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The Getaway

Sesshomarou was secretly thanking all the gods he knew for letting the previous night end as it did. Nope, there was a successful mission, no arguments, no messing up, and most importantly, Kagura didn't yell at him later. It truly was a refreshing change. He was standing on the balcony staring at the morning landscape of the locality. It wasn't a very appealing sight but it was intriguing nonetheless. He saw the vendors getting ready to open shop, morning joggers, the newspapers being delivered. It wasn't particularly a sunny day; a sudden thunder here and there distorted the otherwise quiet morning, however they were more like ornaments than distractions. Sesshomarou looked back at the sleeping form of Kagura behind the curtains. He wasn't so sure of anything anymore; it was a feeling completely alien to him. He looked up as the first droplet of rain grazed his forehead, it was oddly peaceful, he felt as if a feeling that had eluded him for a long time had finally given in. He turned around at the sound of the alarm going off, a sleepy eyed Kagura dressed in her pajamas got up, and seeing the couch empty got a bit nervous. A nervousness that quickly settled after she saw the outline of the silver haired man through the curtains.

"So, there you are! You always get up before me, why don't you make yourself useful and prepare breakfast for once."

"Cause that's the wife's job." There was a sense of playfulness in his voice although it was disguised in a stronger tone.

Kagura had gotten too used to him by now to actually get angry. "Well you do know that this is the 21st century right, what you said would have been valid 50 years ago. And suddenly I am the WIFE now?" Kagura said, her stomach a bit weak and the heart rate a bit high after the previous comment.

"Are you making the breakfast?"

"Yes, considering the fact that you would go out and skip breakfast altogether if I don't."

"Then I guess I should get you a ring and seal the ….." Sesshomarou stopped, realizing that he was probably venturing into mine infested territory. How did that slip his mouth? He thought he was never the type to even come close to the awkward social custom that bound a man and woman together for eternity!

"WHAT?" she exclaimed, did she hear right?

"Well I meant to say….I.….am going to take a shower." He stated flatly and walked towards the bathroom, very careful to avoid her gaze.

Kagura was herself not sure whether to ponder or pursue this matter. She couldn't even think of anything smart that she could say to him. And all the speeches that were running through her mind were accompanied by butterflies in her stomach.

As breakfast commenced there was an awkward silence. It was pretty unusual, as till now all their meals were accompanied by arguments about something or the other. Kagura was searching her mind hard to get something relevant and start a conversation, but eventually all her ideas were reaching back to the simple sentenced uttered by him a while ago. But realizing Sesshomarou wasn't the talking type she finally said, "So now that we have the sword, what's our next step?"

"It appears you have something on your mind?"

"Well even though it was a successful heist I am afraid that the Tashios will come after us. After all they won't take such defiance lightly. I propose we ditch town and lay low for a few days."

"Don't worry, the Tashios wont come after us."

"And how do you know?"

"An educated guess." he remarked plainly.

"Are you mad? Of course they will come! And if they find us they will kill! We have to ditch town."

"And any plans as to how we will do that?"

"We could take a flight to this resort that Myoga and Shoga goes to, they said they will even pay!"

"You crazy? If you have the Tashio's coming after you then the first thing they will check will be the airports and train stations, they have agents in all sectors, and all the info from any famous hotels will be checked as well."

"So what then?"

"Do you really want to do this? Lay low?"

"Yes, I won't take chances."

"When do you plan to run?"

"As soon as possible!"

"Ok, then you go about your daily chores, I am making arrangements."

"What do you plan to do?"

"Don't worry I have things under control." With this he picked up his morning attire and left, with one hand carrying an umbrella and the other busy dialing some numbers on his cell. Kagura went to the balcony and eyed him as he made his way across the street, 'I hope he knows what he is doing, I sure don't!' she thought to herself as Sesshomarou disappeared from view. There was really not a lot of 'chores' that Kagura did, save for the occasional taking out the trash, the apartment was a dump, atleast it used to be before Sesshomarou showed up.

-later, that afternoon-

Kagura had just gotten off from karate teaching as she sped to the coffee shop to join Myoga and Shoga, who were very concerned after she had told Shoga that they had broken off.

"Well I knew that you two hadn't broken up." Said Myoga, "Shoga here can be quite the worrywart."

"No honey do not let such small arguments escalate they can ruin a relationship!" warned Shoga.

"Nonsense, a little spat between lovers here and there can only strengthen their relationship, don't you remember all the quarrels we had while I was dating you?" Myoga reminded Shoga, which caused her to blush a little at those memories. "But I do agree with Shoga on the fact that you two should take a vacation together. I mean if you are short on funds I can always lend you mone…" Myoga was interrupted by Shoga as she elbowed him on the ribs.

"What do you mean lend her? She is your daughter!"

"Well I am sure she won't accept our help otherwise."

Kagura blushed herself realizing how fond her foster parents were of her. She almost felt guilty for lying to them for so long about Sesshomarou, she was in two minds, whether or not to throw the cat out of the bag when suddenly Sesshomarou barged in. His presence always brought a sudden urgency to the atmosphere.

"Sesshomarou, it's so nice to meet you, how have you been?" asked Shoga in a voice so sweet that it could melt a boulder. And for once Sesshomarou decided against using his famous glare that could freeze it back up.

"I am doing okay!"

"I hope Kagura isn't causing too much trouble."

"Well she has been like a goddess!" he said narrowing his eyes at Kagura, who was beet red in embarrassment.

"Sesshomarou, Myoga and Shoga thinks we should take a vacation." Kagura put in to open up the conversation to Sesshomarou.

"Well we are leaving tonight!" Sesshomarou stated blankly as the others were flabbergasted.

"What? Why? Where?" Shoga spurted out.

"On a vacation, and I want to surprise Kagura so I wont give the details."

"But so suddenly, you could have atleast hinted something before!" Kagura said surprised.

"Well then lets go pack the bags." As he said this he got up ad pulled Kagura up by her hand and planted a really hot kiss on her lips before leading her away.

"Bye to you two." said Sesshomarou as Kagura found herself at a loss of words.

"They are a lovely couple aren't they?" exclaimed Shoga before grabbing Myoga's hand and placing her head on his chest, "Why don't you plan something like that for us?"

"Well maybe because it's been so long since we were married that there is no excitement left!" Myoga said with a naughty smirk, "But I think I know how to get that back." he said before pulling Shoga in for a kiss of his own.


Sesshomarou held Kagura's hand as he led her to a car. It was a sedan, however Kagura couldn't make which model it was due to it's heavy modifications. Even though the car appeared powerfull it was clear that it wasn't used for several years considering the absent patches of paint and dusty, cramped up interiors. "What is this?" Kagura asked, a bit astonished.

"It's our getaway car." came the reply.

"This? Where can we possibly be going in crap like this?"

"I don't know, we shall decide that on the road."

"Some thing tells me we are not going to any luxurious resort, are we?"

"To go to a luxurious resort will be the most idiotic thing for us to do right now. Too many eyes."

"But what about our stuff?"

"I have removed everything in the apartment that can be used to trace us, or our identities, we will go there for a final check, and then hit the road, I have food and other emergency supplies."

And with this Sesshomarou drove Kagura, one final time to her apartment, where she reviewed his work, before locking it up and exiting.

"So for how long will it be?" Kagura asked Sesshomarou.

"I don't know, 6 months atleast."


"Don't worry I have things covered, your karate classes will be getting a new replacement, Myoga will be told that you are visiting my family and staying there for a while, as for your other job I have already set up the excuse."

"And what excuse convinced them to let me off the hook for 6 months?"

"I told them you were pregnant."

Kagura was left crack-jawed at the previous explanation, her mind was racing through a billion situations arising out of that excuse and almost 90% of them were probably bad for her. "WHAT? HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY FIND OUT? AND FROM WHERE WILL I FIND A BABY?" Kagura didn't stop there, she was yelling and screaming and all Sesshomarou heard was "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!"

"Would you relax?"

"How can I relax, I am supposed to be pregnant? AND I AM NOT!"

"You can change that whenever you like, why the worry?"

Kagura narrowed her eyes at him on this comment.

Sesshomarou decided it was unwise to further agitate Kagura. So he kept his comments to himself, ignoring her for the rest of the journey.

-after roughly 6 hours of unprecedented nagging (Atleast that's what Sesshomarou thought of Kagura's vocal onslaught)-

"Wow, it's getting late, I think we should stop for the night." Kagura exclaimed, glancing at her watch.

"This is not really a good place to stop."

"Well this is as good a place as any, besides the neighbourhood isn't so bad. There is even a motel here." Kagura said pointing to one.

"Well it's not a place where we should go."

"Why not?"

Sesshomarou had a bad feeling about this, his gut wasn't going for this façade of a peaceful neighborhood. But Kagura was pretty tired, so he decided to concede this time. And both made their way into the motel, which was described shady at best. The receptionist was an old guy, wrinkled with a dirty expression on his face.

"We would like a room please." said Sesshomarou, his eyes trying to size up his expression.

The old guy grinned at the couple, "For how many hours?"

"No, you don't get it; we want to rent a room for the whole day." Said Sesshomarou realizing that this was one of those 'Don't ask don't tell' places where guys came with their…..mistresses.

But Kagura was oblivious to the entire scenario, "Come on how long are we going to last anyway? It's almost 12.30; we should just stay for a couple of hours!"

The old man's grin widened as he turned his eyes to Sesshomarou. By then Sesshomarou had understood that Kagura had been mistaken as a hooker.

"Let me handle this." He said, in a vain attempt to take control of the situation.

"No, come on, you can't really keep it up for one whole day, 4 hours is more than enough." Kagura said, and when she saw the vain look in Sesshomarou's eyes, she added, "Ok, 5 hours just to be on the safe side. OK?"

"It's always a good thing to listen to the lady young man, there are more than enough takers here, be a bit adamant and she might go to another room altogether." The old guy told Sesshomarou.

Realizing that arguing was only going to make things worse he decided to play along. 5 hours it was. Kagura took the keys and went ahead to the room, Sesshomarou was about to do the same when the receptionist motioned him to come over.

"So, from where did you find the piece? It seems she is new."

Sesshomarou smirked, "Yes, this is her first service. How's she?"

"ELECTRIFYING!" said Sesshomarou, smiling a silent grin.

Just then they heard Kagura, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Feisty one isn't she?" smirked the old man, "I wont keep you waiting son, go do your duty."

Sesshomarou returned the grin and made his way upto the room.

"Eww what is this place?" Kagura exclaimed as she went about exploring the room. It was a small one, had an attached bath, and a bed but no other necessities were there. The tv looked like it hadn't been dusted in years. She was surprised to see that it actually worked. Sesshomarou soon followed, "You get what you pay for so stop whining and go to sleep, it's going to be a hectic day tomorrow."

"Where will you sleep, there is no couch."

"You don't have to worry about me. I can get by on my own."

"Hey listen I think we should share the bed."

Sesshomarou had taken up Kagura's suggestion, after a little hesitation. Although Kagura laid down strict ground rules that were to be followed under all conditions.

It had been a while, yet sleep was something that wasn't coming by easily. Sesshomarou had fallen asleep as soon as he hit the bed, but Kagura was wide awake, partly due to her alien surroundings, but mostly due to the moans and screams of pleasure that flew in through the thin walls separating the adjacent rooms. Man people really are active here, she thought to herself, as she contemplated what would happen if Sesshomarou gets some ideas from this, but another glance at him told her that he was too busy sleeping to actually notice. That hard assed idiot, she thought, a part of her disappointed at such nonchalance of Sesshomarou.

Suddenly there was a loud thud against the walls, along with the lusty screams of, perhaps a half drugged girl, as she reached her climax. Kagura wasn't sure what to feel but Sesshomarou just turned around in his sleep, invoking more irritation in her. She pulled away the blanket from him before violently shaking him to wake him up.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice still sleepy.

"Aren't you bothered by this?"


"The moans and screams, it seems everyone is doing it. I can't sleep like this!"

"Well what can I do? You are the ones that insisted on stopping here."

"Well even then do you always have to act so unbothered?"

"Then what do you propose I do?"

"Something, anything."

"Well how about I do things to make you scream louder. That way you won't be able to hear them, you will get good exercise, and will probably sleep afterwards." He said with a sly grin.

"Are you hitting on me?"

"Please its 3'oclock at night, I am sleepy, do you think I was hitting on you?"

"Well…." Kagura wasn't sure what to say, if her feminine instincts had been right she would say that he was definitely flirting, but after observing Sesshomarou for so long she couldn't be sure. "No….I guess." Kagura said with a hint of reluctance in her voice.

"Well then you thought wrong." His smile widened, as he turned around, leaving a surprised Kagura.

"What?" Kagura grew red with a deep blush, as she leaned forward and grabbed him, turning him around to face him, but before things could escalate the receptionist from before opened the door all shaky and unsettled. He was accompanied by a hue and cry, and the sound of police sirens.

"It's a police raid, run away through the back door!" He ran off, warning the other rooms. Before Kagura could grasp the situation Sesshomarou sprang up, grabbed the luggage in one hand and Kagura in the other as he almost dragged her towards the said exit. Kagura looked around her as she saw couples in various states of undress dashing out, making for the back exit.

"What is this place?"

"A whorehouse, of sorts where guys come with their hoes to spend the night."

"What?" Kagura's mind was blown, "And you are telling me this now?"

"Not only that, but the guy from the counter thought you were my whore."

"And you didn't correct him?"

"After you insisted with double meaning words that we take up the room for a few hours how do you think I could have convinced him?"

"Then why didn't you correct me?"

"And say what that everyone thinks you are my whore for tonight? Even you know what reaction I would have received."

"I will get you for this Sesshomarou!" She screamed at the top of her voice, even as she clasped his hands in flight.

"Now I genuinely think getting caught by the police was a better option." He chuckled but his grin was wiped off as he received a hard upper cut from Kagura, he was a bit stunned but Kagura grabbed his arm and dragged him now, reversing their roles, as they made their way into the street and into the alleys.

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