"Name yourself," Lee-Bailong said as everyone except for Ren and Jun prepared for battle.

"Sorry but I must leave before I get into even more trouble, "Pleasant dreams Tao Ren," there was a sence of venom in his tone when he spoke to Ren.

Ren stood up to try and catch the intruder "Get back…Aughh!" Ren used his hands to try and stop the throbbing in his head, a second later he collapsed and fell with a loud 'thud' "Please stop, please I can't fight anymore."

"Please Ren wake up," Jun started shaking Ren to try and awaken him.

"Leave him be Jun," Faust said as he ran into the room, he knelt by Ren then lifted him up and placed him on the bed that he was on before the intruder came. Faust then placed a damp towel on rens forehead.

"Faust what is wrong with my brother," Jun said as she caressed his cheek.

"Well he is having a nightmare that conflicts with his heart and is causing him to fear and fell pain," Faust explained , "To keep it simple he is most likely under a spell that makes him have these nightmares and cause him pain."

Jun then moved her hand down to try and replace the no longer wet towel on Ren's forehead but ren grabbed her wrist "Please sis make these nightmares stop," Ren had several beads of sweat rolling down his face.

"Faust can you help him," Yoh asked as he walked in the room from the doorway.

"There is nothing I can do but if we can find the one who did this to him we may be able to reverse the spell," Faust looked at Ren and saw into his pleading eyes.

"Faust please don't you have anything that can help me sleep peacefully," Faust looked away he almost looked like he was about to cry, "Please Faust just for tonight."

"Fine," Faust stood up and called for his beloved Eliza "My dear get me a strong sedative," Eliza handed him a needle with a green liquid, "This may sting," Faust then injected the sedative into Ren's arm and Ren fell into a deep sleep.