Inu No Tashio Mansion

On the West side of the royal Tashio manor, in a huge suite, a young man who appeared to be 18 was washing in his bathroom. 15 minutes later he came out with a towel wrapped around his waiste. His silver white bangs were sticking to his forehead were he had a dark blue cresent moon, indicating that he was a powerful short hair was wet from the previews shower. He had combed it upwards, making it look spikey, but soft..( his is hair like Kakashi's from Naruto. Go to google and write:at Hot Anime Guys. on IMEEM,google images. Find one with a man taking a shower which is Sesshomaru's body and Kakashi without a shirt.) The young demon slipped on some black boxers, a pair of Artful Dodger lion black Men's Jeans that were baggy, and a white artful dodger lion button up shirt with a black wife beater underneath. He got out his Nike Dunk High All White-Air sneakers. He didn't were cologne since he naturally smelled and tasted like fresh addicting wine. He just got some lotion, not risking to getting achy. He always loved soft skin for some reason. After brushing his teeth, he went down the many layers of stairs to the dinning room, were he was greeted by his 5 year old adopted daughter Rin.

'' Hi daddy.'' She said while hugging his leg since she was not tall enough. He just patted her head in a show of affection.

She was a girl with long black, rumpled hair that was always out. Her eyes were the lightest green with a bit blue and she was always smiling. For a 4 year old, she was smarter than normal humans. She was sitting on the dinning room table talking non-stop about a new kid that was entering school today to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru's younger twin by 10 minutes, who was nodding while slurping his Ramen. Inuyasha had on some white strap trippp pants, a white zip up hoddie that had the design of a dog howling, and some white, red, and black jordons. Unlike Sesshomaru, Inuyasha had triangle doggy ears at the top of his head but was still a full fledged demon.( His hair is short like normal animes, ezample Zero from Vampire Knight). It was because he was transforming into his dog form when he was born since he was close to death, but his mothers blood had stopped the transformation and kept him alive. He sure was lucky.

'' Sesshomaru, me or you drop off Rin at her pre-k? '' Inuyasha asked walikng up to pick up his car keys that were on top of the counter.

'' Me. I won't risk her life with you driving her over the speed limit.'' Sesshomaru had said cooly. Inuyasha just shrugged it off and headed to his last year in high school in his red Ferrari. After Rin had finished her breakfest, Sesshomaru helped her into her sweater, and gave her her small looney tunes book bag, and they left in his silver Abt R8, which of course Rin had 35 minutes Rin had been droped off and he was now leaning against his car with his groupy hanging around him who were talking about the new kids.

Sesshomaru's P.O.V

Alot of new kids are coming today. First in Rin's school and now here. Maybe their related. The young Kit was a demon, so they probably are too.And just as I thought this, a new foreign sound hit my ears. It sounded like a motorcycle coming to the school, but no one at this school drove a motorcycle. And that's when she pulled in with a boy no older than 15 behind her. I watched as the freshmen took off his helmet and passed his hand through his hair. The girls gasped and when he smiled, a plain smile two girls fainted, some had saliva running down their mouths, and one was purple from the lack of air. Inwardly I chuckled, the kid had talent. Then a soft voice spoke. It was the girl, driving,

'' Jesus Souta, don't got to kill the girl.'' her voice held playfulness, but I couldn't see her face through the helmet shades. Then the boy spoke,

'' Hey I didn't even use my charms yet '' Just then the women got off gracefully off the ZX14 motorcycle. She held so much grace than any female possesed.Better than my mothers.Just as the wind picked up, she took off her helmet, shaking her hair. My breath was stuck in my throat. WOW. was all I could register. She was beautiful. No fuck that she was looking than any demoness and damnnnnnn, that BODY. Oh god I can feel drool slipping out of my mouth. Swallowing I kept looking at her wondering when she was going to look at me. Then a freshmen, who I noticed was Sango's brother had dropped his books infront of them, aww stricken by her beauty.Who could blame him. I watched wondering wether she was going to bitch at him or walk away. Instead she picked them up while her brother helped the boy up, and she apologized for his clumsyness and introduced herself with an award winning smile. She took my breath away, again. No women I mean NO women had that affect on him before. He was Sesshomaru Tashio for crisis sake! There is always a first time. Don't tell me your back. Aww thats no way to welcome your beast is it now. Taunted his beast. Irrattedly I had to ask myself, What do you want? Obviously the girl. Who wouldn't.Just get me the girl! Oh god go back to your corner! Fine, but I'll be back fluff.

After having the inner conflict with my beast, I looked at the beauty that kept my intrest and obviously the whole male population. Too bad, she's mine. She was heading to the office with her little brother, and Sango's beside her talking as they had been friends for a long time. She gets along well with the people. At this she turned around and our eyes clashed. Her eyes were noting I had ever seen. The darkest green with sapphire blue outlining the pupil. No demon nor human that I had met had this eyes. I saw her rosy peach plump lips turn slightly in surprise. We kept looking at each other as if trying to find something, then she turned her head when she entered the building. Damn! I turned back my attention to the group who also seem to be enchanced by the beauty. I could see the lust in their eyes and I almost growled out loud.

'' Did you see that ass. * whistle* I would do anything to tap that. Hopefully she could have my child '' Miroku, the most perverted out of the group and my most trusted friend had said with his violet blue eyes glazed dreamily. I could see his hands twiching from the inside of his black hoody. I wanted to growl, but stopped myself. I glanced over at my younger twin Inuyasha who would have been ranting on about something by know, but instead he was still staring at the door in which the new girl had went through. He was brought out of his stupititor when his girl Kikyo had jumped on him and had brought him into a kiss, looking back at me with her lust filled eyes.

'' Well you think the hottie will be in any of our classes? '' Bankotsu had asked with a hopeful voice

'' Hn'' I replied. Hopefully in all my classes.

'' Take that as a maybe.'' Just then the bell rang, idicating it was first period History. I wa the only one in here. This class was were I would ocationally sleep. I had already learned this stuff, but my father had forced me to attend because I needed a Highschool diploma to be able to take over the company. Tashio CEO Industries. Grabbing my books from my locker and headed to Mr. Myoga's class. I enetered and strolled towards my seat at the back of the class. I sat down in my chair, leaning against the wall and I let my eyes close for a brief moment. I never saw Miss Kaede walk in with the new girl, I never noticed her gracefully walking in my direction, I never noticed the gentle voice calling out my name.

Kagome's P.O.V

Kohaku had shown us to the office and I had given him a light peck on his cheeck in a sign of gratitude that is traditional in my country, Spain. He had tried to hid the blush on his face,but I still saw. Kaede had given Souta his schedual and had asked Kohaku to be his tour guide for the rest of the week. Souta had kissed my cheeck and had wished me luck and Kohaku too shy just gave me a wave. Now, here I was infront of a women in her 50's who had an eye patch and was now printing out my schedual. She surprised me when she had started to talk.

'' Welcome to DBZ High. I have seen ye's records and I am highly impressed.''

'' Even with the fights I have been in?'' I asked bewildered

'' I have a feeling it was only self defense. I am sure ye have not started any. But I am highly impressed that they have asked ye since the 3rd grade if ye would have liked to skip and ye have declined, but ye are now a senior. Ye have so many talents and I could sense that ye are a powerful miko. . But I have a feeling that ye have more than what meets the eye. Ye are truly special young one. I hope that ye feels welcome. Now let me show ye ye's locker to put in ye's stuff and take ye to class.''

After her speech was done I had smiled whole-heartedly at her and she had complemented me saying I was a rare beauty which had made me blush. Women rarely say that. They only say rude things to me and hit me, that's how fight starts, but my mom says is because their jealousy. At my locker, I had left my helmet, not worrying about Souta's since he took his with him, my jacket, and my gym bag. We had entered a classroom, and imediately all eyes were on me, except a guy with silver-white hair who appeared to be sleepping. I heard some whistles and some guys murmer hot or damn. I just kept my eyes trained on Miss Kaede and the old man, ignoring them completely.

'' Class, this is Kagome Hernandez Higurashi, the new transfer. I would like for her to feel welcome. She has come from Spain and I belive it is very different over there. Am I right?'' Kaede asked me and I nod my head yes. Clearing her throat she continued,

'' I would like someone to be able to show her around the school and help show her were to get her textbooks. Would anyone volunteer? '' all the guys raised their hands. All except for the silver-white haired one who was still unaware of what was happening. Thank kami it wasn't him. He seems like the type that don't give a rat's ass about class. He'll get me into trouble for sure. But damn I got to give him credit. His the definition of gorgeous. Oh god snap out of it Kagome! You might end up drooling.! We don't want people to think... My thought were cut off by Miss Kaede's voice.

'' Sango would ye please show Kagome around and help her getting her textbooks? Your brother had chosen to show around her younger brother.''

Sango! that's Kohaku's brother. Wow she's pretty. Hey, they sort of look alike.

'' Yeah sure Kaede-sama'' She replied bowing

'' Alright class, back to your work. Good day Mr. Myoga.'' They bowed at each and I turned to the teacher with a curious expression.

'' Oh-h y-yes Um lets see.'' He scaned the group looking around for a seat. Please near the window. Please near the window.

'' Take a seat in the near Sesshomaru. The boy with the white hair.'' nodding I head towards the sleeping god. Oh lucky me I get to have the seat next to the window! ( she didn't notice she was going to sit next to Sessh.)

Taking a seat, I look at the dude sleeping with his head leaning against the wall. Looking like a sleeping angel. Dang he's knonked out.

I look around and finally notice that we were in the last row.

'' Turn to page 345 in your textbooks. We will be reviewing the Feudual Era.''

Great. Just great. No textbook and the boy next to me is sleeping. O well. It won't hurt to wake him up. Tapping his shoulder I heard him mumble something but couldn't quite catch it. Then I heard him moan a girls eyed beauty? Great a horny puppy.

'' Sesshomaru " Calling him and tapping with more force, he awoke. His eyes were glazed over in lust and anger. The boy at the parking lot with honey gold eyes. My eyes widened and a soft oh escaped my lips. I looked at him again and noticed just how much more beautiful he looked up close. When his eyes turned to me, all the anger resided and I could only see aww and l-lust.

'' What?'' His voice was smoothe, deep,sensual. Damn totally errotic.

'' Can you share your book with me? I don't have mine yet.''

''hn'' Hn! all he says is Hn! Am I supose to guess if its a yes or a no! Enraged I asked,

'' Was that a yes or a no?'' He looked at me. His eyes held suprise for a moment. But then it turned to amusement. Now the bastard is laughing at me!

'' What are you so smug about.'' I whispered harshly. He leaned real close to my ear that I could feel his cool, warm breath tickle my neck. He breathed in deeply and whispered in my ear,

'' You really want to know?'' All I could do is nod. I could feel him smirking. Oh how much I would just love to smack it off.

'' You.'' and he licked my exposed neck making me shiver. Regaining my composure I told him off.

'' Listen here honey, could you at least share with me your textbook since I don't have my own. ''

'' Why should I?'' Bastard! Got to play nice huh.

''Oh come on. I'm new here and unlike some people I want to learn and pass with A's. Pwease. Pwuetty please.'' I was doing my puppy eyes, sticking out my bottom lip, watering my eyes to make them look more shinier, and my hands were interwined together. No one could resist it, even the police when I'm close to getting a ticket. He groaned and pushed his book a little over to me, so half was on his side and the other half on mine.

'' Thanks.'' I leaned in and kissed his soft smooth cheeck. I turned back to Mr. Myoga who had just asked a question.

'' Why was the Shikon No Tama shattered? Anyone knows the answer?'' Oh! I know this one! Glancing around, seeying no one with their hands up, I raised mine.

'' Yes Miss Higgurashi '' His voice was full of surprise. Well DUH Kagome! Your new. He thinks your shy. Please hun. I stood up with my head held up high.

'' I perfer Kagome Maestro( Sensei) Myoga. The shikon No Tama was shattered by a young 15 year old miko in training. She had came from another dimension, where she had found a hanyou pierced to a sacred tree. She had freed him which resulted that he had tried to kill her thinking she was his lover who had betrayed him. When he had found it was not her, they were attacked by a centipied Mistress who had managed to rip out the jewl out of her hip. They retrived it, but a crow had managed to swallow it. She had shot an arrow, and had killed the crow, thus shattering the Shikon into many jewl fragments. So thus, the miko and half-demon had taveled around the world collecting the jewls while trying to stop a great evil who had threatend the world of destruction. Along the way they had befrieanded a monk, a demon slayer, a young adoptive kit, a demon neko, and other demons who had suffered, thanks to the kind miko. In the end, the evil hanyou had been killed by the young miko who had developed into a young, beautiful women, who became the most powerful miko alive. She had surpased Midoriko and had disappeared ever since. Scientist say that she had merged with the Shikon as did Midoriko. Till this day, the Shikon No Tama has not been found.'' with that I had bowed leaving very surprised faces of the students and especially Mr. Myoga.

'' Amazing. Thank-you Kagome. You have more guts than other new kids if met.'' Mr. Myoga said. I smiled sheepishly,

'' Family trait''

`~ 50 minutes later~

'' Class today your homework is to read chapter 23 section 23.3. Bring in a page of notes.''


I closed my notebook and headed towards Sango who was finishing copying the homework.

'' Hey'' I greeted

'' Hey. So what's your next period ?''

'' Um... Let me check.'' Opening my folder I took out both of my schedual's and handed them to Sango. She was reading it while smiling.

Kagome's Schedual for Monday, Wensday, and Friday

Period 1 : History

Period 2 : Math

Period 3 : Physics

Free period- Lunch ( 60 minutes )

Period 4 : PhysicsMiko training 101

Period 5 : Art

Kagome's Schedual for Tuesday and Thursday

Period 1 : French and Spanish

Period 2 : Science

Period 3 : Training Mix Advance

FREE PERIOD- LUNCH ( 60 minutes )

Period 4 : Music

Period 5 : Drama

'' Awsome! We got 1st, 2nd, lunch, and 4th period together on Mondays, Wensday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, we have all except 1st period.'' She said very fast jumping up and down. I smiled at how she acts. Just like me.

'' So how do you know Kohaku?'' with that we started walking towards our next period, telling her what happened this morning. Lucky us, we got to sit next to each other in math and got to know each other more. We were almost like math teacher was so perverted and just plain creepy I swear. Sango introduced me to her closest friend Kagura Hikodori. She was rude and hostile at first but changed when she got to know became close friends that quick. Kagura confessed that at first she didn't like me because she thought that people that were extremely beautiful are selfish and obnoxious. I couldn't have agreed more well the exception of me and my family, sort of. Math was over before I knew it. Me, Kagura, and Sango got our gym bags and headed towards gym.

''WOW'' was all I could say. The Gym was HUGE!

'' Cat cought your tongue Kagome'' Kagura teased. I just took my tongue out at her and she just laughed.

'' I know, it's beautiful ain't it.'' Sango whispered breathlessly. Yep we were eyeing the great muscular, but not to musclular abs and bodies of the senior and junior demons, hanyou's and human's that were practicing bascketball or football. Heaven.

''* whistle* Yeah'' Kagura said. We were their for about 2 minutes then we hurried to the locker rooms to change hoping they didn't notice the stares. Three minutes later, we came out. Kagura had some red baggy shorts that were two inches above her knee with a black belly shirt that hugged her 40 c-cup chest, with her black and red joradans. Her hair was in a high ponytail ending mid-back with a few hairs out framing her face. Sango came out with her hair in a high pony tail with her bangs clipped back with pins, but some were framing her face. She had on a yellow belly shirt with the same shorts as Kagura but black, with some black and yellow jordans. I dressed in my two inches above the knee gray sweat pants that the waist of the pants was rolled down several times so they would fit low on my hips showing off my tattoo. I put on a white off the shoulder shirt that showed my flat toned stomach with my puppy, dimon chain piercing. I kept my nikes on since it had white. I put my long hair into two loosly done ponytails. The scrungies where tied below my ear and I gave my bangs a little shake and put on some of my cotton candy lip gloss. We got out of the lockers and I heard a few murmurs, whitles, and 'damns'.

'' Dang Kagome, you even make simple clothes look hot! I'm jealouse.'' Sango said looking at me from head to toe

'' Kags turn around'' Kagura said curiously. I turned around showing them my backside. Hearing intakes of breaths and whistles. What I know my ass is big but no too large, just round.

'' What is it?'' I asked nervously

'' Damn, look at that. I haven't seen this design ever. Were you get it?'' Kagura asked obviously awstrucked by the tattoo

'' Oh my brother did it for me at his friends shop in Spain.'' I replied like it was no biggy. It was a cresent moon that had a butterfly taking off, with clouds covering it slightly. Their were little stars with wiggly lines coming out. In between the cresent moon, there was a 2 in bold, and it said PURE in cursive under the design with an angles hooped crown over the p. The tatto was supposed to say 2 pure. It was small but not to small but sort of medium size.

'' Why did you put 2 pure Kags?'' Kagura asked. Her red eyes really curious

'' Yeah?'' Great Sango had to back her up

'' Well... It is sort of embarrising, but I embarrising is one thing I'm known for. I'm a virgin'' They satyed their in shock. Wasn't this normal?

'' WHAT? '' yeah I bet every demon in this room heard this conversation. Obviously, the lust in their eyes are evident.

'' Are you serious?'' Sango was still in shock. I nodded yeah

'' Your not kidding?''

'' No ''

'' How come?''

'' I'm waiting for the right guy" I responded

'' You'll die a virgin honey" Kagura replied laughing a little. I just stuck my tongue out.

'' Attention students, we have a new student with us today. Kagome Hernandez Higgurashi, come foward'' The coach commanded. He was a demon, looking like if he was in his mid 20s with a muscular, well-in-shape body. This is the first time I had to say something infront of the whole class for the whole .

'' I'm Kagome Hernandez Higgurashi.I'm from spain, but my mother is Japanese. I'm 17 years old and I'm a miko in training. Um that's it I guess'' I finished looking at the teacher for assurance.

'' Could you tell us your hobbies?'' I rather not

'' Um, its a long list. It could take a while'' I twireld my long curled tips in my finger.

'' Don't worry, we have time'' he smiled. Persistent heh!

'' Well I do track, basketball, swimming, singing, and breakdancing, oh and gymnastics. Also I draw and fight. Pretty much it.''

'' Okay take a seat and thank-you Kagome'' he purred out.

'' Okay class, line up. Take 4 jogs around the track meet. And were doing basketball today.'' He blew his whistle and everyone started jogging. At the second lap, the human were getting tired. Only me Sango, and a boy with black hair were able to keep up with the demons. Well when I was younger,my grandma tought me how to use my miko powers like breathing to run, now I run as fast as a demon.

'' You weren't lying about track huh.'' Sango gasped out

'' It's my passion" I said in a french accent. We started laughing when Sango got really tired and had slowed down.I slowed down to catch up with her.

'' It's okay go finish it. You'll probably will show the demons that humans aren't weak and slow.'' I nodded and speeded up. I passed about half of the demons, and now I'm close to the front. I saw a glimpse of red and black. Kagura! Running more faster, I caought up to her in no time. When I tapped on her shoulder, she turned to me with shocked red eyes.

'' What..* gasp..* are..* gasp*.. you.. * gasp* .. doing here?'' She managed to gasp out,bieng to shock. ( she's not tired)

'' Running silly'' I chuckled

'' Your not tired?''

'' No. Should I be?''

'' No is that your the first human that was able to catch up to me at track and your not even tired. That had never happened.''

'' Well there is a first to everything. Well see you later'' With that I zoomed to the first demons. I passed a half demon who was second place and was running ahead with the leader.

'' Sesshomaru!'' I was shocked. I have him in this class too! He turned to me with one eyebrow raised.

'' Miko.''

'' I got a name you know. It's Kagome. Ka-go-me. Come on say it with me.''

'' I know what it is''

'' Good you cold use it.'' and with that I sped faster and I was at the front. In a mere second he was infront, then me, then him. It was a pattern. We were reaching the finish line with me ahead. I was so close then out of no where I saw a white flash zoom pass me. He wasn't even using his demon speed!

When we finished, I was in second and he was in first. I looked at him. He had a smirk on his hansome face. Oh how I wish to smack it off! Then he winked at me and left to the locker room. Aperently I wasn't the only one who noticed cause this girl with brown long hair that passed her waist came up to me. She had on a tight white short shirt, that pressed to her chest and showed her flat stomach which had a piercing. Some red short shorts that were tight, I bet that she couldn't even fart through those and some white and red rbks. She was pretty, but looked too sluttish. She went staight up to me, her thin lips in a staight line and her dull brown eyes boring into my rich green ones( with the blue outline of course).

'' Hernandez-Higgurashi back off from my man '' From the corner of my eyes I could see the students gathering around.

'' And who might this be, I don't recall which since your list is too long '' I mocked innocence. But seriously I wasn't flirting with no one

'' Sesshomaru you bitch!'' she yelled enraged

''Yeah!'' her group of followers backed up

'' Sweety'' I began, '' theres no need to be yelling. Your going to make a fool of yourself acting so ridiculous.'' I was keeping composure. Can't get in a fight! No need for funeral's and expolsion on my first day. I kept on chanting in my head

'' Stop acting so calm! Your such a slut! Making the men fall for you by flanting off your body! What a slut you stuck up snotty little hoe!'' She had raised her annoying voice more higher than before.

'' You have a problem with me bieng calm, deal with it honey. And I beg to differ, stop acting like such a fucking hypocrit. Your the fucking slut who be flanting your fucking fake as body to every male in sight. So think twice before you act and you should have heeded my warning when I said theres no need to be yelling, since your going to make a fool out of yourself. So next time watch what comes out your mouth, you blood thirsty trik before you find your skinny ass 6 feet under.'' my voice was calm, yet harsh and with that I turned to walk away but stopped when her next words came,

'' Yeah keep on walking slut. I bet your father's waiting for you to show up to give him heads!'' Her and her little follower's were laughing and I heard the crowd throwing ooh. Sango and Kagura walked up to me but one glance at them told them to back off. I walked straight up to Kikyo and her scronny followers. I cracked my fingers in one hand, while not using the others and punched kikyo straight in the jaw. I pulled back and puch her again in the cheeck, then again in the nose, then again in the stomach making her double over in pain. I grabbed her neck and made her look into my fiery rare green eyes. The blue outline around my pupil got darker and I said in a deadly, cold tone making her wince,

'' My Papi's( Father) dead bitch. And I highly suggest that you keep your fucking mouth shut cause next time I won't hold back that your precious mother and father will spend the rest of their lives looking for you or making sure you get major surgery and also to make sure the doctor won't pull the plug cause next time I'll leave your face so fuckng hideous your going to give him nightmares. But, say shit one more time, your mother and father won't find you. Me escuchaste ( You hear me).'' She was shakking in fear and nodded.

'' Smart choice trik'' letting her go with a bump.I turned to her two friends I looked at them. They ran the opposite. One left and one right were they were met my two fists. Kagura and Sango. I looked over at them and smiled thanks in which they smiled back, well Kagura only smirked.

'' What do I do with her?'' I asked innocently with my eyes shinning.

'' Leave her there and say she got hit by a basketball since she couldn't catch'' Kagura said shrugging not really caring.

'' Oh but I'm not that mean. Can someone take her to the nurse?'' I asked the crowd. Nobody volenteered. I grabbed on hand and put it over my shoulder. Gosh! she reeks of sex and perfume! Using my miko powers I masked her scent and proceded to drag her to the nurse. How much does this girl weight. God about 150! Like if someone could read my toughts, someone grabbed her but away from their body. I looked up to see it was Sesshomaru! I suddenly felt guilty for beating up his girlfriend. He looked at me and smirked.

'' What?'' I asked irratated. He only raised an elegent eye brow at my reaction.

'' I'm sorry for beating some sense into your girfriend Sesshomaru, But it ain't my fault! I swear she provocked me talking about... about my father.'' I said the last part in a whisper. She had hurt my feelings talking about my father without knowing him. The bitch. Next time I'll murder her and feed her to the sharks.Next thing you know I was crashed up against the wall with Sesshomaru's body crushing my own while his hand was wrapped around my neck. His lips came close to my ear, that I even felt his cool breath, giving me goosebumps.

'' Don't asume that she a whore belong's to me'' I nodded, but he still didn't let go.

'' Well I thought since she said to stay away from you !'' I bit out a little gave me a little squize. He lowered his head to the croock of my neck smelling me.

'' Dude I know I smell good but hello have you heard of personal space?''

'' Are you?'' I heard him murmmur, completly ignoring my question.

'' Are you what?'' I asked confused. I became comfortable in this position. It was a little arousing I admit.

'' Are you going to stay away from me ?'' He murmured taking a long whiff. He started trailing kisses down my colarbone. It was so arousing! When I finally found my voice I said in a whisper,

'' Nobody bosses me around. I belong to no one if you don't mind, get off me since I want leave.''

"But I'm done yet." I was surely confused

"Done with what?"

Instead of giving me an answer, he kissed me. My eyes widen at the touch of his lips against mine. His lips were so soft and warm. I felt his tongue licking my lips, seeking entrance to my mouth. Hell I didn't think twice before opening my mouth and his smooth tongue invade the warm recess of my mouth. All rational thought completely flew out of my mind when I felt his tongue dancing with my own. Before I knew, we were engaged into a passionate kiss that left us breathless when they finally pull away from each other. I stared at Sesshoumaru. I couldn't believe that he had just kissed me. I stared dumbfounded at him and he stared back at me.

We were both pulled out of our hypnotic trance when we heard someone calling my name. It was Sango and Kagura with some group of guys calling out to Sesshomaru.

'' Kagome! ''

'' Sesshomaru!''

'' What the?'' they stared dumfounded at us. I chuckled nervously

'' Uhh... I could explain.''