"If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." Obi-Wan Kenobi said as he continued his fight with his former apprentice. After a final glance at the son of the man who had been like a brother to him, he moved his lightsaber to the En Garde position and awaited his death.

When he opened his eyes, he expected to find his former master Qui-Gon welcoming him to the afterlife, instead there was...

The one room of the Jedi Temple he had the fondest memories of. There was all of his friends from childhood. In the corner chewing on a doll was Bant. In the middle of the room rolling a ball back and forth were Garen and Quinlan, and over on the opposite side knocking down a tower of blocks (much to the dismay of Master Drallig) was his childhood enemy Bruck Chun.

The afterlife was much better than he thought it would be.

He ran out into the hall, it was completely intact, as it had been before the purges. Masters he hadn't seen in decades wandered along the corridors. He was so happy he could hug everybody. He ran through the corridors hugging everyone he could catch. There was Master Kota, Master C'baoth, some non-human Jedi he didn't recognize, Master Qui-Gon and a Padawan that looked suspiciously like Xanatos, Master Windu, and Master Yoda.

Master Yoda?!

Wasn't Yoda still alive last time he checked?

The Chancellor barely restrained himself from yawning as he went down the list. There were better things he could do with his time than introducing new senators from nowhere planets. He was now at the beginning of the Nems, and seriously wishing this were over already. Next up is the new senator from the backwater called Naboo.

"Introducing Cos Palp-" the Chancellor began before he was interrupted by the sound of a lightsaber activating.

The words "I won't let you destroy the galaxy again! Die! Die! Die!" rang out through the Senate chamber.

The Senate was understandably shocked that the Senator from Naboo had been cut down by a toddler with a lightsaber right before their eyes.