As Miranda woke up she could feel that the day would not be a good one. The night before had been disastrous; well it had started perfectly fine, but the end had been filled to the brim with unpleasant revelations. And they were all linked to one brown haired former employee.

For God's sake, she was old enough to be the girl's mother; it was unseemly for her to even entertain the thought, and then of course, she held a position where any kind a affiliation with Andrea would be difficult at best, as for the worst, Miranda really didn't want to think of it.

Still she couldn't deny that just the thought of the younger woman sent her heart racing. No, she mustn't give this any consideration because really, what could she possibly have to offer Andrea?

Yes, Miranda was well aware that, on the surface she seemed like a catch, but she also had a withering reputation of not being approachable, an image she had worked hard to obtain and she wasn't about to throw away decades of painstakingly attained image and control for a girl half her age who, for all intents and purposes couldn't even stand the sight of her.

No, she would regain control and move on. She would absolutely not think about how Andrea looked in that slightly outdated Versace dress, or how her beautiful, long, silky brown hair had cascaded down her back, or how the younger woman's eye's had seemed so choked and lost in the brief moment they had looked eye's. No absolutely not.

How could she have been so careless, had her two previous marriages taught her nothing? Logically Miranda knew all this was a futile exercise but her heart was another matter. At that thought Miranda had to laugh, if the world were to discover that she had a passionate heart, they would probably interpret it as one of the signs of the apocalypse.

As things were, a shower before she had to go to the park with the twins was sounding very appealing right about now. Standing under the hot water, letting it relax tense muscles, her thought again reverted back to the vision Andrea had been the night before.

God the girl was exquisite, Miranda had once called her the fat smart girl, but now all Miranda could recall was endless plains of pale skin and soulful brown eye's that had branded her at the benefit. Well, it seemed like her mind was going to go rough on her as well, so much for being able to trust logic to help her get out of this mess.

Stepping out of the shower stall she decided that if neither her heart nor her mind was willing to let the young woman go then some kind of resolution had to be reached, but not now, now she was going to dress and then spend her Saturday with her two precious daughters.

After dressing and applying her make-up she descended the stairs and entered the kitchen were the twins were eating their breakfast while waiting for her. They both looked up briefly as she entered the kitchen, but quickly turned their attention back to the food with an enhanced vigor.

Miranda knew they had been looking forward to this for days and to be truthful so had Miranda. Her precious girls were the one thing in her life that seemed a constant, Irv could try taking Runway from her, her husbands could leave, but her two darling girls were the one thing she knew she would never regret.

Sipping the last of her coffee Miranda ushered the girls out to get their coats and they were off to the park.

The outing had been enjoyable even though she had spent most of it on a bench watching Caroline and Cassidy run around the park.

It had been a joy, for once being there when her children were happy, and full of energy, so much so that after a couple of hours of running and jumping both girls were exhausted and that showed on their drive back to the house, both girls had been very quiet but for once the silence hadn't been uncomfortable or strained, as it had been on so many other occasions. No, it had been cordial without silent accusations or anger, a change Miranda hoped she was able to keep.

Now they were back and the twins had had their lunch and then disappeared up to their rooms which left Miranda to get some work done. However the will to get anything done eluded her, and her thoughts kept returning to Andrea.

She really had a decision to make: how was she going to get rid of her feelings for Andrea, and was that really what she wanted?

She knew it would be for the best if she just forgot all about what she called her greatest disappointment, but it seemed that her mind was determined to disobey, not only by not forgetting but by conjuring images of Andrea and how she had looked last night.

Sitting alone in her study, Miranda could admit that seeing Andrea flee from her once again had hurt more than it should have. But as it seemed that her heart was in on the mutiny designed to overthrow her better judgment, what she really needed at this point was a plan on how best to approach the girl.

That, however, was easier said than done as it had been very clear that it had been Miranda's presence at the party that had sent the girl flying out the door. But somehow Miranda would get the young woman to at least listen to what she had to say, whether the journalist liked it or not.

Decision made she was then able to get at working on The Book, all the while a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. She had no doubt that she would get an opportunity to speak with Andrea one on one, after all there were perks of being the ruling Queen of fashion and she was not above using that power to her advantage. But then it hit her, what was it exactly she wanted from the girl, and what was she willing to settle for?

Well certainly her feeling were not platonic and she didn't think she would be able to handle if the other woman only would accept friendship from her, that much she did know. The rest well she'd just have to see where things went, even if she loathed doing so.

Now almost done with work for the day, she had promised her girls that they would have dinner and then watch a movie of each of the twins' choice in the entertainment room. And she would do just that, but come tomorrow she would be planning how to approach Andrea, the thought sent a pleasant shiver through her body. Oddly enough she was looking forward to the thrill of the chase.

Decision made she closed The Book and went in search of her girls.