Hello people! Sorry I haven't been writing much lately, procrastination strikes again! This fic was inspired by a boy in my geometry class and his name shall not be mentioned because I'm sure he didn't mean to inspire a fanfiction. I shall refer to him as JN because it is easier to type. One day JN was late to Geometry and when he walked through the door kind of limping the teacher asked him what happened. JN told us his story of why he was late and most of us were laughing quite a lot. Anyways, the way JN told his story made me think 'Ok this sounds to much like a fanfiction lemon not to write down!' and thus L had a Dirty Mind was born. And yes some of Light's lines are actual quotes from JN. Please enjoy.

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(My random imput)

"So what happened again Light?" Matsuda asked, not noticing Ryuzaki just walking into the room. Light sighed and began to tell Matsuda the story all over again.

"Well the guy hit me from behind. It was completly unexpected and I didn't see it coming."

Upon hearing that Ryuzaki froze to listen to what happened to Light.

"He slid into me and slammed me really hard. Jerked me around a bit, and it really hurt. If it wern't for the belt strapping me down it probably would have been a lot worse."

'He was tied up? Well if he did fight this man, he would have gotten hurt more. I didn't believe Light was a fan of bondage though...' (L, there is bondage in all my stories.)

Ryuzaki began to ponder Light's feelings about bondage but decided to put that off for another time.

"But Light you could have been killed!" Matsuda shouted in worry about Light's attack.

"Well I'm ok, and besides it's not like he could have helped it."

'Couldn't have helped it!? Light he raped you, I think he could have helped it!' Ryuzaki screamed in his mind.

"Well you know who did it right? Who did it!" Matsuda asked.

"Of corse I know who it was!"

'That means this person used his relationship with Light-kun to get close to him and...' He dared not to think of the details, who knows what results that may have.

"His name is Mikami Teru."

"LIGHT-KUN WE MUST REPORT THIS RAPE RIGHT AWAY!" Ryuzaki shouted. Matsuda and Light just looked at him like he was crazy.

"What are you talking about!? I was rear ended in a car accident!"

Ryuzaki was silent and then just said,


"He's a really nice guy, he treated me to dinner. It was great."

"Ryuzaki just got up from his seat and began to walk out of the room when he heard Light say to Matsuda,

"And the sex wasn't bad either."

Ok I had fun writing that! Yes JN was rear ended in a traffic accident. He, unlike Light didn't know who it was, and was not taken to dinner and then have sex with the guy who rear ended him. I miss my geometry class, there were so many yaoi moments in that class... and there are none in any of my other classes. JN was only hurt a little, (He only had a bit of pain, no cuts or bruises.) and was fine the next day. He was a great inspiration for some of my yaoi fics. He may be one of our many class clowns, but he sure knows how to inspire a yaoi fanfic.

Anyways that's enough rambling, please Read and Review!