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The Great Escape

As Sesshomarou made his way down the stairs he could clearly make out that the foundation of the building was shaking and it could have collapsed at any moment. But his mind was somewhere else, personally he had no use for the jewel, he was a maker of his own fortune, he wasn't going to depend on some jewel that was supposed to bring good luck and limitless power to it's holder. Yet it was his infinite hatred towards Naraku that compelled him to look for it. He wasn't about to let Naraku succeed. As he made his way past the half razed corpses of the men who were so alive and shooting rounds at him just a minute ago, he finally reached the main auction hall.

"It's no use hiding, I know you're in here." No sooner did he finish his words than a gunshot was heard. In a sudden burst of reflex he dived and took cover behind the auction table while taking out his gun almost in the same move.

"So I see you're smart." cried a voice. As Sesshomarou took a peek through a small hole made in the wood by some previous shot he could make out his opponents features. Although her frame wasn't more than any normal woman but still she had a different charm than all the other women he had came across. Her hair was tied back in a bun while her ruby red eyes gleamed as if it could hypnotize even the most strongwilled person in the world. Her slim figure stood tall, and the annoyed expression on her face was somehow echoing the fact that next time she wouldn't miss. She was sexy and beautiful and could have had any man getting weak in their knees, but Sesshomarou wasn't just any man.

"I wouldn't have done that if I were you, anyway, I don't have time for this, handover the jewel and leave." Sesshomarou's voice was calm as usual.

"Well the way I see it you are the one with your back against the wall, and your words doesn't suit you in your current position, and let me tell you my next bullet is going to be in your head because I never miss twice."

Just then they heard a blast, the recent activities were surely taking its toll on the house as they could feel its foundation shaking. As she looked on through the window she could see that the henchmen were aiming for the bottom floors with their bazookas.

"Shit, what the hell is happening?" the tone of sarcasm was evident and it was clear that she was beginning to feel the piston drawing closer on her head.

"They are trying to blow this building up, and all that's in it!" Sesshomarou stood up and sat on the auction table, after he made himself certain that she had given the trigger of her gun some time off.

Kagura turned back easing her grip on the gun. "Why would they wanna do that?" she asked "It would surely be an overkill."

"It's not about overkills; it's obvious they don't want to leave any evidence of their involvement with this case."

"And how come you are just sitting there? Shouldn't we be searching for an escape route?" she asked, astonished, she was astounded with the calmness of the man in front of her. During their conversation she couldn't detect the slightest change in his expression.

"Lets get down to business, we both want the shikhon no tama, and I presume that we still haven't reached a settlement"

"So we have some bazookas being thrown at us from all possible directions and all you can think about is that darn jewel? So what if I DO give you the jewel, theres no guarantee that you will see the light of tomorrow!" she was really getting agitated, she had anticipated that there would be a commotion, and she had been sure that she would make a sly getaway in midst of the turmoil but she surely hadn't anticipated this! Still calming herself down she thought about knocking some sense into the awkward person in front of her, "So you want the jewel, therefore I guess you must be a thief like me, listen there's no need to fight between ourselves, every second is precious if we value our lives which I do and I am sure you do too, so lets escape this dilemma first and then we can divide the money that this baby is gonna fetch us in the black market, I heard that there are some rich buyers for this thing and I promise that you can have 40% of what it will fetch, I heard that several big names are behind it, and among them are the TASHIO BROTHERS, and that bastard Naraku who is hell bent on killing us at this instant, I am sure they will offer a price which will very much make our lives, so what do you say."

Now it was time for Sesshomarou to be astonished, it was amusement rather than astonishment though, he was quite impressed with the nature of the black tightsuit clad thief in front of him, but in spite of Sesshomarou's high nosed attitude even he realized that she was talking sense and the building was about to come down at any instant. "Well" he finally said "Then lets get out of here."

"Listen I went through the building's blueprints and I noticed that theres a laundry vent in the kitchen, but the door is blocked by a heavy boulder that came down due to the bombings, I myself cannot lift it but maybe if we try together…" her words were cut off by Sesshomarou as he made his way to the kitchen with a semi annoyed and semi discomfited thief quick behind him.

"So this is the kitchen?" asked Sesshomarou as he eyed the boulder that was blocking their path.

"Yup, so you think you can move it?" Kagura's question remained unanswered as Sesshomarou placed his hands on the boulders rear and began to move it inch by inch, slowly but surely. 'This guy sure has attitude' thought the female as she watched the entire scene. "Do you want a hand?" she finally offered seeing that the boulder was throwing quite a challenge. But no sooner did the words escape her lips than Sesshomarou, in a sudden burst of adrenalin lifted the boulder and threw it aside. The impact of the boulder on the floor created a tremor which eventually led to the final phase for the demolition of the house.

"Yes, and you were saying…."

"Cut the crap and follow me, and quick, the buildings gonna come down at any moment" she said and before Sesshomarou could respond she clasped his hand and began to drag the much larger man with her as she approached the laundry vent.

"Oh no! Sesshomarou!" Inuyasha yelled as he saw the building which only two hours ago was a sturdy haunt for many, go down in a cloud of dust and smoke.

"Pilot land the chopper, we need to go look for Sesshomarou" Miroku commanded as he fixed his gaze over the ruins of a fine structure.

"Sorry Sir but I don't think I can do that, there is no suitable landing spot, besides the police are going to be here any moment and we can all get caught"

"But Miroku we can't leave Sesshomarou there!"

"I think the pilot is making sense Inuyasha" came Miroku's reply.

"No, I don't care if I get caught, land the chopper, even if you don't go I will look for him myself!"

"Have you forgotten, it was Sesshomarou who taught us to stay calm in even the most extreme of conditions, respect his experiences Inuyasha, besides I have full faith in the fact that Sesshomarou is alive, besides I am sure he can survive even worse odds.

Inuyasha's head had sulked down, his silvery hair which were only second best to Sesshomarou's covered his eyes, and from somewhere some drops of a shiny liquid fell on his recently received bullet wound, as the helicopter made it's way to the Tashio Mansion, Inuyasha had one last look at the torn down place and in a sudden burst of raw emotions an inaudible wail escaped his mouth….

S-E-S-S-H-O-M-A-R-O-U, a loud cry was heard from his direction.

"So where are we?" questioned Sesshomarou as he pulled himself out of a sewer, the girl close behind him.

"Well if I am correct we are a few blocks south of the auction house."

"Well, in all the upheaval I forgot to ask you your name lady." Sesshomarou's question made the girl smile perhaps for the first time, if he didn't consider that assassin grin she had on her face when her gun was trying to blow his head off.

"Now that you mentioned it, it was funny Eh? We formulated an escape without even knowing each others names! I am Kagura by the way, whats your name?"

"My name is Sesshomarou." He said not even bothering to look up at her but his answer obviously caught Kagura's interest.

"What! You mean you have the same name as Sesshomarou Tashio of the famous Tashio brothers?!" the comment on her part made Sesshomarou's thoughts scramble, but he tried to act as normally as possible.

"So, have you ever seen what the famous Sesshomarou Tashio looks like?" he asked not knowing what to expect, he had always had the notion that everyone even having a remote connection with the underworld had surely seen him.

"Well, probably no one has ever seen Sesshomarou Tashio's picture, he keeps himself quite secretive, rarely goes out to socialize, and his name couldn't be linked with anything, hook ups and scandals included, how can someone expect to see him?"

That was when Sesshomarou realized that she was indeed right; there was no possible way in which the outer world could connect with him! Although he was a bit more outgoing in the early part of his career which began when he was just sixteen, after he turned into the business/mafia magnate he was now there was almost no way in which one could catch even a small glimpse of his frame let alone see his face.

"So how do you think he looks like?"

"Well not that I care but I think he looks probably looks like those bald headed bad guys they show in films, all I care now is to sell this jewel." As she said this her hands searched her pockets until she took out the famous jewel, "Just look at this baby, this is gonna make me rich!" her comment earned her another expressionless yet Watch what you are saying gaze from Sesshomarou and she was quick to admit her mistake, "I mean to say make us rich" she corrected.

"To whom do you plan to sell it?"

"Well who ever pays the highest!"

"Who do you think that's gonna be?" he asked.

"Well I bet it's gonna be Naraku! He wants this jewel more badly than anyone else! Although the Tashios are also potential buyers but they do not really want this thing the way Naraku does."

"So you mean to say we are gonna have a chance to meet Naraku in person?" Sesshomarou's eyes beamed at her almost glowing in the semi lighted alley that surrounded them.

"Yes, I have contacts, I am sure they can arrange a meeting. After all it's the shikhon-no-tama we are talking about here." Her lips folded into a wicked grin as she said this.

"So you heading home now?" Sesshomarou asked.


"Then lets go"

"Wait a minute, what do you mean 'lets go', you aren't coming with me…..are you?" she finished with a bit of uncertainty on her voice.

"Well I can't risk anything, we are partners in this and I prefer we stay near each other, just so the other doesn't stray!"

"I can't bring you with me, I live in an apartment all by myself, besides my neighbors think that I am just an ordinary girl who makes her living by teaching martial arts to children, you are gonna blow all that up!"

"I don't think so!"

"Besides I can't bring a guy in my apartment, everyone will think that we are engaged or something."

"You have a boyfriend?"

"No, I am single; who do you think would fall for a martial arts teacher?"

"Then lets go, and don't worry, I wont rape you" he replied as he continued to walk. His comment was met with a killer expression from Kagura.

"You can't rape me, even if you wanted to!" she said trying to act tough.

"Well it seems that you really want to be raped and are prompting me to do so."

"You are beginning to get on my nerves, what makes you think so, let me tell you, I didn't become a thief just like that, I am a trained assassin."

"And you want to get raped."

"Listen I am putting up with you long enough, just because you saved my life doesn't mean you can say and do whatever you want with me."

"Then let me keep the jewel and I will let you be." He finished with a sly gin on his otherwise expressionless face, he knew very well that Kagura wasn't going to risk that, and at the same time Kagura realized that she was running out of options, although she didn't like the idea but she again realized that Sesshomarou wasn't the type of man who would take no for an answer, there was no point in arguing with him! Besides his claims were also legitimate. After some lengthy hesitations and suggestions she finally yielded.

"So shall we go?" asked a semi amused Sesshomarou as he motioned for a cab to halt. "Ladies first" he said in a mocking tone as he held out the door to Kagura.

"Ladies First" Kagura mimicked duplicating his tone as she slammed the door in an attempt to smash his fingers that were holding it, but Sesshomarou acted as if it had happened many times before as in a lightning like reflex he removed them before taking his seat beside the driver. By then Kagura had gotten rid of her thief uniform and was dressed in a casual tank top. "You are really gonna regret this you know." She said in a dangerous tone as if she would have killed him right at that instant.

"Had a quarrel with your wife, mister" asked the cab driver not perceiving the real nature of their relationship.

"Honey, please calm down, you don't want strangers making fun of our family arguments now do you?"

"What did you call me?" Sesshomarou received an assassin's glare from Kagura.

"Come on darling, just because I called your mom fat doesn't mean that I don't respect her."

"Watch your tongue mister I could kill you right this instant!" Kagura's voice was as threatening as ever and Sesshomarou's smirk did very little to cool her down.

"Same old story in every family, chill out mister your wife will get over this sooner or later, same thing happens to me all the time!" the cab driver reassured Sesshomarou.

"I am sure you are right." Sesshomarou returned as the cab proceeded towards its destination.

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