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No P.O.V

Leonardo was a little... concerned. When his Sensi had come out of his room for tea, he'd seemed to have something on his mind and the Foot had been pretty quiet recently – but maybe that is what's bothering him. It was possible, but Leo couldn't help but think that it was something else.

So when his brothers were busy, he went to talk to Splinter.

Leo knocked quietly on his father's door and went in when he heard Splinter told him to do so.

Leo keeled in front of the old rat.

"What is the matter my son? You seem worried." Splinter commented.

"I just thought that maybe something was bothering you, since your mind seemed to be else where during tea." Leonardo told him, not meeting the rat's gaze.

Splinter sighed and decided to tell his beloved son the truth. Leonardo had looked up as soon as he heard Splinter's sigh.

"I believe a creature of great power has come to New York, my son. A female 'belief creature'." Leonardo looked confused.

"I don't understand Sensi, what is a 'belief creature'? What does she want?" He asked, trying to understand what his father was telling him.

"A 'belief creature' my son, is a very powerful creature indeed. I suppose you could say they are many creatures in one. The creatures that many believe only exist in stories, legends and man's imagination. Werewolves, vampires, mermaids, fairies, dragons those sort of creatures and many others as well as varying types of the same creature as a child may imagine another kind of dragon or the way they are pictured, the things they can do differ. They are very complex creatures. Even if she was explaining it to you, I doubt you could fully understand what she is. As for what she wants, that I don't know but she doesn't know of us, so she isn't coming deliberately to fight us."

Leonardo tried to rid the pictures of all the monsters he had believed in as a child. He wondered if he had given this creature even more power by being afraid of the monsters that had haunted his nightmares. If he had given her a new monster she could be. He shook his head to rid himself of such thoughts.

He wished his father goodnight and retreated to his own room.

It was well past midnight and he needed some sleep for training tomorrow.

He felt a childish desire to keep the light on. He shook himself, feeling stupid for being so scared and relieved that Raph would never know about it.

He turned of the light and went to sleep.

He dreamed of monsters that night.