"So, you gonna marry me, Carter?"

"You gonna ask me?"

"I just did!"

"Jack, a girl needs a little something – more – than that."

"OK. Um… please?"

"(giggles) When you put it so eloquently, how can a girl say No?"

"Er… is that a Yes, then?"

"Mmm mmm – yes, it is (sounds of kissing)"

"Good… mmmm mmmm mmmmmmm"

Turned out that Carter had had a lifetime's fill of wedding planning after the Pete Shanahan experience. Jack was keen not to waste any time, and so it was simply a matter of comforting a forlorn Vala, who had had visions of a white marquee and yards and yards of organza. In mitigation, Sam had told her she could plan her own wedding any way she liked, causing reticent Daniel to pale slightly at the vision of a sit-down four course meal for 300 of their closest friends.

Very little objection was raised to their going off-world, and so it was that Sam and Jack found themselves, six weeks later, on a sandy beach at dusk, lit only by candles and the three moons of Xanthos. Attended by a slightly shaky chaplain (it was his first trip through the Gate) and surrounded by just close friends and family, it was the wedding they'd dreamed of.

The bride wore a vintage 1920's bohemian dress that had been her grandmother's, and was given away by her brother. The groom wore long shorts and short sleeves. The chief bridesmaid wore a sarong short enough to cause her soon-to-be-official stepfather's eyes to shoot so far up his head his eyebrows were lost in his hairline. The second bridesmaid wore Chanel, head to toe, and the Best Man considered it an investment well made, despite the now slightly pallid silvery colour of his Gold Card.

Teal'ç read a Jaffa blessing, and actually smiled, and Cameron lived up to his boast of being able to oversee "the best Hog Roast this side of the USA." There was a lot of laughter, a lot of music, a lot of champagne and, later, a lot of rather bad dancing.

When the third moon finally set, the only people left awake were the new Mr and Colonel O'Neill… and they were much too happily occupied to notice its serene descent into the shimmering, silvery sea.

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