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IMPORTANT: You MUST read "Fated" and "Mirai Majin Buu" before this or you won't get anything!

I should also probably "warn" you that this story has more than one lemon in it lol though I doubt any of you would really mind much XD

Seven years had passed since Gohan beat Majin Buu, had become the Champion of the World's Martial Arts tournaments and the chief protector of the Earth. Seven years, and the half-Saiyans Pan, Bra, and Goten had all grown into youths full of energy and eagerness to be like their fathers.

In those seven years, Gohan had entered the resurrect World Martial Arts Tournament and took up the title of champion after easily defeating everyone. On his off time from the tournaments he strived to be with his friends and especially his young family as much as he could while also training himself everyday and making sure his friends didn't slack off on their own training. Gohan was a tough teacher to his friends and family but they respected him for it as he did not allow them to weaken over time.

The next World Martial Arts Tournament was being held in a few days and Gohan, along with his family and his father, mother, and brother, were guests to Bulma and Vegeta's home for dinner that evening, so they could all fly to the island the tournament was being held in together.

"OW!" Goten rubbed the sore spot on his head. "Pan you hit too hard!" he protested, but before Pan could apologize she was interrupted by her own giggles as Bra tackled Goten through the air, though none of them could fly quite yet, and into the ground. "Mmuph phum!" Goten's muffled protests where heard.

"Don't drop your guard, Goten…" Bra advised with a grin as she skipped off him. The three had become fast best friends and had been going over to each others houses to play for the past seven years, sparing being their favorite thing to do together. Since they were all half Saiyan, they all had a certain craving for a good fight, though perhaps not as strongly as their fathers. It had not come to a surprise when Vegeta had begun training Bra, refusing to discriminate who should be trained and who shouldn't, despite Bra being female. Maybe it was because Vegeta refused to let "Kakarot's spawn" beat his lineage... who knew.

"HEY!" Goten growled and launched at her, sending punches and kicks her way. Bra thanked her lucky stars that she had a father who refused to let any of his kids go without training to be able to withstand Goten's strong attacks and be able to counter nicely.

"Pan! Flank him!" Bra yelled, suddenly worried that Goten would overpower her. Goten, along with his brother, had always shown a potential for hidden powers within him and it was especially obvious when he got too stressed or was too into a sparing session. More than once his father or brother had to dodge a particularly powerful energy blast neither had been expecting from the little but dangerous tyke.

"Got it!" Pan called back and ran at her uncle at top speed, almost as if she were flying. Pan showed signs of becoming a powerful fighter as well, though she was much more in control of her power than Goten seemed to be. The first couple weeks had been a struggle between Videl and Chichi who fought over Pan's future. Chichi didn't want Pan to grow up like her father or grandfather but Videl refused to let Chichi have her way. Videl wanted Pan to have her individuality and choose her future for herself. Eventually, Chichi admitted defeat and let the mother of the child make the decisions. When Goten was born, Chichi had all but given up on her strict "study only" rule and even trained her youngest son a little herself.

"Hey! No fair! We aren't s'posed to team up!" Goten complained but was able to hold back his niece and best friend off pretty well. Meanwhile, Gohan stood next to Goku as they watched the youngsters play-spar in the backyard with amusement.

"You've been giving Pan really good lessons!" Goku observed with a proud smile.

"Goten's not bad either! I'm surprised how those three kids are so powerful at such a young age…" Gohan admitted, smiling as his little brother got dog-piled and half-laugh, half-protest as he was tickled by the merciless girls. It was not entirely known to the adults whether or not Goten let himself be overtaken by the girls so easily on purpose or not but otherwise, he didn't really seemed to complain too much about it anyway.

"Yeah but I think he's a bit soft with them… at least, he is with Bra… I think he likes her!" Goku giggled behind his hands, much like a child would do when spreading a rumor. Gohan smiled at his father's antics and wondered what Vegeta would think of another of "Kakarot's brats" crushing on his baby girl. He grinned at the image of steam coming out of the older Saiyan's ears and his face turning red.

"Say… are you planning on signing up for the tournament?" Gohan asked, swallowing an amused but displaced chortle at the very mean image of Vegeta's head exploding from overload and flicked his eyes over to his father. Goku smirked and shook his head at his son's question.

"Not this year. I'm still healing from the last tournament I fought you in, three years ago…" Goku said with much obvious exaggeration.

"Aw, come on, I didn't hit you that hard!" Gohan protested.

"Gohan… I was blind for two hours…" Goku reminded him dryly, though his eyes still twinkled with amusement.

Gohan laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Ah, well… I guess I did then. Honestly, I thought you could take it! Aren't you sparing with Vegeta and Trunks often nowadays? When I'm not working on Trunks' skills, Bulma says he's with you or Vegeta…" Gohan trailed off.

"Well, yeah, sure, but let's face it, neither are as much competition as you are… if I want to get better I either have to just keep fighting you or find another way to increase my strength…"

"What about the gravity room?" Gohan quipped.

"We're still trying to convince Bulma to make the gravity go over a thousand times earth's gravity… she's worried we'll get ourselves killed…" Goku kicked the dirt with a child-like pout while his eldest laughed next to him.

"GOHAN!" Goten called exasperatedly. Gohan looked up and saw Pan trying to catch her uncle's tail. Bra just sat by watching with amusement. Since the birth of the three children, beginning with Pan, the families had decided to risk letting their children keep their tails, knowing the benefits they got from them - so long as they were in doors before the moon came up, especially on a full moon night. While it wasn't needed if the moon wasn't full, it was a risk no one wanted to take until the figured out a way to control the change. Unfortunately, Vegeta refused to relinquish any information on that, firmly believing it was something every good Saiyan needed to learn on their own.

"What's wrong squirt?" Gohan called back, clearly missing what was bothering his little brother, on purpose. Gohan had long since warned his father and sibling about properly training the tails but Goku seemed to have forgotten this and Goten just brushed his brother's warning off.

"Help me! Pan's going to yank my tail again!" The Goku mini-me squealed, batting away his older sibling who was laughing at Goten's terror.

"Goten, if you would have listened to my warnings about training your tail before, then you wouldn't be having this problem," even as Gohan scolded his younger sibling he flew over and scooped his brother and his daughter in his arms. "Pan…" Gohan trailed off in a warning tone.

"Aww… okay… I'm sorry uncle Goten…" Pan crossed her arms and pouted.

Goten sighed and relaxed visibly. "S'okay," Gohan set his little brother down before he set his daughter down, knowing Pan would be mischievous enough to take the chance to grab her uncle's tail the moment she was set loose – most likely Vegeta's influence - this way Goten had a head start. "Thanks big brother!" Goten sighed in relief and ran off.

"Pan," Goku began, sporting his own form of warning tone – though it was still more or less in progress. It seemed to work on her pretty well though for she glanced over to him and gave him a resigned, sheepish look.

"I know, I know, I won't do it again. I promise grandpa," Pan promised, receiving an approving smile from her father and a kiss on her cheek by her grandfather before being released to go play again. Elsewhere Supreme Kai and his servant Kibito stopped their conversation to glance into the heavens nervously.

"Did you feel that?" Supreme Kai asked.

"Yes… should we tell the others?" Kibito suggested, referring to the other Kais and perhaps the guardian, Gohan.

"No. I believe it's too early, it could be anything for all we know. If there really is a problem, I'm sure we will be informed," The Kai elder said, nodding to himself.

"If you say so Master," Kibito responded, confident in the Supreme Kai's wisdom.

Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan took the children in to wait for dinner after they had accidentally blown up a large chunk of Bra's grandmother's garden. While the older woman had waved it away insisting that she had been meaning to replace those plants anyway; the younger Brief female however had given the children and the ones who were supposed to have been keeping an eye on them a good verbal lashing.

The nine, Bulma, Vegeta, Bra, Goku, Chichi, Goten, Gohan, Videl, and Pan would all be going to the airport the next morning, meeting up with their friends to watch the tournament. The elder Briefs, Ox-King, and a few of the others including Oolong, Puar, and Chautzu, had declined to go that year.

It was a shame that Trunks could not accompany the friends and family to the tournament for he had been attending Graduate School in Princeton, New Jersey for almost four years already and was due to graduate that winter. He was, however, going to attend the annual reunion party the friends and family all shared at the Brief's enormous home not too long after the tournament.

When dinner was called the group shuffled to the dining table and sat around a vast arrangement of foods. Because there were so many Saiyans at the table that night, it was almost impossible to see over the mountain of food to the other side of the table. This had to be done because of the enormous appetite Saiyans and half-Saiyans alike seemed to have. The children ate almost as much as the adults. Luckily, the food was devoured very quickly by the Saiyans, who seemed to inhale their food anyway, so it became easier to see each other around the table in no time.

When nighttime arrived the respective families bid each other goodnight and split up to go to their own rooms. It was announced that night that there would be a light drizzle, however, when that drizzle became a full-fledged severe thunderstorm and woke two of the three children, it was apparent that the weatherman was full of it. Pan was the one to wake up first. Pan gasped and shot up from her bed as a loud rumble of thunder all but shook the house and flashed wicked lightning across the darkness.

'I-Is papa powering-up?' She thought as she looked around wildly. She shut her eyes tight but felt, when she concentrated, that everyone was still asleep. 'Not everyone…' Pan crawled off her bed and tried tip-toeing her way through the hall to her uncle's room, however, when another mighty thunder sounded and lightning flashed as emphasis, Pan shot through the hall as fast as she could, thankful that she was light-weight and still made little sound as she went.

Pan found Goten sitting up under the blankets and shaking like a leaf. "Goten? Goten!" Pan whispered as she walked over to him, pulling down the covers. It seemed that Goten was trying really hard not to cry but puffed his little chest in front of his niece.

"I'm not scared," he declared bravely, but when the storm mocked him, laughing thunder and flashing its sharp bright teeth as lightning, Goten snatched the covers back and curled back under them. Elsewhere, in that same house Goku blinked awake, the distress from the children waking his senses. He yawned and stretched, careful not to wake Chichi as he gently got off his bed and walked into the hall. Goku could feel that Pan and Goten were awake and very afraid, he walked over to Goten's room and found them there, under the covers and staring into the darkness, flinching when lightning flashed.

"What's wrong you two?" Goku asked softly and was half-surprised when two little bodies of energy collided with him. "Hey, hey…" he soothed, hugging them both and trying to figure out a way to calm them down. While Goten and Pan stuck to Goku, the bigger Saiyan walked with them into the living-room where the fire-place was. He merely pointed a finger at it and with a small spark of energy, it roared into a blaze. He sat with them on a chair and faced the fire, hoping the welcoming crackle of the embers stayed their fear.

Only after sitting there quietly and keeping the children close for a while did they finally calm down enough to speak, at least Goten did. "D-Daddy I'm scared…" Goten whispered in fright; he clung to his father along with his niece, who clung just as tightly but without declaring her own fear.

"Aw, don't be afraid…" Goku said softly, patting his son and his granddaughter on the back. "Do you two want to know why there's so much light and loud noise during a storm?" He asked playfully, knowing a good story might help ease the children.

"Yes..." Goten answered as he and Pan curled themselves in Goku's arms.

"Alright. A long, long time ago – before me, or my grandpa, or his grandpa's grandpa was born, there was a mighty warrior on Earth, and he was known to the people to be the most powerful fighter ever, and had no equal-"

"Was he more powerful than you or papa?" Pan interrupted curiously.

Goku's eyes softened and he smiled tenderly. "Maybe… no one really knows. But what people did know then, was that he was ruthless; he was mean - he was a bully! Well, one day another warrior who never showed off or tried to best anyone decided he had enough of the bully's mean habits and wicked ways, so he offered the bully a challenge…

"The challenge was that whoever could beat the other first would have to leave… the problem was that they really were equal in strength and power and could never really defeat the other! So, they fought and fought until their battles carried them into the sky…" Goku paused and smirked, waiting for the children to catch on.

"Grandpa… are you saying that the thunder and lightning is the two warriors fighting in the sky?" Pan asked excitedly though part of her wasn't so sure she should believe him. Goku nodded sagely, trying to look as convincing as possible.

"That's right, Pan… the thunder is the sound of their strikes and the lightning is their Ki going off…" Goku explained with a grin.

"But what about when there is no thunder or lightning?" Goten asked, getting into the tale.

"If there's no thunder or lightning then they're taking a break… if there's one or the other that means one of them is getting tired…" Goku explained.

"Will one of them ever win?" Pan asked with wide eyes as she gazed up into her grandfather's eyes.

"No one knows… they've been at it for thousands and thousands of years… and it doesn't look like they're about to stop anytime soon… but don't worry; they often take long breaks to heal and rest," Goku grinned in victory at the satisfied looks in the kids' faces. Moments later the three looked up to see Bulma walk into the kitchen and heard her moving about and seemed to be preparing something. "She's probably making us cocoa!" Goku whispered happily, receiving excited looks from the kids, glad that they seemed to have forgotten about the storm outside.

"Hey, what's going on?" Gohan whispered from the hall as he emerged wearing a worried expression. He had been awoken sensing distress from the children and felt his father's Ki along with the two kids in the common room.

"Grandpa was telling us about the powerful warriors battling in the sky!" Pan explained excitedly and jumped and gasped when lightning flashed right by the home and thunder rattled them.

"Powerful warriors huh?" Gohan stated with a smirk, having heard the same story from his dad when he was much, much younger. Gohan looked outside and saw buckets of water pelt everything it touched. He glanced in the kitchen and saw Bulma preparing mugs with what smelled like chocolate and decided he would join the little party – they would all have to wake up in two hours anyway.

Bulma eyed the group knowingly as she entered the family room and set mugs of hot chocolate down on the table near them without a word. Goku and Gohan smiled in greeting as Gohan sat down on the couch, catching his daughter who flew into his arms and hid her face against her father's strong chest as another flash of lightning and rumble of thunder shook the atmosphere. "Its okay Pan, I've got you…" Gohan whispered into his daughter's hair as he kissed her head and smoothed her hair.

Not too long after, when everyone was seated and sipping on cocoa, did Videl joined them, having felt an absence in her bed. Videl smiled and smoothed her daughter's hair when Pan attached herself to her leg and walked with her into the kitchen to prepare her morning coffee. "Panny, don't be frightened, you know that nothing will ever harm you when we're all together," Videl said calmly, mixing sugar into her mug while idly caressing her daughter's cheek with her free hand.

As Bulma walked by the kitchen she saw Pan nodded in agreement before her view was obstructed by the hall as she walked toward her and Vegeta's room. When she got there she gasped softly and smiled warmly at the cutest and most unlikely thing she had ever seen, her eyes melted and heart soared at the tender scene. Even though he still held a stern expression in his sleep, Vegeta held Bra tucked in his arms with his chin resting on her head and her little fingers balled up against him, both sleeping soundly. Bra had obviously woken up as well and crept to her father's room. 'That is just SO cute! It's too bad I'm going to have to ruin this by waking them… oh well, it can't be helped,' Bulma thought regrettably as she walked over to the side of the bed.

Minutes later everyone, save for Vegeta who was grumbling sleepily in the shower, sat in the living room where sunlight finally began to show through clouds that were breaking up. "How much longer do we have to wait?" Pan asked from between her father and mother on the couch, thankful that the storm was finally over.

"Not long… We have about four hours until our flight leaves, Capsule Corps is an hour away from the airport… so we should leave in two hours." Chichi explained with a yawn, having been woken up by a disgruntled Vegeta. Really, did that man have to start yelling so early in the morning?

"We should all get ready to leave then, come on kids – bath time!" Videl announced as she stood and ushered the three groaning kids down the hall. In roughly two hours everyone was bathed, dressed, fed, and ready to leave. Soon the whole group would be reunited once again at the World's Martial Arts Tournament.

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