It was a cold and chilly winter night at the Asakura inn. All were sound asleep but one was tossing and turning under his covers. Sweat, pain, and fear were shown on this young boys face. Any one could tell that he was having a very unpleasant nightmare. The noise from the tossing and turning and the small whimpers caused one of his room mates to awaken.

"Ren are you ok," the blue haired kid asked shaking Ren trying to awaken "wake up pointy."

And with those last words Ren awoke "what do you want Horo-Horo," even though Ren sounded pissed he seemed relived.

"To go to sleep, but you were making such a racket it woke me up," Horo-Horo said angrily but it seemed like he was worried about what could frighten Ren.

"Fine just go back to sleep," Ren lay down on his cot "I won't awaken you again."

Horo-Horo went to sleep as Ren stared up at the ceiling restlessly. Several hours had passed and now Ren was watching the sun rise from outside the window. It was finally morning and Ren sluggishly went down stairs to get himself something to eat but instead he saw Ryu place a plate on the table with scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, and a glass of orange juice.

"Morning," Ryu said as Ren sat down.

"Morning," Ren pushed the orange juice away "can I get milk instead."

"Sure here you go," Ryu placed the milk in front of Ren, "can you tell me what was disturbing you last night."

"It was just a bad dream," Ren let out a sigh when he thought that Ryu wasn't buying it "I'll tell you when I finish eating."

Everyone came down and then Ren finished while everyone continued to eat. Ren walked up to Ryu placed his clean plate in front of him then walked off towards his room.

"What's wrong with Shorty," asked Horo-Horo.

"I don't know I'll go find out," Ryu said as he walked up the stairs and saw Ren sitting in the middle of the room, Ryu sat in a chair near the door and looked at Ren "so why were you so scared."

"I was," Ren was now looking frightened.


Ryu now looked concerned.

"I killed everyone" Ren looked back at Ryu "I didn't stop my attacks were relentless, and every time I fell asleep the images got more gruesome and I didn't want to believe that I was capable of such things anymore… I."

Ren was now on his hands and knees pounding his right fist into the ground cursing himself and he began to cry.

Ryu walked towards Ren and reached his hand out to consol the crying child in front of him but his hand was smacked away "get the hell away from me,"" Ren looked up then began to pound his fist into the ground again "leave me alone."

Ren began to curse himself again then as Ryu left Jun rushed into the room. She held Ren close while he cried till he fell asleep so now he rest on her lap.