A/N - This story is cowritten with Eric-Delko's-little-girl-4-eva

"I can't believe you hooked up with Ryan's younger cousin," stated Jen to Christi as they walked out of the school at the end of the school day.

Christi just blushed. "He is SOOOOOO much cuter than Ryan."

As they kept on walking, they past some angels that they couldn't see. "Speaking of which, there goes our next assignment angel babes," said the black skinned one named Tess. "The boyfriend that they're talking about is not the type of guy you'd want to spend a lot of time around and it's our job to make sure that things don't get out of hand."

"So who's the boyfriend," asked Gloria, the newest and most innocent out of five angels.

"See that guy coming out of the school," replied Tess pointing over to the front doors. "His name is Thomas Wolfe. The only person who's ever tried to teach him right from wrong is his Uncle Ryan."

"You mean that guy that those two girls were talking about," asked Monica, her Irish accent heavy. Tess nodded.

"How bad are we talking," pushed Andrew. Tess just shrugged

"I guess we'll find out soon enough," replied Rafael.

Christi's House – 6pm

"I'm so glad we don't have homework this weekend," stated Christi with a sigh as images of what could possibly happen on her date that night flashed through her head.

"I can't believe Eric actually let you go on the date with as few questions as he had."

"No kidding. Which outfit do you like better Jen," Jen pointed to one with a black skirt and a sparkling royal blue top.

"We're home," called Eric as he and Horatio walked in the front door. Both girls ran downstairs to give them big hugs.

After the girls greeted their fathers they ran back up to Christi's room and she got changed. When she came down and Eric saw how short the skirt was he stopped her.

"Go put jeans or a longer skirt on," Eric said.

"Dad," complained Christi.

"What's wrong with what she's wearing," questioned Jen. "It looks fine to me."

"Wearing that is basically giving guys ideas about having sex with you, which I'm not going to allow," Eric continued. "Go change that now." Christi reluctantly went to go change.

When she came back down she had a face on and she was pissed. She thought she had looked fine and it took her forever to pick out the outfit. "What have I told you about sulking like that," scolded Eric when he saw the look on her face. Christi just made a face at him and flopped on the couch just to have the door bell ring right then.

"I'll get it," she called as she got up and ran to the door. "Tommy!" She threw her arms around him.

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah. Bye dad. I'll be home by nine." Then she was gone leaving everyone in smiles.