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Chapter 1: How I Feel

Years have passed since darkness fled the lands thanks to Spyro and Cynder. Despite the fact that Spyro and Cynder drove the forces of the Dark Master away and killed the Dark Master himself, they were still placed in the temple for schooling and training. When the two young dragons asked why, the Guardians always replied with, "In case another darkness threatens the Realms."

Spyro and Cynder stopped believing that after they heard it for the fifth hundred time and realized that the Guardians had nothing else to do besides teaching the large number of dragons that flooded to the Dragon City after their victory over Malefor.

The biggest reason why the two stopped believing the Guardians' answer was the fact that not a single creature threatened to Realms in over six years. Spyro and Cynder knew that their training would ultimately end in a year or two since they would be too old to be taught. They were both eighteen years of age and have grown a lot since Malefor's defeat.

Spyro stood about seven feet tall and was bulkier due to the amount of muscles that he gained over six years of training. His golden horns grew and were about two feet long. His wings were larger as well giving him a sixteen-foot wingspan.

Cynder was only six feet, which was typical of female dragons to be smaller than the males. She was leaner than Spyro as most females were built, so she could keep her advantage of speed and agility. Her horns grew rapidly and were about three feet long and the two other sets were slightly smaller. Her wings were about the same size of Spyro's.

Spyro and Cynder fit in well other the new dragons and quickly became the friends of all. Of course in the teenage years dragons are looking for those that they would spend their life with. Most of the choices are poorly made based on popularity and looks that end up failing in a few months or sooner. There are those that do last though.

One of Spyro and Cynder's friends was a pink dragoness named Ember. She was one of the first to arrive at the temple about four years ago. She was a beautiful dragon that most guys would want to have as a partner in life, but she refused to see any of them since she had crush on Spyro.

Another friend of Spyro and Cynder's was Flame. He was a strong dragon with red scales and was like a brother to Spyro. He came to the temple a few weeks after Ember did and was able to fit in well. The four was a close group of friends. A group that seemed to be linked forever through their friendship.

Spyro, Cynder, Ember, and Flame were hanging out in some fields that were at the border of the territory of Warfang. They fooled around either playing a game or training with each other. They had just finished with some mock fights when they decided to rest. They lay on the grass and looked up at the sky. All of them lost in their own private thoughts. The sun began to set and they group dispersed going to their own home for the night.

A short time later Spyro entered his home on the upper levels of the city. He locked the door as he entered and went upstairs to his room. He looked at the simple room before him. It had a large window on one wall. A bed that was big enough for two sat in a corner. A bookshelf and large desk sat against another wall. A pair of chairs sat before the desk. The desk also sported a lamp on it along with a stack of papers and a well of ink.

Spyro walked over to the window and opened it. The warm summer breeze gently blew in. The streets were quieting down and soon the only noise came from the lazily blowing wind. Spyro closed his eyes and enjoyed the breeze and reflected on the day.

He smiled as he remembered playing around with his closest friends. He stopped his reflection when his mind came to Ember. The beautiful pink dragoness he had known for many years. There were so many things that the two have done together. In fact he was the first dragon she met in city, the first to train with her, and the first one to be her friend.

He sat down on his bed and laid back. He closed his eyes again and remembered when he first trained with her.


Spyro was standing in a training ring with Ember across from him. Cynder and the guardians were the only other dragons at the city of Warfang at the time and were watching.

Ignitus began to the duel and Ember leapt at Spyro. Spyro evaded the attack and he swung his tail low. He was instructed by the guardians to give her a workout to see how well she was in combat, but he wasn't to go too far.

Ember leapt over his tail and landed on it. Spyro growled in pain and swung a claw at her. She moved back in time to evade, but Spyro had put a lot of energy into that attack, mostly from the pain. Spyro dove forward with his horns and Ember simply moved aside and swung her tail under him, knocking Spyro to the ground. She pinned him to the ground and Ignitus ended the fight.

Afterwards Spyro asked her, "How did you learn to fight like that?"

"A girl got to be able to protect herself," she smiled with a wink.

Flashback end…

Spyro smiled as he thought of that. There was something to that pink dragoness that demanded his attention. He seemed to be drawn to her for an unknown reason. He knew that he liked her, but the reason seemed to elude him still. Suddenly something hit him. What was that wink? He had no idea at the time, but could it have meant something important? Or was it just a friendly thing? Spyro was guessing that it meant that she liked him back then, but then that was what happened with most female dragons when he was younger. They all wanted to be with him. Spyro decided to ignore it and went to sleep.

Ember was sitting up stairs in her room at her home. She was writing in her journal.

Well today went by a all the others do, nothing that really stood out of the ordinary. Spyro, Cynder, Flame, and I were out in the fields again training with each other again. After some time we stopped and enjoyed the clouds. I don't know why, but they seemed to be so relaxing. I…

Her thought disappeared on her as she reflected on the today's events. She barely could remember the things that took place.

She closed her journal and placed the feather back in the well of ink. She sat down in a chair by the window and looked out onto the starry sky. Her mind drifted from topic to topic until it reached a deep and secret topic.

"Spyro," she whispered to herself.

She felt warm inside as she thought of the purple dragon that she loved. There was something about him that she liked about him that she never could pinpoint.

A shooting star crossed the sky and she remembered the belief that if you prayed to the Ancestors while a shooting star was visible the prayer will come true.

"Ancestors," Ember started, "I pray for a life with the one I love. Please let him notice me and the feelings I have for him and let him feel the same for me. Thank you."

The star faded into the darkness of the night and Ember retired for the night.