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Chapter 7: New Relations

The Council returned to their places after Ember had made her statement. Flame was watching from the audience and was furious that Ember loved Spyro. He waited though, hoping the High Elder would continue to side with Flame on this manner. The pay to 'convince' a dragon elder wasn't cheap; hopefully Perturis had enough to keep the Council on the high elder's side.

He listened intently to Perturis as he read the sentencing.

"This Council finds Spyro not guilty of the charges placed before us. You are…free to go."

Flame's eyes widened in shock and fear. "No he can't be allowed to live! He must die! I must be with Ember!"

Spyro and Ember held each other, which only made Flame's anger increase. They broke and walked out, walking right past him, not noticing him at all.

Flame exited after a few dozen people left, hoping to blend into the crowd. Once outside Flame quickly made his way back it his home. Once he got home he went into his room and began pacing, trying to find anything that would allow him to get Spyro killed.

He knew that he couldn't directly attack Spyro since Spyro was stronger than he was both physically and elementally. Political intervention was now out of the question. Killing him in his sleep probably wouldn't work since he would probably be with Ember now. Either he would move in with her or she would move in with him. Both ways eliminated that option since Ember would probably see him commit the crime. The only other option was to hire someone else to kill Spyro. It would take him several weeks though to find anyone in that business since they mostly keep underground and out of the public's immediate sight. He did know a few places to start his search though.

"One way or another Spyro you will pay," Flame swore, "Even if it costs me my life. I swear it." He stabbed the tail spike into his right palm, letting it bleed. He clenched his fist and said, "I swear on my life."

"There was…one other idea" Flame thought, "What if Cynder found out that Ember and Spyro were together? I know she wants to be with him. Her support would make things more smooth."

He concluded it was the best idea for the moment and left for Cynder's.

Spyro was lying on Ember's couch in the living room with the pink dragoness in his forearms. He moved her into the living a short time ago; luckily she hadn't been disrupted from her sleep. Ember was asleep with her head resting on Spyro chest. Spyro had wrapped his wings around her to provide some extra warmth.

Spyro had spent the last several hours with her. Despite her resting the whole time he simply enjoyed be with her. Spyro watched the rising and falling of her chest and its rhythmic pattern. Spyro laid his head back onto a pillow and closed his eyes to get some rest as well.

In truth the events of today wore him out, not to mention the killer headache he got from resisting the guards. It was better than being in prison though. His thoughts were disrupted as Ember began to stir under him.

Spyro whispered, "You ok?"

Ember opened an eye and smiled at him. "Of course I am. I have you as a pillow," Ember replied jokingly.

"Hey you choose to rest your head there," Spyro shot back in a playful manner, "If you don't like it you can find a better pillow."

"I guess I will," Ember said. She shifted herself so she was next to Spyro and rested her head on his neck and purred, "I found a better pillow."

"Good for you," Spyro replied.

"How are you doing?" Ember asked.

"Good," Spyro returned.

"Even after all that the guards did?" she asked him.

Spyro sighed, "Not exactly, but I'll live."

"Well what's wrong?" she pressed.

"Don't worry about it," Spyro smoothly said.

"No Spyro tell me," Ember demanded, "If you're hurting I should know. I want to be there for you as you are going be to there for me."

Spyro sighed again, "It's just a bad headache."

"And?" Ember continued knowing that there was more.

"Ember I don't want you to worry about me too much," Spyro stated, "I'll be fine tomorrow."

"Spyro I know you too well to know that that's all that is wrong with you," Ember countered, "What's wrong?"

"It's just that why would a dragon elder be so intent on making me guilty?" Spyro asked.

"I haven't the slightest idea," Ember replied, "Don't dwell on this Spyro. We are together now. Get some rest I know you didn't get any rest when I was resting."

"Ok," Spyro said as he laid his head on hers.

"I'll wake you up when it's time for dinner," Ember told him.

"Thanks," Spyro replied.

Cynder sat in her room at her home writing on a scroll. It had been a past time for her when she wasn't with her friends. The bookshelf next to her desk were she worked at was brimming with scrolls that she had completed.

Cynder heard a knock at the door and placed her feather back in the ink well at the top right corner of the desk. She made her way to the front room and opened the door. Flame stood before her and entered. Cynder closed the door behind him and directed him to the small living room. Flame sat down and said nothing for a minute or two. When Cynder asked if something was wrong he responded, "How would you feel if you found out that Spyro left you to be with Ember?"

"I…I would be crushed," Cynder replied, "Why do you ask that?"

"Spyro was placed on trail for attacking Ember according to the elders. I went to watch hoping that Spyro would not be locked up," Flame lied at the true hopes of Spyro's fate, "Ember came in and saved Spyro by providing a defense, ultimately leading up to her saying that she love him. Spyro admits to loving her as well."

Cynder looked at him with surprise at the event, "And what happened?"

"Spyro was not found guilty and is now with Ember," Flame responded.

"Why did you come here to tell me this?" Cynder asked.

"Because we now share a common interest," Flame responded, "Do you want to get back at the one who betrayed you?"

Cynder thought for a moment about what Flame was proposing. She still loved Spyro, but she did want to get back at him for how he just dumped her.

"Yes," Cynder whispered.

"Good," Flame said, "Now we just have to wait for a few months to keep this all from being related to recent events. We will catch them off guard this way."

"Why do need them off guard?" asked Cynder.

"I don't want Spyro to ruin this. He is the one who would pick on this. He has a gift for finding out such things. I want Ember and him to get a clear message that they shouldn't have just cast us aside so easily," Flame went on, "That's all we will do to them."

"We aren't going to kill them right?" Cynder questioned.

Flame quickly responded, "No, not unless they try to kill us."

Cynder looked at Flame and noticed that he was hurting inside. She got off the cough and sat in front of Flame asking, "Flame what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he coldly said, "Nothing is wrong with me."

"Flame you're one of my best friends I can tell that there is something wrong," Cynder countered.

Flame closed his eyes and tears began to fall from his face, "It's just that I loved her so much and she just left like that."

"I know Flame," Cynder replied embracing him, "It was a terrible thing for both of them to do. I'll be here for you Flame."

"Thank you Cynder," Flame said.

Cynder locked lips with him and when they broke she asked, "So what is your plan?"


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