlie was asleep. While I was waiting I got hungry, so I went down to the kitchen and got some Strawberry Ice-Cream and went back up to my room, when I opened my bedroom door I got a big shock, Edward was standing in the middle of my room. "What are you doing here Edward?" I asked him.

"You've forgiven me." He replied

"No I haven't." I retorted "Yes, Bella, love, you have otherwise the window would not be open, you only leave the window open for me." He stated

"You are egotistical, what makes you think that I'm not expecting somebody other than you!" I replied getting angrier by the second, Then I felt my self calm down and I knew Jasper was here now and I smiled.

"What are you doing here Jasper?" Edward growled and when I turned around sure enough there was Jasper.

"I want him here." I said to Edward "Why, Bella?" Edward asked me "Becauseā€¦ I love him and he loves me." I replied realizing for the first time that I was really and truly in love Jasper Hale.

"You love me?" Jasper asked and I nodded my head

"If you think this is over Hale then you have another think coming." Edward growled before jumped out the bedroom window (A/N: This will not kill/hurt Edward. I could not think of another way to put that.)