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Fourteen-year-old Kari has been having a terrible recurring nightmare for weeks now. Three months have past since her and TK's first visit to the "Dark Ocean", and eight days after she and yolie learned ken had been there as well. Tonight those nightmares return but with twists and turns of difference. For this time two other girls tormented by the darkness will appear, their names kairi and namine.

The girls find themselves on a dark beach. "The dark ocean!" Kari yells in fear, knowing of what lies within this realm. Hearing this cry Kairi turns toward the girl.

"What is this place….and why are we here?" said Kairi. Kari spins on her heels to see this person. Looking at the girl in confusion Kari was astonished to see others here, 'but the again ken said he'd been here too.' Kari thought to herself. "My names kairi this is my sister namine what's yours?" she said to break the silence between them. "Oh…. my names Kari." As she finished saying her name those shadow creatures that wanted Kari as there queen appeared from no where, as did several neoshadow heartless also dusks.

"Kari … be our queen …. Kari" said the false divermon. "Help open the gates to kingdom hearts kairi." came a voice at seemed to come from one of the heartless. "Namine ... serve the orgainization." "NEVER!" the girls said in unison. Knowing the dark wanted the other they grabbed hands and ran thought an opening in the dark mass.

As they ran the dark beings backed off a little as if they wanted the girls to run, the fact is it was true. For waiting up ahead was the water. As the three ran the dark beings backed off a little as if they wanted them to run. In fact this was true. For waiting up ahead was the water. They were knee deep when kari realized where they were. Kari froze up and warnded the other two of what lurched within the depts. the trio stood still, as it seemed the tide was coming in and fast. As the dark waters came up to their waists kari begain to to cry of her brother tai the her digimon gatomon ; kairi called for riku a dear childhood friend ; namine just did the same as kairi. AS the tide came to their shoulders our trio called for the closest person to each of their hearts. "Tk ... sora, roxas !" at the same time it was heard throught out.

"Tk ... you said you'd always be there for me ... and protect me!" cried kari. "You said the same thing roxas! " "so did you sora!" "so where are you!" they said in unison as the water was now up to their chins. Water was now over their heads yet they could breath , but still hope of safty was long gone. swiming for their lives three words were the only thing heard. "KARI, ... KAIRI ... NAMINE! " instently they knewwho was calling to them , so in criy of joy they in unison spoke the names "SORA ... ROXAS ...TK." In a flash of white light the three boys came.

Sora with his spiky brunet hair was wearing a sleveless lightblue shirt that showed his mild muscular arms and chest and the same color shorts. Roxas was wearing the same pj's he had on in (kh2) only they were red and yellow. Tk had a white work out shirt and boxers on. Both tk and roxas' hair shimmered in the light.

Suddenly from below the girls rose four jellyfish with red glowing needles as stingers, they were grey and white. Black tentacles also came up. the most ominous thing about the jellyfish were the nobody emblems.