A/N: Everyone is writing fanfic these days! This story contains no, well, story. It's mostly a pile of facts. My take on life in the Epilogue. Mostly keep with JKR, but putting my own spin on it!

Chapter 1:

Harry smiled as he thought back on his life. He had married his soul mate, Ginny Weasley. He had actually debated taking her name, rather than her taking his. But in the end she had said, truly enough, that there were enough Weasleys around! They had a total of five children. His first three, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, and his last two, Holly Ruby, and Arthur Charles, had about ten years between them. Just before Lily's last year before Hogwarts he and Ginny had decided they were NOT ready for an empty house. And thus they had decided on more kids.

They had carefully chosen each child's Godparents. Harry's Godfather had meant so much to him, and his own godson meant so much to Harry, that this was very important to him. James' had taken no thinking or considering, at all. Who else but Harry's best friends could he choose? Ron and Hermione were very honored and solemn when they accepted. They knew how important godparents were to Harry. Albus' took a bit longer to decide. They had finally chosen Hagrid, Harry's first friend in the Wizarding World- really the first friend he'd ever had, but Harry didn't think about that. His godmother was Minerva. She'd been positively gob smacked. Lily had gotten Neville & Luna. Holly's godparents were Bill & Fleur. Artie, as he was called, had George & Angelina. Harry had insisted on a long list of Guardian options should something happen to him and Ginny. His kids would never experience something like the Dursleys. Ron and Hermione agreed to raise any and all of their kids under 20 should something happen. Molly and Arthur were second choice, followed by George and Angelina, Neville and Hannah, and Bill and Fleur.

Those five were not Harry's only kids, really. He had his godson, Teddy, who was orphaned at the Battle of Hogwarts. His Goddaughter Rose, Ron & Hermione's first child. Not to mention his nephew, Hugo who, being Ron & Hermione's son spent a lot of time with Harry. The "Golden Trio" and Ginny still made time to get together every week, and there was the Family dinner at the Burrow every other week. Sometimes they had the guys & girls night, sometimes it was the four of them, and sometimes it was couples night. But he & Ginny had also adopted a couple orphans. Their was Samuel, a nine year old Muggle-born boy, to whom Harry was "Uncle Harry", and a four year old girl named Elizabeth, to whom Harry became "dad".

Maybe it came from being the sons & daughters of the "Savior of the Wizarding World", the most famous wizard after Merlin, but each of his children had gone on to do amazing things. James was too much like his uncles and Harry's own father. A prankster. Harry had been told by Minerva that he couldn't have jinxed himself worse to have a prankster son if he'd named him "Fredrick George", after the infamous Weasley Twins, but Harry didn't mind. He had, however, sat down with him and laid down his rules of pranking. 1) No Bullying. This meant that no single target could be pranked more than once a month or so. He'd not have his kids behaving like Dudley. Or treating others like his dad had treated Snape. That was Harry's Number One Rule. And though Harry was not big on grounding his kids, they still knew better than to disobey him. He was not harsh, nor would he prevent them from doing what they wanted with their life, but he could yell with temper like any other Weasley. Which, really, he was a Weasley. He never called any of his brothers "in-laws", for he'd been adopted long before he'd married Ginny.

James looked like his dad a lot, the messy hair, the eye glasses, and similar facial features. But he had his mother's red hair, though just as untidy as his dad's. James, like all Potter kids, played Quidditch. He chose to play Chaser, and made it on to the Gryffindor House Team in his second year, made Captain in his fifth. On both Occasions Harry & Ginny had graced him with a new broom. Not wanting to waste his old brooms, James had passes them on to his brother and sister. After Hogwarts James had chosen to play professionally. He played for a team called the "Hollow Hurricanes", as they lived not in Godric's Hollow itself, Harry had shuddered to live in a town with a stature of himself, but in a nearby town similar to it with a heavy Wizarding population. (Ron & Hermione lived just down the road; the Trio had not wanted to split up at all) James also played for England in the World Finals. With him on the team they almost made it to the World Cup. A few years later he wasn't the only Potter on the England Team, and they HAD made it to the World Cup, and WON! James had retired his Quaffle after that, and had opened up a specialty Quidditch store in Hogsmeade. He married a local girl and had kids of his own, making time to see his parents every month.

Albus looked even more like his dad than James. He had black untidy hair, green eyes, though not hidden behind glasses. Albus was quieter than his older brother (by 3 years). He too, inherited the Quidditch gene. But chose not to play for the Gryffindor House team until James had left. He played Reserve Keeper, at his request, and only played twice. He was an excellent student, who obeyed rules, usually, and yet did not bother those who did not follow rules. He was made a prefect, and Head Boy. He was given a new trunk with additional compartments including a room he made into a library & study room for making Head Boy, and a new broom for making prefect, as his parents knew he loved to fly and would play reserve that year. He went on to be a Healer, specializing in Dark Arts Healing. He worked on Aurors who'd been hit on the job, and other victims of Dark Magic. He married an Auror whose partner had been in a magical coma for a while after being hit with a Dark Curse.

Lily looked mostly like her mother. Brown eyes, soft curled hair, though hers was a darker auburn hair like her grandmother Lily. Lily was a Daddy's girl. She played Seeker, and was a very good one. The only reason she did not play her first year at Hogwarts was that she did not want to steal her father's only spot in Quidditch Record Books. She knew he could have played for England, but was too busy saving the world. So she played her second year, receiving a new broom for making the team. She heard the idiots saying she only made it because James was captain, but ignored them, they were crazy to think James would appoint a second rate player even if it WAS his sister. She made prefect and Quidditch Captain in her sixth year, taking over for her cousin, Fred. She was given a top-of-the-line broom for making captain, as her father knew she wanted to play professionally, and a new wand holster for making prefect, as she also wanted to be an Auror. All Harry's kids had wand holsters; they'd gotten them with their wands. They look like a wide bracelet resting about an inch and a half from their wrist. The holster has a non-noticeable expanded compartment, and they could barely feel the wand was their. Her new holster looked like, and was a watch so it was less noticeable and even allowed her to use her wand without taking it out of its holster! Lily played for another professional Quidditch team than her brother. But she too played for England in the World Championships, making it to the World Cup, catching the snitch and winning the game. She continued to play after James retired, winning another World Cup. Then she went on to Auror training. She preferred direct confrontation and did not specialize in spying. Though she did become an Animagus, on the Aurors Restricted Animagus List, no one but a high-ranking Auror could view that list, thus most did not know that Lily was a wolf Animagus. She married Frank Longbottom, who was a Ministry-Law-Enforcement MLE agent. It's like the police, a MLE agent, to the FBI, an Auror.

Holly looked just like her mother, with slightly darker hair that was untidy like her dad's, and her dad's green eyes. She too, played Quidditch. She played Chaser for Gryffindor starting in her fourth year. She liked pranks too much to be a prefect, but she did make Quidditch captain in her seventh year. Also receiving a special gift from her parents for it. She chose to go into the Ministry, the only Potter to do so without being an Auror. She went into the Department for Experimental Magic. She helped develop many useful spells for Aurors, spells to detect those under the Imperious Curse, spells to better trap Dark wizards, and many more. She married a Ravenclaw from her year.

Arthur was the baby of the family, four years younger than Holly, twenty years younger than James. He did not prank, but he did laugh at the pranks his siblings pulled. He was a good student, who didn't work too hard. He played beater for Gryffindor starting in his fifth year. He was not a prefect or captain, but he did not feel inadequate at all. He trained to be an Auror after Hogwarts, but never intended to be an Auror for long. He served actively for four years. Fighting a few wizards his dad called "mini-Darkies", not a threat as big as Riddle had been and they'd been alone, but not friendly either. After four years the position he'd really wanted opened up, and he changed his Auror status to "Reserve" and went to Teach Defense at Hogwarts. Harry stopped coming to "teach" every year after that, telling Arthur he was too good, but still came every couple of years. Arthur married Oliver Wood's niece who worked in the Department for Magical Games & Sports.