"Vlad seems nice but … why keep being a digidestined a secret." Said sorra. Matt, izzy, tai and even their digimon all agreed with this. "Tk and Kari says this guy been here for three weeks now, so why" "He probably didn't know there are others." "Yeah … but he said he saw the battle with diaboramon." Said matt to sorra. "And when he does tell us about being a digidestined, he saves kari earlier in that same day." Stated tai. "He whaat?" the rest of the older kids said in unison. Then tai asked 'vlad', kari, tk and davis to come over and explain what happened yesterday. As this was going on crowmon said to himself "I hope they can help him learn to trust others this time." "what do you mean crowmon?" asked a curious cody. Crowmon explained dracula's past, but careful not to give his real name.


"You shall be the holder of trust, but be warned many will try to remove you to fit their evil deeds." Spoke genni's Europe counterpart. "But why me, I'm just a child I can't fight?" "That's were I come in." said crowmon's baby form, beakomon.


"Time past on, and many beings came to our aid, but almost they were agents from the dark sent to kill vlad." Crowmon finished. Yolie, ken and the other digimon heard the story as well. Ken some how felt a certain conection between him and 'vlad'. Ken got up and walked to 'vlad', "vlad" everybody turned to ken. "we can help you, and you can trust us all." Dracula figured crowmon told him about the past problems they have had. "I see, I trust you can get over your freaking problems of your digimon emperor self, yes?" ken, as well as everyone else becomes frozen when they heard this.

"Well ken whats the answer, yes or no?" dracula asked ken. Ken stagered for an answer when an light shot from the sky. Curious the digidestineds race towards where it chrashed. When they got there they saw the gummi ship.


"Why did we crash like that?" clould said as he got up from the floor. "How would I know?" the four teens said in unison. "Well what ever the reason we're at the world sephiropth's map said to go to."said riku checking the map. Yuffie began to open the door, "wait the scanners are picking up something on the outside."


"What is that thing?" patamon said a tree branch. In response to the question doors opened. In a flash davis wound up pined to a nearby tree, by riku, yuffie threw her sheruken nearly cutting ken and tk in half, cloud flew out followed by sora and roxas. Roxas and sora had casted a joined spell blast of blizzard that went in three directions. "Davis!" yelled veemon, riku sensing the attack jumped out of the way and made veemon hit davis instead. Soon all the digimon showed up ready for a battle with our kh heroes, but then kari recognized sora and roxas from the dream. "SORA ROXAS?" everyone was surprised to see she knows two of their attackers. Both roxas and sora stared at the girl who knew their names, for a long time there was silence till cloud broke set silence. "How do you know my sons' names?" all the digidestineds were shocked to hear this guy had two teenaged sons when he looked like he's in his early twenties. (right cloud's in his twenties, seriously I don't know so tell me!) Kari answered cloud's question fearing he might do something. "they've been in my dreams lately, that's all." Again every body was shocked. "Look as much fun as this is we need to get going." yuffie said. "She's right we need to find ..." "DEMON." said a discommoded voice cutting riku off. Startled by this voice's dark tone everybody scanned the immediate area, the digidestineds noticed "vlad" and crowmon weren't there. Yuffie gasped as she felt someone grab her from behind and hold a very sharp knife to her throat.

Hearing yuffie, riku turned and saw him. Sora, cloud, roxas and the digidestineds also saw the guy wearing a suit simular to what ken had as the digimon emperor but was completely black and sliver and the hair was different. Sora and riku rushed to confront him. "BLACK WIND" called an shadowed figure hiding in the tree next to yuffie, sora fell backwards by the wind's force, riku however managed to dodge the attack. The guy released yuffie, took three steps forward and knocked riku to the ground by blocking his attack. Sora and roxas traded their keyblades hoping it would give them an better edge then charged at the man in black, who blocked their attacks as he did with riku but left many cuts on both boys this time. Seeing the blood sora and roxas had dripping off them she was reminded of the nightmare she had two nights ago. She fell to her knees holding her head in pain. Seeing kari do this tk went to her, only to be stopped in his tracks by the guy who's darkness was probably the reasion she was in pain. "Out of th." the guy had cut tk off when he grabbed tk by the neck and lifted him off the ground tighting his hold. Patpmon and the others tried to help tk from his strangler, but were intercepted by ravemon, the one who did 'DARK WIND' attack earlier on riku and sora. "SHADE BLAST" cried the digimon blowing them all away. Tk tried kicking the guy but that didn't work. Tk's face was beginning to turn blue, till he was thrown into matt, his older brother who came to his brother's aid. Just the two hit the ground the dark guy transported himself to be right behind kari, who was still on the ground in pain.

She was now being lifted up to her feet by a pair of two strong arms. She, at that moment knew who it was. "Dracula." she whispered membering he'd didn't want the others to his real name. "Yes kari, it's me." he said, then whispered "I'm sorry kari, but it's to save you." Kari gave a puzzled look, followed shortly after by one of absolute terror. What made her so scared was a portal to the dark ocean.

Kari stared into the abyssal hole and let lose a cry of terror. Everyone heard this cry for help and turned. Ken was as terrorized just as much as kari. Tai and tk began to run towards them when dracula (still wanting to keep his identity secret disguised his voice while in the presence for the digidesineds) said "DIGIDESTINEDS AND WORRORS OF THE KEYBLADE, YOU HAVE YET TO EARN THE PRIVLAGE TO FIGHT ME!" as he finished he jumped into the hole with an unconscious kari in his arms bridally with ravemon, who had gatomon in hand. The portal closed just as soon as tk got to the spot where dracula was standing with kari in his arms. He then fell to his knees and lead over to where he was on all fours and said mournfully "I couldn't save her.". Both sora and roxas looked at him remembering the same was with them. All three boys had tears in their eyes for the girls they had lost.

Yuffie broke the long silence that followed. "So you guys are the digidestineds?". Cody answered for his team "yes we are the digidestineds, and your the ...". Cloud stepped in "sora, roxas and riku are the keybladers here." he said with one arm around sora and the other around roxas.

Tai and matt were working on getting tk's spirits back up, so ken explained their job to cloud, sora yuffie, roxas and riku. Riku told the digidestined their duties in return.